Monday Photo Minimalism~Flow

Just be. Where you are. How you are. Float. Flow.

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The Sunday Traveler~On The Road in the PNW

The Sunday Traveler was showered with luck while in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), not rain which is said to be the norm. We took off one morning heading towards Multnomah Falls, and the drive to get there was worth a million bucks unto itself.

We crossed the Willamette River; with clouds receding it seemed another day of clear sky in the forecast for the PNW.

The Snake River

From the car window as we drove along; the scenery was breathtaking

It was almost as if these scenes were from a movie set. For me, achingly beautiful.

We reached a Vista Point on the Columbia River that had a little museum, coffee and gift shop inside. Bonus points all around.

And the vista from this point, the Columbia River

A while to explore here, and then we were off to continue on our way

Latourelle Falls, a little preview


And we continued on

The Sunday Traveler will get you to Multnomah Falls next Sunday. Until then, travel on.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Light

From within. From without. Let it shine.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ A Postcard from the Pacific Northwest

The Columbia River.

The Sunday Traveler will leave you high and dry here for today with a postcard. I was on the way to an incredible waterfall, Multnomah Falls for those of you who know the area; and more road photos on the way will be featured next week.

Busy days this week, as I’m sure so many have had, leave me running even as this day begins. I’ll be back next week with more from the PNW.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Angel in Waiting


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The Sunday Traveler~ The Pacific Northwest

Two glorious weeks spent in Oregon, part of the Pacific Northwest, left this traveler believing in the exquisite beauty of trees, lakes,waterfalls, and the coast on the Pacific Ocean that are breathtaking.

Two weeks of some sunny days, some cloudy days, and incredibly not much rain.

I’ll be spending the next several Sundays showing you some of the beauty I was lucky enough to witness.

Nature in all it’s fantastic glory.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Up in Smoke

Prayers and offerings sent up to the ancestors for Dia de Los Muertos.

I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks, see you all again soon.

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The Sunday Traveler~Close to Home

The Sunday Traveler traveled to Oakland, California last Sunday; travel is travel. I hopped on the rapid transit train for a 30 minute trip to attend the Oakland Museum of California’s celebration for Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated in Mexico, and pretty much by many Mexican peoples world wide. A day, November 2nd, to celebrate our ancestors who have departed this plane of life. Altars are set up with photos of those now gone, with foods and items that were loved in this life. Some say the spirits of the dead arrive on October 31st and depart back “home” on November 2nd. And I’ll put in a plug here for the movie Coco that tells the story extremely accurately and well. If you haven’t seen it, please give it a try over this week; I think you’ll like it.

The celebration at the Oakland Museum was beautiful, and I’ll just follow with a few photos from here

The Sunday Traveler was most inspired and made to think about the altar in the first photo at the top of this post, an altar to those who die on the streets with no home, the sign on the altar, Hogar sin Suenos (home without dreams) made me think that maybe in the next life we come to understand that we were only dreaming here.

I’ll be traveling again this coming week, going to celebrate a little bit of this life with family for the next couple of weeks. I’ll see you when I get back with more stories and ongoing postcards from Mexico that remain in line to be posted here from that travel in July. Many more photos can be found on my Instagram page, that can be found at on Instagram.

Hasta luego mis amigos. Until later my friends.




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Monday Photo Minimalism~Fallen Blossom

In a courtyard in Morelia, Mexico; trees branches overhead lush with color. One blossom falls into this ancient bowl. One blossom sent down for me.





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The Sunday Traveler~Lunch in Zirahuen, Mexico

We rode into town like two hungry desperadoes. Down cobblestone streets following the Bienvenido sign to the dock where we knew we’d find lunch. We’d made a short stop to take a peek at the church and courtyard, and moved on pretty quickly given the number of churches we had been through in the last several days.

We bumped down dirt roads with potholes filled with rain water, and parked down a ways from the dock itself, traversing the last couple blocks jumping over puddles and seeing a little local life.

A little cafe was selected from the myriad of places to choose from; my cousin has selected Cocina Economica Dona Mary, and we head in to get out of the wind and rain that has started. We’re met at the door by the woman making tortillas.

Another thing pulling us inside is the beauty right outside the door

Squash blossoms to cook, and chile rellenos on the grill….I’m convinced this is the place for us!

We’re seated and offered a beverage of choice while we wait for our meal.

Meal selected, and I wander over to the counter where all the cooking and food prep is going on.

To start, a local soup with beans and a slice of chile on top (I chased that chile around my empty bowl trying to cut it with my spoon until my cousin provided backup…highlight of the mealtime fun).

And then our main selections arrived; I had the chile relleno, and my cousin had the fish

Another wonderful day and meal in Zirahuen. The hidden wonders of Mexico.


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