Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Mexican Colors

The simple rich color that grabs the eyes in Mexico at every corner. A photo from San Miguel de Allende taken a couple of years ago.  I’ll be back in Mexico looking for more of this next week.

Hasta entonces (until then).

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Time to Hit the Road

“I’m a travel addict on the road to recovery….just kidding, I’m on the road to the airport” ~unknown jokester

Time for the countdown. Sunday next week will find me boarding a flight for Morelia, Mexico. The Sunday Traveler has found that travel on several recent trips has been pure serendipity. The plans that had been in the thought process stage have been turned around into a different adventure entirely. The plans for this trip had been to explore a new and unknown beach town  outside of Puerto Vallarta, solo, and have been changed to travel with a cousin that I grew up with in Mexico City when I was young, to Morelia, a city in the interior of Mexico with no beach in sight. Working out the two week plans include road trips to the surrounding little towns that are UNESCO World Heritage sites, and on Mexico’s list of “magical” towns (Pueblos Majicos). The cousin and his wife have been there before, so I have magical tour guides just like that!

The Sunday Traveler is more than ready to hit the road, I’ll just be hanging out in Mexico, and will see you back here upon my return.


Photos from last year’s trip to the Guadalajara area.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Winging It

Sometimes it’s the only way to get the job done.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Finding Peace at Home

Chaos, anxiety, angst, distress, sadness. Worry for where all this is going. One has to seek refuge where one can periodically to reset equilibrium. I’ve spoken in the last couple of Sunday Traveler posts about the beauty of this little town where I live. I’ve found that going out to take photos in the evening is my prescription for peace; going out and seeking beauty to believe that it still exists in this world, and is not an illusion that I’ve dreamed up in my head. I’ve just recently seen something written by Elizabeth Gilbert that I’ll leave here for you. I am so in agreement with her on this; it has been my salvation over the last few difficult years since my husband died, and it continues to serve its purpose in today’s world. I highly recommend it.

“Whatever your life brings to you, respond with creation. If you are celebrating, create. If you are grieving, create. Only create. Always create. Constant creative response. This is the engine of resilience”.

Thanks for bearing with me on getting a bit off track here from my usual travel posts. I couldn’t leave it in the unsaid.

Let’s travel on, leaving beautiful things in our wake to share with each other as we go.


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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Light and Shadow


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The Sunday Traveler~Sunsets Around the Corner

Sunsets sliding into the night. Sitting on the beach around the corner, thanking the Universe for bringing me here and letting me call this place home.

A different sunset every night; no two the same. Ever. Mother Nature is so creative.

When I first moved to this lovely little town in Northern California, almost a year ago now, I mentioned to someone that I would soon be bored, because “how many sunset photos can one take”. I laugh at myself now in embarrassment. I take photos almost every evening; and sit or stand in awe. My photo files from this last year are exploding with those boring sunsets.

“Sunset is still my favorite color…” -Mattie Stepanek

The photo above is from my little patio. And no, I don’t live in a multi-million dollar home, but a tiny 800 square foot apartment, that the Universe brought me to quite by chance, allowing me to save money in comparison from where I used to live, to allow me to travel more. The Carquinez Strait and sky are my daily distraction, my daily prayer of gratitude.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator” -Mahatma Gandhi

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Monday Photo Minimalism~You’ve Got a Friend

You may not see them, but they’re there.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Postcard from Home

The Sunday Traveler, being very unsure of the reliability of posting my blog from my phone, waits until getting home after a weekend away. And so I will send you a postcard this evening to showcase a photo from Thursday evening out on my hometown’s First Street Fishing Pier. The First Street Pier is another favorite hang out of mine at the hour or so prior to sunset. The Carquinez Strait, pictured here, fabulous for water sports of all kinds, is especially favored for sailing.   Next week it will be all about the sunsets here, and my initial thoughts on that in my first days living here.

Until then.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Shells

Walks on the beach; bringing beauty home in my pockets.

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The Sunday Traveler~ Home

If home is where the heart is, then this is home. Benicia, in Northern California, 36 miles north of San Francisco. Benicia is one of the few little towns on the Carquinez Strait, part of a tidal estuary of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers as they drain into the San Francisco Bay. Multiple beaches dot the perimeters of Benicia, and this one pictured is five minutes from my home; an almost daily sunset spot of mine to mentally go through my gratitude list for the day. The Carquinez Bridge, in the background of the photo, is one of the two bridges that cross the strait, and a focal point in town. An estimated current population is at about 29,000, so it’s a really small town feel, friendly people, and is a very artsy community with a lot of galleries and shops on Main Street; and needless to say, with the vistas we have, there are a lot of local photographers roaming around (we have a special Facebook group page where we share our photos). The move here eleven months ago was true serendipity of the highest order.

When I’m not traveling, I’m pretty content to be home.

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