Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ On The Waterfront

What better way to spend Earth Day than in San Francisco at the Embarcadero along the waterfront. I never tire of spending a day walking along this area taking photos (I’ve more on my Instagram site

Photo taken with my iPhone 6Plus in Camera+, in camera edits used.

Visit Lens and Pens by Sally for more mobile photography entries into today’s challenge.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Vintage Mexico

The Sunday Traveler has pulled some vintage photos from the family album; well, envelope really. Who has time for albums! The photos are those of my father, taken in my early years on some of our numerous trips to Mexico to visit relatives on our summer vacations. This exercise, of getting a few photos onto my computer, and applying light edits, was quite a feeling to realize I was working on my father’s photos. The photos shared here today were taken in or around 1959. In the photo above, the woman on the left is my mother. On the right, between the young girl and man in the white jacket is a man on his knees going up the stairs; this has never ceased to impress me, this faith in prayers and sacrifice for a miracle sought or granted.

In this traveler’s lifetime many churches have been visited throughout Mexico; that’s me on the left (back in those days one’s head had to be covered to enter a Catholic church. I don’t know how I managed to get in with a sleeveless blouse on as upper arms at least were to be covered also). The architecture is fascinating and still draws me in.

Another interesting aspect of working on these photos was doing a bit of sleuthing where I could. Museo Monica was googled to find it is in Puebla, Mexico and is a museum of an ex-convent that began as an orphanage. I remember the delicious food in Puebla. Another addition to my ever growing bucket list to return to.

The architecture of Mexico is fascinating and speaks to so much to its history

I knew my father as a writer, not photographer. Mexico brought into my soul from my early years, and emphasized again through his photography in my later years.

Photography is that of Edward S. Castillo

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Narrative in Black and White

Joining in the thoughts posed by this challenge guide, at Lens and Pens by Sally, with today’s photos in black and white. Sally shares her thoughts “The forces of nature are under systematic attack. This assault exhausts me, because it is senseless to be alive in 2017 and dismiss the implications of human intervention in climate change and global warming”; also sharing the thought that sometimes we are remiss in sharing our photographic vision of nature in not revealing our inner narrative.

Without too many words, this photo, taken from a moving car a couple of years ago, during our years long drought, the hillside barren and dry where this barn sits, has always brought thoughts to my mind about where our country is headed in ignoring global warming. The painted American flag on the side of the barn, sun streaming down acting as spotlight, just puts those thoughts front and center in my mind.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus in Camera+, edited in camera, and then in PicMonkey.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Mexican Memories

The sights and colors of Mexico are drawing me back. This photo was taken in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, last year at a ceremony during Semana Santa/Holy Week. Time has a way of moving on, as must I from oceans and beaches that have interspersed themselves during this last year, in addition to the glorious Rocky Mountains and Texas memories. I’ll be heading off to Guadalajara, Mexico in a few weeks, to visit family and share some memories with them. The Sunday Traveler spent almost every summer in either Guadalajara or Mexico City while growing up, bonding with family south of the border. One year, my 15th, was spent going to a Mexican school in Guadalajara to finally learn proper Spanish; those years are fondly remembered and returning after quite a few years, I look forward to seeing the changes and refreshing my memory. I know things will be very different, but I’ll look forward to seeing them through different eyes, and through the lens of my camera.

Photo above taken by my Dad in either Mexico City or Guadalajara in the 50’s. Street Photography back in the day.

The Sunday Traveler will be back again next week to share a few more oldies of Mexico, courtesy of my father who instilled the love of travel in my soul.

I happened upon the following quote recently, author unknown, but I have to think my dad might have offered this advice to me at one time when I was very young, and if he didn’t, he is now.

“Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.”

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ I’ve Got Your Back

Looking at the back of this rose on my kitchen counter brought a moment of inspiration as I washed some dishes. The beauty from my garden has my back.

Today is macro Monday on Sally’s blog on mobile photography; you can check other entries to the challenge here.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ The Beach Scene

The Beach Scene. Home, familiar, you’ve been here before. You can relax and kick back. Do some people watching while having a light picnic lunch and an adult beverage; being with family has its advantages with designated drivers on hand. The Sunday Traveler spent last Sunday at a nearby beach on a glorious day of spring, and most unusual Northern California beach weather where no jackets and coats were needed. In fact, not even sweaters were necessary! We have since been rocketed back into winter weather, which only emphasizes the need to seize every warm day that comes along here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each precious, and did I mention warm? At least we were warm on the beach. The surfers reported freezing waters, which is pretty standard here, and I had to laugh comparing the surfer’s board shorts and bikinis in Hawaii, and the head to toe wet suits here.



