Wordless Wednesday~Sunset Sail


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Monday Photo Minimalism~On the Road

Caught on the fly from the window of Amtrak in Utah somewhere.

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The Sunday Traveler~The San Francisco Zoo

The Sunday Traveler and a friend decided it would be a good day to let our inner child out to play, and headed in to the San Francisco zoo. A cold and foggy day it was, but then that’s the usual for San Francisco.

The first stop was at the giraffe enclosure. Beautifully set in a corner of the zoo; they were my favorite animal to see that day.

And on we went walking here and there all around the zoo. I’ll just take you on the walk

A great hornbill

Oh, and we had fun with the little steam train

The peacocks were a wonderful part of the zoo, wandering around loose all over the place

The gardens were so well incorporated in and around all of the animals, it truly felt like a wonderful wild life park


One disappointment was that the carousel was closed, but I did sneak this photo through the glass doors.

It was a fun day, and like two kids in a candy store, we did visit the gift shop to buy a couple of things for grandkids.

Travel on wherever the road takes you.


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Wordless Wednesday~Where Light Enters


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Monday Photo Minimalism~The Lookouts

High atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Northern California. If you have to be a lookout, this would be the place to be.


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The Sunday Traveler~Living a Life of Crime

The Sunday Traveler has been known to more than once trespass and enter where it says do not. Anything to get the photos I want, and see right behind that sign and/or gate. I previously posted about the Point Reyes Lighthouse Station here in Northern California. On a little road trip one day to specifically see said lighthouse, we discovered that the path to the lighthouse was closed. Closed?

The Sunday Traveler always thinks this Do Not sign is not meant for her. Not when this is right over that gate in plain sight. I’ve also adopted the attitude of it is better to ask for forgiveness if getting caught, than ask for permission and be told no. I laugh in the face of no. Ha! With a small bag of little picnic munchies, my friend and I ducked under the gate and proceeded up the path to enjoy incredible vistas along the way to the point where the lighthouse could be seen. And, because we were the only apparent lawbreakers, we had the place to ourselves. All ours! No one else was in this incredible place. It was cold and very windy, but we found a bench with a cliff behind it that blocked the wind. The sun warmed us as we ate, ogled the ocean below us. And we laughed with glee like two kids having gotten away with a big one.


We had gotten away with a big one. We were respectful of our space/bench where we lunched and made sure every crumb was cleaned up.

Yes, that’s the Sunday Traveler’s leg and camera bag…not showing my face to avoid seeing my picture on a post office bulletin board along with other most wanted criminals; but this was our little bit of heaven for just a little while.

And just a few more feet up the path we came to another fence blocking entry down to the stairs to the lighthouse. We totally respected this one, and stayed back to look over and through the fence.

We will go back once the construction is complete and can go down those stairs to the lighthouse.

The Sunday Traveler can say this has to have been my most fun day trip. Ever.

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Wordless Wednesday~The Wave


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Monday Photo Minimalism~Fog

Fog that blankets the Golden Gate Bridge, at times leaving pieces exposed, and then covering it to make you think you’ve only imagined it.

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The Sunday Traveler~The Hike Up at Rodeo Beach

The Sunday Traveler has posted about this beach in the past, but another day spent there yesterday brought another perspective when I hiked up a trail for higher vistas of this magnificent little corner of Marin County, right outside of San Francisco.

It was a late morning start in getting there, and fog that slipped in and out throughout the time we were there. Fog horns in the distance from the nearby Golden Gate Bridge only added magic to the day. The sun that managed to break through provided a nice little space heater to make it very comfortable. And at some points, the sun broke through splendidly. The day couldn’t decide if it was going to be fog or sun, so provided a rotating menu minute by minute.

It’s not a long or arduous hike from the beach towards the upper cliffs that overlook the beach and ocean.

Make a turn right before the tree, with a clearly marked trail that sends you up on your way.


Ok, this was worth pulling myself up out of the beach chair and taking this little walk.

Looking out into the open ocean…there was that fog again that never really cleared out there.

A tiny little beach definitely not accessible unless by a little skiff, and even then, the surf was incredible wild in spite of no wind. I stopped at the first elevation and turned around as the path got rocky and I had flip flops on. Next visit I’ll have the right shoes on to hike farther upwards.  Back down I went.

A wonderful little addition to my local day trips

Local travel…it’s a good thing.

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Wordless Wednesday~The Carquinez Strait


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