Monday Photo Minimalism~On The Beach

What did I do while I was gone? A lot of sitting and photographing on one of the local beaches that I am blessed to have in this little town where I live in Northern California. In the evenings at sunset there are incredibly few to no people out there. There are quite a few small beaches around town, but this one is a favorite.

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The Sunday Traveler~A Sketchy Return

The Sunday Traveler has taken a very long break, and will return not as consistently as previously, but as possible. A lot of water has gone over the falls in the last little while, and I’ve been traveling around on local day trips and a little more for some travel around the area.

I’ve been peeking here and there for insight. After nine years of blogging I do believe I hit a wall; but I’ve been filling my well during this time off. And finding a little bit of love and happiness again.

Life is all about seeing the beauty whether travel is near or far.

The photos shown today are from Burney Falls here in Northern California, just a few hours north of where I live, so I haven’t had to travel far. Burney Falls are within an incredibly beautiful state park filled with majestic pines and these falls. The daily flow of the water is 100 million gallons, so the roar of the water is a glorious thing to hear and see.

Travel on, friends. And see the beauty, it’s there.


Monday Minimalism~The Easy Button

Sitting back for a few weeks to read and view your posts more; to maybe take a little bit of time to sit on a beach nearby, to delve through some good books. Summertime, and the living is easy. Remember to pare it all down and press the easy button. See you soon.

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The Sunday Traveler~Stop for Sunsets

The Sunday Traveler will be taking a few weeks break for resting and reading, and of course going out with my camera as always. Sunsets here at home are more than enough right now to make me feel content to just drift with the wind to wherever it might take me, near or far. I’ll be back soon.


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Wordless Wednesday~Afternoon Sail



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Monday Photo Minimalism~The Gate

Go up and enter the gate. There’s a beach on this side, I don’t know what’s on the other side. But up I go anyway. It’s locked.

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The Sunday Traveler~Those Little Trips

Saturday morning. The Sunday Traveler and a friend headed across the Carquinez Strait to the little town of Port Costa. I’ve taken you there with me once before, remember? That little daytrip to that quaint little town across the water from where I live. These are becoming the trips of late that occupy my time and travel. A time of taking it a little easy for a while. Relaxing and just enjoying the treasures that surround me. There is so much.

Port Costa, on the Strait, was holding their annual yard sale yesterday. A fantastic gathering of neighbors, friends, people from the local areas to find wonderful, mostly vintage, treasures.

A little town founded in 1879, and the charm persists.

That’s the fire station above. The population in 2010 was 190 people; no current data can be found on a search while writing this post, but I’m imagining there are not too many more people living here since then. Most shops are closed during the week, and open only on weekends; so this weekend sale is a BIG deal with a lot of people visiting.

It was a very festive atmosphere.

And a lot of interesting things to look at and consider for purchase. Let’s shop around.

And when anyone got a little hungry, they could stop for an ice cream or cold root beer

And then head out again

It was a grand day, 20 minutes from home.

There’s home across the water.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” ~Marcel Proust





Wordless Wednesday~Spring Color


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Minimalism Monday~In the Kitchen

It’s important. Knowing what to do with a lemon if that’s what we’ve been given.

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The Sunday Traveler~The Mexican Home

The Sunday Traveler’s trip to Morelia, Mexico last July included staying with family of family…the true Mexican way.

A back garden door leading from I’m not sure where, out to the back garden. A garden full of flowers and vines, well tended by the gardner.

The summer is rainy season, and there is always clean up from the winds and heavy rains.

The entry to the home through the front garden was equally as lovely as the back. The lead photo for this post is from the entry walkway to the home.

The Sunday Traveler’s accommodations this trip were five star to be sure.







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