Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Deconstructing The Kiss

Rodin’s The Kiss. Being in the Rodin Museum in Paris gave me an opportunity to try to ratchet down photographically to the essence of this sculpture. As a whole, it is absolutely stunning

But to take away from the whole, as hard as that was, made it even more beautiful


to see limbs, muscles, the nuance of a body, was an exercise in removing the “extraneous”, as a sculptor does until he has the image come forth out of a block of stone.

Taking away to see the essence in photography is not easy at times.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ A Return to Paris

Where do I begin? The beginning you say? It had been 50 years. The Sunday Traveler was returning to Paris with a different set of eyes, maybe even wiser eyes. Eyes that have seen so much in the ensuing years. Yes, older and wiser eyes. I am grateful to have said yes to this opportunity (the beginning of wise). A week in Paris at the beginning of the holiday season with a friend who was given this gift as a birthday present from her daughter. In life, I’m beginning to realize that just showing up, and going along for the ride is pretty much all you have to do to find a little happiness.

Coming in to Paris in the morning, we dropped our stuff at the hotel and took off to explore, with a goal of the Eiffel Tower as major attraction number one for the day. We walked in order to stave off jet lag, and to see the city up close and personal. No need to worry about jet lag, the biting cold and dampness, in addition to the excitement of being in Paris, was enough to straighten us right up and keep us going all day.

Streets, cafes, statues, it was wonderful to walk on these historic streets

Shop windows filled with seasonal flowers and plants with reflections in the windows that made me spin around to see behind me.

Looking into some of the shop windows gave me the feeling of being a little girl at Christmas looking through the shop window and dreaming of having these sweets on the family table, of going in with a hand full of pennies that had been saved, plunking them down on the counter, and asking what that would get me.

The day’s target was reached at last. I’ve seen so many photos of the Eiffel Tower over the years, and to finally be standing here taking my own photos seemed like a sweet dream.

We wandered back to the hotel, but first stopped in to a little cafe to warm up and celebrate a birthday. The birthday girl was very hungry.

The Sunday Traveler is staying put for a little while now, and will be back with many more photos of Paris in the coming weeks.


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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Drops

I’ll be away again for a couple of weeks. I hope to return with a camera full of photos to share.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Postcards From San Antonio

San Antonio at night

What began as a one week trip turned into a three week sojourn. And here we are, dwelling on days filled with friends and memories of the city that I used to call home. The Sunday Traveler had been in San Antonio not too long ago, and there were posts on that trip, so I will simply tell you that I arrived at the right time for Dia de los Muertos this time, and will show just a couple of photos of the costumes; there are many more on my Instagram page,  and can be found at


There was a wonderful weekend of celebrations in the old town of San Antonio, La Villita, with altars for the ancestors now gone, costumes, and great food to be enjoyed by all. Music, good times to celebrate death, as is the Mexican culture and custom at this time of year, and to remember our departed loved ones with happiness and joy for their lives, and ours with theirs.

A one day road trip to visit my husband’s hometown, Laredo, Texas, was made with the good friend who I stayed with. The land along the highway to Laredo is so Texas, with ranches, open land with grazing cattle, and a blue sky and clouds that seems to go on forever

Another day was spent at one of the San Antonio Texas Missions, San Jose. The early missions were unwalled communities, but later were encircled by walls due to tensions of the mission residents and northern tribes. Basic Spanish models were used and modified as necessary.




Travel to be with good friends is one of the best kinds of trips one can take periodically.

While the Sunday Traveler was in San Antonio, quite an opportunity presented itself for another trip that was very unexpected, coming out of left field, to join another friend on a little junket to Paris for her birthday. What does one say to this kind of opportunity? I learned that one says yes. The trip is eight days out, and preparations are in full swing for this, as well as Thanksgiving.

The Sunday Traveler will once again be taking another break from the Sunday postings until my return home. Until then.


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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Releasing Stones

In a wonderful Hawaiian book written by Pali Jae Lee and Koko Willis, Tales from the Night Rainbow, a story is included that I’d like to share here, hoping you won’t mind a bit wordier post than usual for the minimalism theme. It seems to connect with my subject matter here on Monday mornings.

