Lunch with Sam Spade

johnsgrill John’s Grill in San Francisco. Sam Spade lunched here often in Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon. I thought I might run into him as I went in search of the Ladies Room, walking to the back of the restaurant, and up an old wooden staircase to the lowly lit upstairs dining rooms not in use this day; it is there that you will find a replica of said Maltese Falcon. Old San Francisco at its best.

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Phoneography Buffet



I’m not sure exactly why, but I thought of Marie Antoinette after passing by the Palace Hotel’s Garden Court restaurant buffet prior to exiting onto the San Francisco streets and seeing the homeless and hungry out there. I’m sure I breached etiquette when I snapped a few photos in there.

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Sunday Traveler: San Francisco’s Chinatown


Here we go again; this time I’ll be taking you along on a quick trip I took into San Francisco last week, and a little time I spent, mostly hanging out leaning against a parking meter at one corner taking photos of the happenings going by, and the scenery within that one block. I decided to try this strategy out, as suggested by that Nat Geo photographer whose seminar I  attended several weeks ago; rather than moving about, staying in one place for awhile and seeing what you catch with your camera. I only had about an hour to spend taking photos that day, so thought this might just be the time to check it out. I had one curious tourist, who must have been watching me, come up and ask “what’s that you’re shooting?”, he had shaken me awake from the zen state I had drifted into, just watching and taking photos of things across the street; I was in some kind of trance I think. My reply: “what’s what?”, and then I woke up and said “everything”. The tourist kind of smiled at me and walked off (probably thought I was one of those street crazies). Oh, well.  Hope to see you back here next week.



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Gifts of spring

around every corner

rebirth and renewal

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Travel Theme: Round (the Sushi Bar)


Decor in the round at a sushi bar in Kauai


The small bar was always packed. Don’t ask me about the sushi…I enjoyed taking photos, but sushi is not one of my favorite types of food.

Travel over to Ailsa’s Where’s my backpack blog for more travel in the round

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Wordless Wednesday in San Francisco


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Phoneography Challenge; Macro Under Water


Macro phoneography, getting up close and personal, getting an eyeful in your view finder. I sometimes feel like Sherlock Holmes when out in search of a photo in macro, phone held up close to my eye, and narrowing in on my subject. These stems in a clear glass vase seemed mysterious and beckoned me in for a closer view. So colorful and bright up top, but under water, only the shadow knows.

More macro photos can be found on the blog challenge Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge by Lens and Pens by Sally. 


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Sunday Traveler: Orange County; Laguna Beach


Sunday travel continues on down the highway. The Pacific Coast Highway, to sunny, sumptuous Laguna Beach. You’d think you were in Hawaii. It’s lovely and is one of the more expensive places to live in Orange County given its location, but it also has beaches for everyone. And all the locals from OC come here often to play. Laguna Beach is known also for its artist community, and hosts several large art events yearly.  You just can’t beat this little town for charm.

This is where the highway ends for this series. Let’s see what next week brings. I hope you’ve enjoyed the little trip down the PCH.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument


The Transamerica Pyramid, a monument that has become one of the symbols of San Francisco; photo taken from Chinatown, another monument to San Francisco.

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Wednesday’s Meeting



out of her stall at a wild gallop

circles around the field

pulling up at the fence

for a morning meeting greeting

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