Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Intricacy Under the Hood


I am challenged when it comes to looking under the hood of a car. To me, this is the most intricate of work. I mean, all those tubes and hoses going who knows where.

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The Mississippi


The Mississippi at La Crosse, Wisconsin; photographed with a Samsung Galaxy at the evening’s golden hour. I never saw myself being there, but I was last week; and found a beautiful part of this country that I’m glad I discovered.

There are more wonderful mobile device photos on the blog, Lens and Pens by Sally.

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Take Me To The River


Down the walk and through the gate, I take my leave. To the Mississippi I go. To the river.

I’ll be gone for several days, returning refreshed, my soul cleansed, my feet to the ground.


Post title  from the song written by Al Green and Mabon Hodges

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Phoneography Challenge ~ Black and White Delicacy


A delicate pitcher seemingly out of place in this industrial looking scene. It was simply the angle from which I took the photo, in a restaurant that is anything but industrial.

More entries for this challenge can be found on Sally Donatello’s blog, Lens and Pens by Sally. 

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The Sunday Traveler ~ 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, in Cancun

Hop on the bus, Gus 010final

Slip out the back, Jack 043final

Make a new plan, Stan 057final

No need to be coy, Roy 054final

Just drop off the key, Lee 475final

“The problem is all inside your head”
She said to me
“The answer is easy if you
Take it logically
I’d like to help you in your struggle
To be free…”

Cancun, a wonderful place to set yourself free, live in the moment, and enjoy yourself.  But then, that’s how all travel should be. And if you have a difficult situation, now you know what to do.

Apologies to Paul Simon, who wrote the lyrics to the song that I’ve used to illustrate some of my photos from a trip to Cancun.  And just for the record, Mr. M. and I had a great time with no intention of making any new plans.

The Sunday Traveler will be out traveling in a few days, and will be absent next Sunday.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Early Morning Light


The field down the road is in constant change, but nothing captures my eye so much as when the bales of hay sit in the field waiting to dry a bit before being loaded onto trucks to be taken away.  I took this photo one early morning because I knew the bales would be gone soon, and this would be my only opportunity to take photos for a few days.  I am not one to be out of the house of an early morning, but this was a wonderful experience. I might try it again some time.

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Passing By


Passing by glance

worlds unknown

stories never dreamed

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Phoneography Challenge ~ Macro In The Kitchen


Working in the kitchen preparing meals is usually a cascade of colors, in addition to the flavors and aromas coming forth. I paused only briefly to convert this sliced head of red cabbage in to monochrome. It seems to work, in my eyes, to bring out the detail of the convolutions of the packed leaves. It is amazing to me to think of how a cabbage grows and comes together like this, all tight in a ball.

For more on macro phoneography today, visit Lens and Pens by Sally for her entry, as well as others who have joined in.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ In The Vineyard


A weekday visit to a local winery, Rubino Estates, here in my home town of Pleasanton, California was just what the soul needed. The Sunday Traveler has been restrained pretty close to home of late due to one thing or another. Last Thursday was finally time to head out by myself with my camera for the first time in quite awhile.  Yes, an artist’s date as prescribed by Julia Cameron. Out through the rolling hillsides that surround this valley that I call  home. I had no idea where I was going, except I had been told that to get to a few local wineries, to travel down a street that leads out of the little downtown area and head southeast more or less. So I did, and wound around discovering new neighborhoods, and finally a street called Vineyard….hmm…pretty good guess that I was now on the right road for what I decided my destination for the day would be. I have developed a penchant of late to decide where I’m going as I get in the car, and go by previously read or heard directions, and just wander until I find what I want. No previous map or Google research. It works. And new discoveries are made.


I stopped and took a few photos along the way, and being mid-week, there was little traffic, especially out on the back roads. I almost passed the first winery, hit the brakes, and made a fast turn into Rubino Estates Winery.


The vineyards have begun to develop some healthy looking vines, and workers were busy tying the vines to support wires. I was able to walk up to the edge of the vineyard, chat with them briefly, and get permission from them to take their photos.






The photos above are a very small segment of the vineyards, these workers have a lot of vines to tend.


The Rubino Estate vines were first planted in 1883, are replanted through the years, and were most recently replanted in 1998. There are 150 acres, the grapes picked by hand, harvested, aged in oak barrels, and bottled on site. And this dear readers, is where your bottle of wine begins.

grapes forming

grapes forming

Until next time 031final


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Peep Show: Photo 101 Rehab


Photo Rehab 101 for those of us who must always have a camera with us, and at the ready. We see the world in frames of potential photos, almost every scene as an opportunity to make that photo that we see in our mind’s eye. Visit others who are also in rehab, or join in when you are ready to admit you have this joyful disease. Click here to enter rehab.

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