“Each child born has at birth, a Bowl of perfect Light. If he tends his Light it will grow in strength and he can do all things – swim with the shark, fly with the birds, know and understand all things. If, however, he becomes envious or jealous he drops a stone into his Bowl of Light and some of the Light goes out. Light and the stone cannot hold the same space. If he continues to put stones in the Bowl of Light, the Light will go out and he will become a stone. A stone does not grow, nor does it move. If at any time he tires of being a stone, all he needs to do is turn the bowl upside down and the stones will fall away and the Light will grow once more.”

Release the stones. All manner of stones. Make room for your Light. See what’s important.



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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Nature’s Design

Simple perfection in its mystery.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ A Photography Tour

A very good thing to do when in Hawaii is go on a photography tour with a guide who is a photographer. Along with the food tour the Sunday Traveler took on this most recent trip to Oahu, this photography tour with Blue Hawaii Photo Tours was incredibly rich in opportunities. The guide, and owner, Marie Turner, drove us to scenic spots and, the best part of this tour for me, was that Marie took me and my camera in hand and gave lessons and pointers for settings; after four years with this camera it became my bff. It was also very fortunate for me that there was only one other person on this all day tour with me, so we both got a lot of individualized attention. A day made in heaven!

I’ll just take you on a little tour of my own that took place over the ten days I was on the island; I also have been posting many photos over on Instagram, and I hope you’ll join me there as well.

In another life I hope to come back as a surfer

Or maybe just come back as a kid living in Hawaii playing in the water all day.

I’ll be revisiting my Oahu trip again with you, probably as Sunday Snapshots, after I return from another two-week adventure (happy face). In the meantime, you know where you can find me (Instagram). I come up for air there a lot, just like the Hawaiian Sea Turtle, or honu as they are called in Hawaii.

Aloha, and as always, thanks for traveling with me.



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Monday Photo Minimalism~Focus

Walking the path seeing the decay and crushed. Focus on the whole, the one thing that appears to call out to your eyes. Let all else recede.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Hawaii Food Tour

First day on the island and the Sunday Traveler took off on one of the best tours ever taken while traveling. Why had I not thought of a food tour before after all these years of coming to Hawaii? Hawaii Food Tours proved to be an excellent choice in revisiting the beautiful North Shore of Oahu, and eating a lot of the wonderful foods of the area in local establishments.

A group of nine got comfy in a van with our hosts, Matthew Gray and his partner in crime, Lin Kensington to get acquainted as we drove towards our first stop of the day. Matthew is a chef who started out in Los Angeles, and worked with some of the stars while there, the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Pink Floyd are some of the names mentioned. My fellow touring partners were mostly from Australia, and were fun companions. Our first stop was at Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop where Lin jumped out of the van and picked up a preordered box of malasadas, a most delicious donut popular in Hawaii. We drove to Kaneohe Bay Lookout to eat these delectable treats, stretch our legs, and take some photos

Onward we motored farther into the North Shore for our second stop at the Waiahole Poi Factory for a traditional type feast of Hawaiian food, Kalua Pig, lomi salmon, hand-pounded poi, and pork lau lau, with a haupia/coconut dessert. The Sunday Traveler was so ecstatic wandering around the small factory, talking to my table mates, and enjoying the food, that a photo of said plates of food never happened. Oops; I think I was still on a sugar high from the malasada. Matthew and Lin got back in the kitchen at the poi factory to put our plates together; this was a great local place with authentic food

Completely happy we all jumped back into the van to head towards more of the North Shore, and more food. We were headed to Ted’s Bakery for Garlic Shrimp, a really big item all over the North Shore in restaurants and food trucks. The Sunday Traveler has had this dish from a food truck on past visits, but Ted’s Bakery version….oh my; as the Hawaiians say, it was ono (good/delicious)

What you see in the photo is a typical Hawaiian Plate Lunch, scoop of rice, scoop of mac salad, an entree; the garlic shrimp that I will be dreaming about until my return to the islands. Pie from Ted’s was purchased by Lin, and saved for our last stop of the day at the Waialua Sugar Mill to enjoy with coffee

Haupia Chocolate Cream Pie. And I’ll just leave you with that to think about. If you ever go to Oahu do not miss a tour with Hawaii Food Tours, they also have other tours in Honolulu, check out their website (link at top of post) to see what’s available.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Lighting the Way

We don’t always need a spot light to find our way. Little bits of light are all that is needed some times to help us find our focus.

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