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The Sunday Traveler Snapshot ~ Home Sweet Home

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area allows one to travel short distances and feel like having been on the trip of a lifetime. No need for packing suitcases and struggling through airport madness.  Hop in your car, or on … Continue reading

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ On The Waterfront

What better way to spend Earth Day than in San Francisco at the Embarcadero along the waterfront. I never tire of spending a day walking along this area taking photos (I’ve more on my Instagram site angeline.am). Photo taken with … Continue reading

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B&W Challenge ~ Day 2 ~ Walk

Stockton and Washington Streets, San Francisco, with view of Bay Bridge. As part of the B&W Challenge, I will ask Allan G. Smorra at Ohm Sweet Ohm to participate if he so chooses. Allan, just post one B&W photo per … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler: More From The View

Waning light Lingering shadows Night flows over the City ~~~ A view from The View, a 39th floor bar at the Marriott in San Francisco.

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At The End of The Day

At the end of the day I have only what is left Bridges crossed, connections made, compassion shown Hope for the lives I’ve touched

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

The San Francisco Bay Bridge; it’s not only the bridge, but the Bay that is a masterpiece The Golden Gate. Two masterpieces that span the masterpiece that is the San Francisco Bay

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

A photo of the San Francisco Bay Bridge; beyond that is the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Project 365, Day 251; Fog City

I’m spending an evening in Oakland (California), and gaze out at San Francisco, across the bay. The headlights of cars streaming across the bridge in to the City are on already, as the sun sets and that famous fog descends to wrap up … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter. 365, day 32

What can I say. I took this last February in San Francisco, and the weather is pretty much the same today. It’s cool and crisp; that’s the best I can do for winter here. By comparison, I took this photo, … Continue reading

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