After a long time, it was good to reaquaint myself with my DSLR that hasn’t been used in a very long time. On the beach, its zoom features can be invaluable to see things a little more up close and personal without getting out of the beach chair, taking photos and creating stories in my head of what might be happening


I’ve got my story.

See you next Sunday for a Sunday Snapshot on a little backwards travel down memory lane, short and sweet. Time is drawing close for blasting off once more to Mexico where family waits.


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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Nature Overlook

Iceplant overlooking the Pacific Ocean here in Northern California is blooming with gusto as spring has taken over command of the landscapes.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus in Camera+, edit done in Hipstamatic and PicMonkey to soften and brighten.

For more finds on nature photography with a mobile device, visit Lens and Pens by Sally.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Gone Fishin’

The Sunday Traveler can’t seem to extricate herself from oceans; from the Pacific of the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific of Northern California where home is. A day spent at one of the incredible state parks here in Northern California yesterday, Montara State Beach, continued to fill the creative well. One of the first truly warm fogless days of spring that are like rare jewels here along the northern coast. A few more photos will be forthcoming as the Sunday Traveler begins prep for the next adventure in May; not near an ocean!

Until next Sunday.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Spring Pink

Northern California had a hint of spring about a week ago, and I lost no time in going to a local garden center to commune with nature in all its color and beauty. I believe this is a magnolia blossom, but I’m not sure I’m correct on that.

The photo was taken with my iPhone 6Plus in Camera+ and edited in Mextures, an in camera app.

Coincidentally, Sally has a link on her post today about artist Imogen Cunningham who is a master of botanical photography. Visit Lens and Pens by Sally for her photo today, and to the mentioned link.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ The Seventh Wave Aloha

The last day of any trip can sometimes be meaningful in many ways. You reflect on what was hopefully a great experience, the fun, the good times, the new friends met. But then as with everything in life comes the time to say goodbye.  A tradition I’ve had over all the years of going to Hawaii is releasing a lei to the ocean on my last day there as a way of saying my aloha. Aloha meaning many things as well; hello, goodbye, thank you, love.

On this last trip on the island of Oahu, I cut the plumeria from my lei (the string can tangle up the precious ocean life, and a lei should not be put in the ocean with the material it is strung with).  Flower petals in a bag, I set off to find a good spot to spread my goodbye, and wishes to come back again.

Great spots in abundance all along the area I was in by myself, but the craggy rock shore looked pretty difficult to climb across on my own to get near enough the water. I kept walking and praying for a hand to help me across to the water’s edge. The Sunday Traveler has learned in solo travels to never give up. Ever! A way always presents itself somehow. I walked to the end of a long stretch of beach in front of multiple resort hotels and came to the last one on a path that narrowed around to the back of that hotel. The little garden shown above in the lead photo was the end of the road. The garden with the buddha, so tiny and serene. So fenced off with a sign on the gate that said “NO TRESPASSING”. So not a problem to this traveler. The Sunday Traveler reached around the back of the gate where the latch was and opened the gate and entered forbidden lands. The need to photograph this scene was calling me. Not more than five seconds passed before I heard a voice behind me asking what I was doing. I had immediate visions of calling my kids back home to come bail me out of jail. I turned to face a young Hawaiian whose name tag indicated he was head of security. I quickly explained myself, and we fell into a comfortable conversation about photography and the beauty of Hawaii. I was allowed a few minutes to take photos, and then as we walked out of the garden together, I asked if he knew of a place nearby where I could get near enough the water to put my plumeria into the ocean. I was told to follow him a little further down behind the hotel where he took my hand and helped me across a rocky area to water’s edge. I can’t say there were no tears as the flowers were laid as close to the water as we dared get; we waited for the waves to come in and take the flowers.

While we watched and waited, J told me the belief of surfers about the seventh wave. Waves travel in sets of seven, the seventh being the largest. We counted together.

The seventh wave came in.

It’s funny how it all works out, and how friends show up in life. Travel is a wonderful thing.


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