The Sunday Traveler~Fort Point, San Francisco

The Sunday Traveler has had a heck of a time being able to open a couple of other photos taken with my iPhone of the entire front of Fort Point, with messages that it cannot be used due to security issues and reverts a jpg photo to a jfif, and as hard as I’ve worked at changing them to jpg, it reverts back to the photos not available for use even though they are my photos. Not the way to start a Sunday morning post. So luckily, this portion of the front of the fort is available for your viewing, and then there’s this one….oh, wait, another one of the fort’s front door, and my friend knocking on it. Nope, can’t use that one either! Wow! And I think we’ll move right along using my camera’s photos and leaving my phone photos in the dustbin.

The photo above is taken from the rooftop of the fort, a fort that is now a museum, and there is no function here currently for securing the safety of San Francisco as far as I know (I’ll ruminate on those photos I’d like to post and can’t for awhile, sorry). The first opening photo was taken on a day we visited the beautiful location of Fort Point on the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge on water’s edge and entrance to San Francisco Bay, but the fort was closed that day. We returned just recently again on a day we could enter the museum/fort, and the weather was completely different, being foggy and rather cool.

Fort Point was built in 1853 just before the American Civil War to defend San Francisco Bay against unfriendly warships. Canon were placed strategically on different levels of the fort.

The two photos above show types of canon on the bottom floor of the fort/museum. The most fascinating aspect of the fort, beside the incredible views, were the interior staircases that wind up and around to the rooftop of the fort; the architecture is amazing

The stairs took us up to two different levels

The outdoor stairs might have been a little easier to navigate, but the fog was thick and I’m sure those stairs were wet and slippery.

The roof was my preferred location for those views in spite of the fog/drizzle and the fact that I had to keep wiping my camera lens even though I had a hood on it. Oh that San Francisco fog!

Fort Point is another wonderful San Francisco attraction, and at the bottom of the Golden Gate, your visit can easily include a quick little re-location to another parking lot to take a walk on the bridge.

The view out in front of the fort is lovely.




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Wordless Wednesday~An Egret Speaks with No Regret


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Monday Minimalism~SWAK

Better than Twitter, better than Facebook. Seal it with a kiss.


The Sunday Traveler~Sunday Postcard

Such a San Francisco treat. On one edge of the City, right next to the Golden Gate Bridge, hidden from this photo, but is right to the left of this shot. The Sunday Traveler is visiting Fort Point, that is right behind me. Fort Point will be the feature travel story next Sunday. The views from the vantage point in front of the fort are amazing enough unto themselves.

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Wordless Wednesday~Daybreak



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Monday Minimalism~The Fishermen

Out in the middle of San Francisco Bay, right off the Golden Gate Bridge, there was no one else but these two looking for their catch of the day.

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The Sunday Traveler~Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, built in 1871 on the Pacific Coast of Northern California, to help ships navigating this treacherous coastline.

The Sunday Traveler and her visitors spent a couple of hours here on a Sunday afternoon as we wound down Highway 1 on our way back home after a day of exploring the beaches along this beautiful stretch of coastline. Much easier than what the sailing ships had to navigate.

The day was a mixture of fog that moved in and out to give us wonderful glimpses of blue sky and sunshine.

A peek at the lighthouse through a hole in a piece of the ship Carrier Pigeon’s planking that had hit rocks near the coast, and sank years ago.

The tower is on a promontory and has always been a landmark for ships coming in to the San Francisco Bay from the south.

One of the lamps used in the lighthouse, which now uses a rotating lamp with six beams, still an active aid to navigation. The stairs inside the lighthouse were not available to visitors. A wonderful visitors center is right outside the lighthouse with a lot of history and information. And views from windows inside the center were unique

If you find yourself in this area of Highway 1, between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, this should be on your to see list.

Travel on.



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Monday Minimalism~Freedom in Flight


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The Sunday Traveler~California Highway 1, North

The Sunday Traveler had some friends visiting from Texas last month, and we jumped in the car one Sunday and headed over to Highway 1 from my little nest about 36 miles north of San Francisco; with a very loose plan that led us more or less in the direction of Monterey, we more or less never got any where near Monterey.

We ambled along Hwy. 1 at a leisurely pace stopping at many of the beaches along the way as we headed southward on down the highway, picnicking at one beach, sitting on a large piece of driftwood watching the waves roll in and the fog start to pull back.

The last beach stop at the end of the afternoon was outside of Santa Cruz, and it was a fitting last stop; Waddell Beach, where sun had broken through nicely and the kite boarders were having a great time, and providing us with a great photo op. The following photos are from my iPhone.

The magnificent Highway 1, northern end close to San Francisco Bay Area. The north-south state route that runs along California’s coastline for some 659 miles.

Next week I hope to post another part of this day that was our stop at Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Until then.

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Wordless Wednesday~At Heaven’s Gate


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