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Love travel and photography. I am a retired nurse case manager. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.

Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Dedicated to Hanalei, Kauai

Under the pier at Hanalei, north shore of Kauai, Hawaii. Photo taken last month. Devastating floods over the last week, and especially hard hit yesterday was Hanalei. The pier has been demolished by the floodwaters. Sending thoughts of aloha to … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Kauai, A Walk in The Clouds

Looking into Waimea Canyon from the ground floor level Kauai’s Waimea Canyon. The Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Approximately ten miles long and 3,000 feet deep. We drove up the mountain on an afternoon that was a mix of rain … Continue reading

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Going Home

You can fly, or you can paddle;  fast or slow; eventually everyone goes home.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Returning to Kauai

Travel; going to an unknown destination, or returning to a place previously visited that has always had a little piece of your heart. New things in old places are always a possibility; so in the spirit of adventure with friends … Continue reading

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ In Rodin’s Paris Garden

Inspiration for the beauty of minimalism found amidst the Rodin garden sculptures; a simple bench against a wall of rocks and bricks, under a tree. It was just there, all by itself, unassuming, amidst all the art. I wondered if … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Paris Streets

It Had to be You, they sang, and a chanteuse of days gone by did a slow dance. The music and words reverberated off the D’Orsay Museum up several stairs, and several yards in front of them. Yes, it had … Continue reading

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Stark Reality

It’s not easy to post a minimalistic photo and not attach words. Is it human nature to try to fill up space otherwise empty?

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The Sunday Traveler ~ A Paris Postcard, Travel Time

Traveling into times gone by in Paris. The Sunday Traveler was able to slip into that wonderful time machine for a few days. I’ll be wrapping up Paris next Sunday before slipping into another time zone. The clock is ticking. … Continue reading

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Relax

Go out, take photos of the things that call to your eye. Simple, minimalistic scenes; it doesn’t have to be complicated. Relax. Put the camera down and  take a nap if you must.  

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The Sunday Traveler~Postcards from Tuileries Carrousel Garden, Paris

The Carrousel Garden of the Tuileries, right outside the Louvre. My friend and I had spent several hours inside the Louvre taking in as much as we could, decided to call it for the morning, and get on with our … Continue reading

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