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The Sunday Traveler~A Sunday Postcard from Home

The Sunday Traveler traveled over to the home town’s waterfront on First Street, all of five minutes away from where I live to send you all a postcard for today that shouts spring greetings, and Happy Easter. Advertisements

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The Sunday Traveler~Port Costa, Getting There

  The Sunday Traveler has learned to travel the roads, cross bridges, and to merge in getting to where she wants to be. Not always in some foreign land, but right at home too, here in Northern California. Across the … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~A Christmas Card from Home

The Sunday Traveler didn’t have to travel far to take a photo for my card to you all. This is the wonderful little town where I live in Northern California, Benicia, on the Carquinez Strait. Behind the trees is one … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Finding Peace at Home

Chaos, anxiety, angst, distress, sadness. Worry for where all this is going. One has to seek refuge where one can periodically to reset equilibrium. I’ve spoken in the last couple of Sunday Traveler posts about the beauty of this little … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~Sunsets Around the Corner

Sunsets sliding into the night. Sitting on the beach around the corner, thanking the Universe for bringing me here and letting me call this place home. A different sunset every night; no two the same. Ever. Mother Nature is so … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Postcard from Home

The Sunday Traveler, being very unsure of the reliability of posting my blog from my phone, waits until getting home after a weekend away. And so I will send you a postcard this evening to showcase a photo from Thursday … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~ Home

If home is where the heart is, then this is home. Benicia, in Northern California, 36 miles north of San Francisco. Benicia is one of the few little towns on the Carquinez Strait, part of a tidal estuary of the … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Adjusting the Speed

The Sunday Traveler is still kicking around the new home town, learning the ropes and finding the nooks and crannies where gems are hidden; some are out in plain sight. A lesson being learned to adjust my speed and savor … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler Snapshot ~ Home Sweet Home

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area allows one to travel short distances and feel like having been on the trip of a lifetime. No need for packing suitcases and struggling through airport madness.  Hop in your car, or on … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Discovering Home

There’s a world out there to discover, but sometimes the best place to start is home. A little town in San Francisco’s North Bay, population of about 32,000, was founded in 1847, and served as California’s capital from 1853-1854, and … Continue reading

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