Thursday Thoughts on Wordless Wednesday

There is only one excuse for forgetting Wordless Wednesday…I was going across the Golden Gate for a little day trip when I thought about not having posted for the day. I had only one thing on my mind yesterday morning…day trip to the City. Glorious blue skies and sunshine in that City by the Bay.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~In The Eye of The Beholder

Behold balance; beauty.


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The Sunday Traveler~The San Antonio River

The Sunday Traveler spent her last morning in San Antonio (Texas) along the river. Not the tourist destination of the River Walk in mid-downtown, but a stretch a little farther upstream; this was an easy walk from another attraction, The Pearl (Brewery).

As many times as the Sunday Traveler has been to San Antonio in recent years, I’d never seen the newest additions along the river here at this point. The above photo is part of an installation called The Grotto, made of false wood and concrete. The artist/creator is Carlos Cortes.

Another permanent installation along this stretch are a wonderful school of giant sunfish by artist Donald Lipski; they are illuminated at night from within, but they are just as beautiful during the day.

And there’s a duck or two here and there

It was time to head back up to street level

Until next week.  May the winds always carry you to unforgetable adventures.

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Wordless Wednesday~A Delicate Balance

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Winter Light

The light is ready to welcome cloudy days.

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The Sunday Traveler~Helotes,Texas

The Sunday Traveler was spending a couple of weeks with friends in San Antonio, and one Saturday was given time off for good behavior (or maybe it was time off for annoying behavior, one never knows after a week into the two-week stay..just kidding). I dropped the friends off for a luncheon, and took off down the road apiece (as they say in Texas).

Alone. Unsupervised. A sunny Texas day in the Hill Country. The Sunday Traveler was not necessarily headed towards the little town of Helotes, but my inner guide that has always served me well when on travel lead me there, and specifically to an old haunt from childhood, John Floore Country Store


I parked across the street on this little two lane thoroughfare, got out of the car and took this scene in for a long time. I used to come here with my dad when I was young. It’s been years, and I never knew I’d be coming back here again. I crossed the street and went in with a million memories running through my mind.


John Floore’s Country Store just screams old Texas days; I’ll have y’all look around with me for a bit

I ordered a barbecue brisket sandwich, a must in a place like this, and sat by a window looking out and feeling like time had slipped back a little bit.

This post is for you, dad. I’ll keep traveling on like I know you knew I would, and write about it all like you used to.



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Wordless Wednesday~On the Water


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Monday Photo Minimalism~Quiet Corners

Walking from gallery to gallery filled with art in a museum; finding a quiet corner with bare walls and a lone window can be a good rest for the eyes.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Western Art

The Sunday Traveler, visiting The Briscoe with what I thought would be not so much for the art, but for returning to an old haunt to see what had been done with it.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, The Sunday Traveler was a little girl who grew up in San Antonio, Texas. And once learning the incredible worlds found within books, she began to frequent the public library as often as possible. The steps leading in to the library were seen as the path to happiness. Upon this most current visit last month, the steps were seen as the path to the past. The library became The Briscoe Western Art Museum.

Until I stepped in to The Briscoe last month, I don’t think that I had the same appreciation for Western Art that I did when I walked out. The museum is three floors once occupied with books and a large and wondrous display about the circus.

Three floors full of paintings, sculptures and scenes of the past exist there now

The most surprising find for me was the saddle that belonged to Pancho Villa; my paternal grandfather was a colonel in the army of Pancho Villa, so I stood and stared at this a long time (all the while wishing I could run my fingers over it).


I’ve only posted a few of the wonderful pieces of art here that I photographed; I’ll bring back more on my Wordless Wednesday posts.

Going back to San Antonio is always a trip back in time for me; next week I’ll take you to another old place that I found purely by serendipity. For now, saddle up and have a good week.




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Wordless Wednesday~So Texas

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