Keeping an Eye on Things


I’m packing it up in earnest now, and moving to a new home over the next several days. I’ll be seeing you next week.

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Phoneography Challenge in Black and White: Riding a Wild Horse


Life’s first adventures

begin in circles

picking up speed


The weekly phoneography challenge is sponsored by the blog, Lens and Pens by Sally.


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Quick Shots on Sundays: Egyptian Beauty at The Luxor


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette on The Tracks


Las Vegas roller coaster at the New York New York

Take a look at more silhouettes on the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge 

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Tropical Flowers for a Wordless Wednesday


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The Sunday Traveler: Wrapping Up Reno


As promised in last week’s Sunday Traveler, here are a few more photos from that fabulous store discovery, Junkee’s. This traveler was quite taken with the hats, and the posters that were just a miniscule offering in what was on hand to gaze upon while considering a purchase or two. I thought it would be fun to create a small gallery of hat photos for a game called Which One is Not Like the Others. Feel free to click on each photo for an enhanced view and to help you decide.


And then there were the posters that were quite entrancing


Better than being at the circus



It was a great visit. Reno seems to have something for everyone. Keep your head on straight and you’ll find the little gems hiding in the least likely of places


I will be moving to a new home in a couple of weeks. The blog, and visits with you, may be a bit spotty over this time. The Sunday Traveler will make an effort with Quick Shots on Sundays to fill in for the Traveler. Until then, I hope you get a little travel in to somewhere fun



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture of the Sea


It should not be called a weed.

For more entries into this week’s challenge, click here.

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The Gratitude Attitude; Gratitude in The Present


Isn’t it typical

to be so grateful

for what will soon be gone

leaving today’s thanks

for another time


Visit Colline‘s blog for more on gratitude


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Phoneography Challenge, Nature; On The BackRoads


Nature whizzing by at 55 miles per hour. Nature pushed back off the road. Dried grasses, scrub brush, a barn just waiting there amidst the trees. I’m leaving the immediate rural area I live in soon, not too far away, though; but I’m already feeling melancholic. A short drive back will be all I need for a boost of backroads nature. I never thought I’d miss it.

For more phoneography submissions to the challenge, visit Sally Donatello’s blog at Lens and Pens by Sally


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The Sunday Traveler: Oh The People You’ll Meet


Reno, I’ve discovered as I’ve mentioned in my previous Sunday Traveler posts, is not the boring biggest little city after all. Each time we’ve gone back recently I’ve started to dig around, much like the gold and silver miners in them thar hills, and I’ve been able to shout “Eureka”!


The last trip taken a couple of weeks ago had the Sunday Traveler discovering Midtown Reno, a stretch of S. Virginia Street that is being brought back to life with nice little bistros and pubs. And…I found the most fantastic store that is part costume store, part consignment, and part antique store; the store is called Junkee. The employee in the photo above was trying on some new pants that had just been brought in to sell, and was most happy to model for me.


This customer was also quite pleased that I would ask to take his photo as he shopped (yes, those are his shorts he is wearing, he was not out in the store in his skivvies). This gentleman had that je ne sais quoi look that attracted my attention.

And then there was Pinky


I spotted Pinky trying on this stole, and we struck up a conversation on its merits and how great it looked on her. I hope I and her friend convinced her to make the purchase.

Next Sunday I’ll run a few more photos from Junkee’s great wall posters and hats (I really got in to the hats).

The Sunday Traveler wishes everyone a good week.


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