Monday Missive~Exhale

A day at the beach yesterday was the place to be. Windy and cold as any good beach day is in Northern California. A few people strolling about. I stepped out of the car and felt that wonderful wind, taking in a deep gulp of cold air into my lungs, and letting out an exhale that I must have been holding in for some time. Years, maybe. And I watched these two boys walk down to the edge of the water, one throwing up his arms; I think directing the waves to dance in exaltation.

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Monday Missive~Tomorrow’s Necessity

If you are in the US of A, or are an expat in another country, it may be a necessity to get thee to bar…no, wait! Covid! No bar. Go to a grocery or liquor store and stock up on the alcohol of your choice. Lots of it. We are going to need it to get through the night and next few days/weeks. Stay well lubricated so that we can ease into whatever the fates bring our way with this election. I will not get all political here, not my thing to share much of my leanings on the social networks; and anyway, there is and has been enough of that for what seems an eternity already. I will share that I do lean towards Margaritas, Palomas, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Proseco. Depending how bad things get, I may go in for a gin and tonic or two, and if it’s really too much, a double scotch…neat.

Salud, my friends. Stay safe.

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Monday Missive~Yesterday’s Flowers

I ran across this old photo I had taken in a pumpkin patch a few years ago. Sunflowers bowing their heads; gracefully bowing to yesterday’s life it seemed. The juxtaposition to the road going forward struck me this morning as I sat and looked at the photo. My thought today is how this mirrors life, things end, but, if you’re lucky, you follow the road to the new days ahead. Keep going. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.

A reader/follower just informed me the photo above was not showing up. I’m not sure how to fix this. I do not see it either when I look on my phone, but on my pc it is showing. The wonders of the new WordPress! But wait…there’s more. I just figured out on phone if you click on the three dots at top right of post, and click on “visit” it will take you to post with photo attached.

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Wordless Wednesday~Departure

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Monday Missive~All Tied Up

An apt depiction of how I’m sure we all must feel from time to time. Or a lot of the time lately. Tied up in a knot and there’s cobwebs growing in there too, just for good measure. But maybe it’s just me.

I forget who said “sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits”, but this too aptly describes my current level of activity (mostly just the sits part). Then, when the wonderful thinks part hits, and I feel more full of hope, I can see a verdant garden just beyond the knot and cobwebs. And I relax into the beauty all around me.


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Monday Missive~Night Walks


Being able to spend part of my time back in the little town that I just moved from has been a wonderful blessing. My new home town is just five minutes down the road, but has a totally different vibe, is more spread out and does not have that old small town feel that Benicia (California) does. A definite advantage of the small town life is being able to go out for a walk at night and feel safe, walk around small neighborhoods that have been around for a very long time; get lost in history, get lost in the night sky.

Last night’s impromptu walk at 9 p.m. was made more wonderous when I remembered to use an iPhone app called Sky Guide to figure out which planets/stars we were looking at. The app superimposes the mythology over the sky and planets, and plays very new age soothing music. If you’re in to astrology at all, I highly recommend the app (I am not being paid for this post by the way).

The vastness of the universe, the prominent position of Saturn and Jupiter looking down at us, reminding us of our being but a small part of all of this.

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Monday Missive~Moving Forward

Life these days seems to be full of surprises. Nothing seems to stay the same. It’s all about change. Every single day. My life has changed, evolved, over the last almost five years now since my husband died. I continue moving forward, and as the years have gone by, the steps have become lighter, more fluid. I’ve changed my trajectory, refuse to sit home, though these days that seems to be a necessity due to COVID. I’ve found my focus at last where in the initial years after his death, I could focus on nothing for more than a few minutes at a time. What a pleasure it has become to read again, to watch a movie or Netflix series and be able to follow it through to the end. I read, try to write, and now I art. A verb. I’ve also met and partnered with a fellow photographer and artist in the last year and a half, and enjoy realizing that there is something that doesn’t change; the ability to connect with another heart. In these times of craziness and unrest, it is good to feel centered again even though things are askew the world over. And it is good to keep moving forward and enjoying the now.

Finding this new version of WordPress this morning is but one more change, and I’m praying I’ve got this down to publish.

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The Sunday Traveler~ A Postcard from the Past


Oahu, 2017. A time of freedom and easy travel. Those were the days my friends. Sweet memories. Grateful for those days.

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Monday Missive~Frozen

Frozen in my days, not cold frozen. A renewed inability to concentrate on much, sporadic episodes that retreat for short whiles, then return with a vengeance. I had planned to post a Sunday Traveler Postcard yesterday, and kept circling my computer looking at it somewhat as an enemy. I did put some paint on a little canvas, and straightened up my little patio and washed ash off the furniture (the fires farther north have dissipated, and now it’s a matter of easy clean up here, not so easy for those who have to clean up and rebuild at ground zero).

Today appears promising…I told myself I’d just sit at my desk and look at photos in my online file; and here I am now with fingers that seem to have gravitated to the keyboard.

I’m on what I’ve seen called the CoronaCoaster, Covid related emotions that are up and down from not seeing family or friends and being able to hug them. I’ve always been a hugger, much to the chagrin of new friends that don’t know what to do upon our first meeting and I shake hands and then pull them in for a hug.

The photo above is a vista from down the road a piece. It might be time to get back out there with my camera; it’s always been a source of comfort.

Stay safe my friends.


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Monday Missive~When It’s Done

Whenever I begin with that first brush stroke, that first bit of paint on canvas I always wonder as I progress how I will know when it’s done.  My good friend and partner, an artist of incredible proportions, told me that I would know.  He was right. I began painting my angel muse when I moved in to my new home two months ago (wow, two months ago today). I signed it last night, and knew it was time to stop, that this is how my muse wanted to remain; to be.

Were that other things in life as simple at figuring out that you’ve done enough, or needed to keep going at, keep striving for, trying for.




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