The Sunday Traveler~A Sunday Postcard from Home

The Sunday Traveler traveled over to the home town’s waterfront on First Street, all of five minutes away from where I live to send you all a postcard for today that shouts spring greetings, and Happy Easter.

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Wordless Wednesday~Notre Dame 2017

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Art Appreciation

At the entry of the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. Monet on display.

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The Sunday Traveler~The Gypsy


The Sunday Traveler had just found her spirit guide. I fell in love with this boat, and as the muse would have it, I was approached and told I was on private property and best to remove myself from the premises; but not before snapping a photo.

A day driving farther up the coast from the San Francisco Bay Area, we found a gorgeous spring day, a sparkling ocean, and delicious oysters along the way

Of course we stopped to taste at The Marshall Store, a waterfront “shack” serving grilled and raw oysters to be enjoyed inside or outside along a long bar/table to feast on.

Fabulous lunch stops like this are a thing of serendipity that don’t come along every day.

We moved on down the road leaving the ocean for a little while and driving along with vistas of bucolic beauty

And then we hit the ocean one more time at Goat Rock Beach in Jenner before heading home.

The Sunday Traveler is reveling in local travel; living in Northern California provides such beauty within easy reach for day trips, or long weekends. No passport required.

As always, thanks for traveling with me.



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Wordless Wednesday~Port Costa Across the Water


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Monday Photo Minimalism~In the Museum

In the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. Art by Ruth Asawa using copper and brass wire.

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The Sunday Traveler~Port Costa, Around Town

The little town of Port Costa, on the Carquinez Strait in Northern California, about 30 miles from San Francisco is another world away. It goes back to the old days, what all the little towns around here were at one time.

Communal mail boxes where I can envision people picking up mail and standing about to chat when they meet up with their neighbors.

The visit to Port Costa was made one morning during the week, so most places were closed, but it was fun walking around on the little main street peeking into windows and imagining a time when life may have been a little simpler.

I’ll just take you along on my walk for a little way

The Warehouse Cafe right by the water, famous among all in the area, and hosts some great weekend music outside in back.

Short walk, but I hope it was enjoyed. There are so many wonderful little places like this tucked away nearby. More road trips are on my list.

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Wordless Wednesday~Misty San Francisco Morning

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Monday Photo Minimalism~In Notre Dame

In Notre Dame, Paris; that city of so much art, so much overload to take in with the eyes, there is still minimalism. The eyes come to a spot such as this and freeze. Magnificence in minimalism.

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The Sunday Traveler~Port Costa, Getting There


The Sunday Traveler has learned to travel the roads, cross bridges, and to merge in getting to where she wants to be.

Not always in some foreign land, but right at home too, here in Northern California.

Across the Carquinez Strait that flows in front of my eyes every day, is the little town of Port Costa. The town sits directly across the water from my place; I have stared across at it for over a year now since moving here. A tiny place that sits on a hillside and winds down to the Strait with what seem to be tiny structures; a few houses, barns; white washed walls and reddish-brown tiled roofs. Not many structures, just enough to have made me wonder what goes on there, what it’s like.

We crossed the Carquinez Bridge, and drove down a little street through town to the tracks on the edge of the water. The tracks that carry the trains I see and hear at all hours of the day and night from my place. My first glimpse of the sights and sounds from the opposite shore, looking across the water as if looking in to a mirror that has been turned to see my reflection somehow on the other side.

Next week The Sunday Traveler will show you a little bit of the town of Port Costa.


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