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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Beneath Your Feet in The Sand

The tide brings in treasures to your feet that almost always delight. Check in with the WordPress weekly photo challenge entries here.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Inspiration in Art

Inspiration for me is found in art; paintings, sculptures, architecture, and of course photography. These sculptures are on an outside wall of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Rounding a corner and seeing this, with the afternoon sun providing the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Close Up ~ Say Cheese

In the garden of my then house, getting the fright of my life when I got a close up of what I thought was a cute little grasshopper. Is it licking its chops and eyeing me? A couple of quick photos, … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Half Sculpture Half Water

This week it’s all about two clear halves in a composition in the WPC. Splitting the photo in half when framing your shot, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Better than splitting hairs.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Doors With a View

Doors can close you off, or lead you out. The WPC has opened a wonderful challenge.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ On The Way

Watching a plane come in at a small regional airport on a rainy tarmac, as I wait to get on my way to my destination.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Broken

To the side of a house I walked by, the broken fence didn’t serve in keeping anyone out; maybe it was to keep the boat in, but no matter, there’s not much water in Northern California anyway.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Enveloped in the Heart

stamen enveloped in the heart of the Peony resting comfortably within the seat of their being enveloping my eyes in their beauty

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Forces of Nature in San Francisco

Brie Anne Demkiw, in the Weekly Photo Challenge, has asked us to show the forces of nature from our corner of the world; she does make mention of the fast-moving fog in San Francisco,  so I thought I’d show an … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Intricacy Under the Hood

I am challenged when it comes to looking under the hood of a car. To me, this is the most intricate of work. I mean, all those tubes and hoses going who knows where.

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