Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ My Mexican Rooster

san miguel rooster

San Miguel is full of art and color. I brought back only a couple of things for myself, and this rooster was a must have when I saw it. I blessed it as I put it in my suitcase, and prayed for its safe arrival to its new home. It’s a great reminder of the roosters in the neighboring yard of my San Miguel residence that awoke me every morning. Early.

Photo taken in my kitchen with my iPhone 6Plus, using Camera+, adding a native filter followed by an edit in pic tap go and aquarella. Always fun to play in the creative mode for Sally D’s Monday challenges.

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sanmiguel fabrica16

A Sunday visit to Fabrica La Aurora was another day in San Miguel that brought surprises and beautiful art to be devoured. The Fabrica is a re-envisioned, re-purposed century old cotton mill, and textile factory. The restored buildings now house stylish art studios, galleries, restaurants, home furnishings, jewelry, and antiques.

sanmiguel fabrica4

Walking in through the main tiled entrance lined by greenery and a fountain in the middle of the walkway, to be met by this display over to the left provided enough intrigue for me to know that this was going to be an all day adventure. And then glancing to the right? Oh, another piece of San Miguel’s many paradises had been found.


P1070147 The presentation into the entry of this one shop of home decor was gorgeous

sanmiguel fabrica1

I couldn’t get enough, and I had just walked in to the Fabrica


sanmiguel fabrica2

The Sunday Traveler is a sucker for plants, flowers, and flower pots

sanmiguel fabrica5

Getting the first gazillion floral photos out of my system right off the bat satisfied my inner gardener, and I was able to move on to the rest of the galleries and shops

sanmiguel fabrica13





The art galleries were many, and I didn’t even attempt to get artist names. The artists have workshops here also, and have days that they are open to the public coming in as they work.



sanmiguel fabrica18

The day here was full of walking through all the shops and galleries some housed indoors, and others along alleyways outside.



Lunch was in order, and sitting in an outdoor cafe at the back of the Fabrica, under a shaded roof and umbrellas was the perfect rest for a cold drink and lunch to re-summon energy for further exploration

sanmiguel fabrica20

It was a full day to see what else the Fabrica had in store

sanmiguel fabrica19

The Fabrica La Aurora is quite a lovely place to spend the better part of a day in San Miguel de Allende. It feeds the creative’s soul.

sanmiguel fabrica17

Next week, The Sunday Traveler will showcase some of the faces of San Miguel.

Hasta entonces.




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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ On The Street in San Miguel de Allende

san miguel indio final

My iPhone 6Plus was used for this photo, and for many of my photos while I was in San Miguel. I tend to use Camera+ consistently, edit with those filters and for this entry in Sally’s Photo Challenge, I also used PicMonkey to adjust exposure and temperature. I’m pretty sure had I wrestled my DSLR out of my bag and got that set I would have missed this photograph as I walked down the street on the way to the evening’s festivities; this was my first evening in the downtown area and I was stunned, feeling like I had walked into a surreal place and time. A photograph to help me remember the wonders of stepping outside of my comfort zone, the wonders of travel.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ San Miguel Arcangel’s Murals


The church, San Miguel Arcangel in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, is impressive in its architecture, but the murals have their own striking presence amongst the grandeur. Here in the side Capilla, or chapel, is the Cristo de la Conquista, a sixteenth century image of Christ.

san miguel archangel4

In none of the reading I have done on San Miguel have I been able to find who the muralists are who created these works in this church; and also for those murals outside the capilla in the main church

san miguel archangel12



san miguel archangel14

These are just a few of the murals enjoyed for the intricate stories they tell, and the art itself.

To take a bit of a break from churches, next week,The Sunday Traveler will take you shopping at Fabrica La Aurora that contains creative art studios, galleries and restaurants.

Hasta entonces.





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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White Bubbles


Catching bubbles, a child plays in the courtyard of a church in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Have a visit with Sally’s Lens and Pens, to see more on today’s challenge.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ San Miguel Arcangel in San Miguel de Allende


P1070342San Miguel Arcangel, La Parroquia (the parish), a wedding ended and the red carpet rolled up; a quick photo before the hoardes of people began to enter again.


San Miguel Arcangel above the main altar.


The exterior of the church is a pseudo-Gothic facade with turrets and spires rebuilt in 1880 by a self-taught Indian stone mason who is said to have learned about architecture by studying postcards of French cathedrals, and drawing diagrams in the dust to show his plan to his workers. Inside, the structure is the original architecture with a Moorish influence.

san miguel archangel18







Next  week we’ll go into the Capilla Del Santisimo, the little side chapel within the church, to see the wonderful murals in there as well as a couple outside in the main church.

Hasta entonces.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Macro Peace

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The Sunday Traveler ~ At The Church Door in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


The door of San Miguel Arcangel, the main church, or maybe better to say the main attraction of churches in San Miguel de Allende; there are many churches in San Miguel that are incredible in architecture and beauty, and hard to really say one is the main church. San Miguel Arcangel is also called La Parroquia de San Miguel, the parish church.

I’ve chosen to take a little side step here today, Mothers Day in the United States, to highlight a few women seen at the church door in SMA. A slightly more somber aspect, not so much pretty; that of the poor women, who I am pretty sure are mothers who have worked all their lives trying to scrap together food and clothing for their families. And now, here they are still working at it. That’s how it goes in Mexico. The older women are not only here by the church, but on many of the streets frequented by tourists who wander in and out of shops and restaurants and seem to not see these woman asking for a coin, brushing right by them as if they were invisible.


The older women make the dolls sold by the younger women out in the plaza and surrounding area.



There are many more women like this one, sitting on doorsteps near the high-end shops, asleep with their hand out. SMA is a high-end tourist town, but there is more to it than that.

Next week I’ll finally take you inside La Parroquia.




Hasta entonces, until then.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Auspicious Beginnings in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

san miguel 19

Arrival in San Miguel de Allende the first of March was not planned around the schedule of festivals to begin taking place for that month. I had been away from any intensive stay in Mexico for a while, and hadn’t thought to check on what events might be happening during my month long stay. My trip had been planned around volunteering at Casa de Los Angeles, a day care center for low income moms. What serendipity that March was filled with incredible festivals and events culminating in Semana Santa (Holy Week).

The volunteer house for Casa de Los Angeles is about a twenty-minute walk from the Centro Historico/Plaza Principal (historic center of town and garden). Another thing I had not found in all my research on San Miguel Allende (SMA), is that it sits at an altitude of 6,234 feet elevation! I had arrived in SMA March 1st, and didn’t have the energy to walk into town until Friday, the 4th. I could not figure out my fatigue until someone mentioned the altitude. As happened throughout my stay, synchronicity played a huge part in what I stumbled upon in my wanderings.

san miguel 32

I rounded a corner to find one of the main streets leading into the Centro, and to find a flow of people headed there. The Indian Conchero Dancers were on their way to participate in the First Friday of March festival of Our Lord of the Conquest. With this, I just decided to go with the flow, follow the dancers, and the deafeningly loud steady drum beat coming from the Plaza/Jardin Principal area. This was an incredibly beautiful and colorful late afternoon event in this incredibly beautiful old colonial town located in central Mexico.

san miguel 31




san miguel 15

san miguel 21

san miguel 22

san miguel 23

san miguel 25

san miguel 8

san miguel 26

San Miguel is home to many American and Canadian expats, but is also an attraction to visitors from all over the world, and from all over Mexico; it is home to hundreds of artists, writers, and students. The cultural aspect of SMA is unparalleled.


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Wordless Wednesday ~ All Roads Lead Back Home


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