One For the Road~Wordless Wednesday

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One For The Road

Making it up as I go along now. Appropriate, as I looked up the lyrics to this song by The Arctic Monkeys that I didn’t even know was a song, was just checking if this was being used by someone else as a title here on WordPress.
So here I go with One for the Road that will post when the muse so directs me.

I’ve been going through a decluttering stage, cleaning out physical spaces and online social media sites as well, removing myself from Facebook, for I pray the final time, and then cleaning out Instagram from people I never see posts from, or don’t care to when I do see them. This Instagram review has been rather sobering as I see some people I had followed from all around the world, and realize they haven’t posted in over a year. And I wonder if they have been taken by COVID, or by the mind bending numbness of each ongoing crisis as craziness just seems to never stop around the world. I will never know. In the meantime, I ramp up and unleash the spring of creativity that is welling up inside, and pray that everyone just keeps on keeping on in health and in peace.

Until next time


The Butterfly

A graduation of age yesterday. An advancement. A birthday. As I waited for my friend to return from placing our lunch order, and I looked out over the water, I had such a sense of peace and oneness with this world, a feeling I don’t remember having before. I felt I was all part of this; I was in it and it was in me. Completely enveloped. Maybe it was because it has been so long that I have been in a pandemic cocoon, shut away from the world, that this surged into my soul that has been so parched. And now the butterfly pushes out, transformed. Or maybe, I thought, this is how 74 feels.


Wordless Wednesday ~ End of Day

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Monday Missive~Getting Air

Life has been renewed for reading and writing and editing photos. I decided there could be no better use for my stimulus check cash than to buy a new iPad Air. I had initially considered a new laptop, but the iPad seemed to have more advantages. In possession just one week now, and I’m ecstatic. I’ve unfortunately been hampered more and more from a worsening glaucoma in my left eye that has further been impacted by a cataract. A laser procedure for the glaucoma has proved not too useful; cataract surgery is coming up in April. In the meantime, the iPad is large enough to make reading and seeing photos much easier.

The shells pictured above, from a local beach, were slipped in to my jacket pocket last evening by the significant other, as we sat and marveled at the sunset sky. A gift better than jewels.

Photo below taken with the iPad.

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The Sunday Traveler~Napa

The Sunday Traveler, as most of us, are sticking close to home. As luck would have it I live in a pretty sweet little corner of the world; Northern California, within day trips to Napa, Wine Country. Today,Saturday, not Sunday, we broke out of our little sanctuary to spend a few hours in the glorious sunshine of this winter day driving around the Napa area. The wild mustard is in full glory, splashed across fields and vineyards.

It is a day like this every now and again that gives hope to the soul.

I’ve just purchased a new iPad and hope that this will help me get back on the blogging road again.

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The Case of The Sunday Traveler’s Monday Missing Missives

It’s been a mystery to me. This not being able to post, even though I’ve tried different methods to make it easier for myself and less a frozen and paralyzed block in my brain. Thinking I should just sit down and do it, and then not doing it. But, and isn’t there always a but, my computer is not currently in the home where I reside most days now (that would be with the new significant other). And, try as I might, I cannot get posts to go through from my iPhone, which is just another mystery. Life seems to be full of them of late. I feel guilty for not posting, and rather than just disappearing from all of you, I thought I would dash off a quick post now as I’ve made a quick visit back to where my computer is, and let you know that this stagnant Sunday Traveler is well, and hopes all of you all are too. I can only say that this will be more my style for awhile. Quick surprise posts until I can do more. Stay safe.

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The Sunday Traveler~Comings and Goings

Cruising through my days. This photo may be cheating, not showing you some place of travel interest, but I saw this photo as I cruised (there’s that word again) through my photo files. A hint of sadness and frustration filters into my brain this morning as I posted a photo on Instagram

Quite disparate images, but monkey brain is what I do best these days. And I seem to be obsessed with Paris over on my Instagram account. I was there in 2017 for one week in early December. An unforgettable week to be sure. I had been in Paris for one month as a college student one summer a long time ago, supposedly to learn French, but ended up hanging out with a group from Spain. Ah, well, and so it goes.

Travel will come again one day. And in the meantime, we have our memories and our photos.

Have a safe and happy New Year.

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The Sunday Traveler~Reflections

In the gardens of the Rodin Museum, Paris in 2017. A week of running amok on the streets and in the museums of Paris. If one is going to run amok, that is the place to do it in. And now, I run amok in my photo files, dreaming of those wonderful times.

I had wandered outside the museum of Rodin into the back gardens to explore the sculptures I could see from indoors. Sculptures are scattered about, and then I stumbled upon these, pictured above, encased behind glass; gazing at them, I got lost in the reflection of the barren winter trees behind me. the gray sky. Art by nature upon art by man.

NB: I have been having some difficulty with the newish WordPress blog post parameters, and did my best last week to publish, but it would not “take”. So here I hope to get this through. I hope you all have a safe Christmas.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Wanderlust

The wanderlust bug is biting bad. An itch that needs scratching. The urge to go. Anywhere. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this. As California clamps down again, the travel bug bites harder; it’s merciless. But I do get the necessity to stay home, to isolate to protect myself and others. And since there is no place to run away to these days, I’ll pick up the Sunday Traveler once more, going back to some of the places that brought me so much joy. Possibly re-living trips from the past will bring some satisfaction. I’ll keep the surprise factor going and jump from place to place rather than post an ongoing series of one place. I’m hoping that will help me to commit to being here a bit more consistently, but no promises.

The little prop plane I took from Oahu to the island of Molokai was a first on this type of plane for me, and only added to the fantastic trip this was back in 2016.

Stay safe.

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