Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Falling Leaves at Sunrise


Waking to a gorgeous sunrise one morning last week, I rushed to pull up the window blinds to take a photo of the incredible pink clouds. My attention was soon directed to these trees off to one side of the window.

Photo taken with my iPhone 6Plus in Camera+. Edit done in iPhone app, Impresso.

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I’ll take this time to wish all the usual suspects here on Sally’s weekly mobile photography challenge a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. See you all again in late January.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Meditation on Molokai


Travel can be filled with energy and fast movement; it can also be peaceful and slow. The Sunday Traveler needed the peaceful and slow this last September, and chose the Hawaiian island of Molokai for that very reason. There was no disappointment. Days were filled with sitting on the lanai and contemplating beauty and life in general, and some days of driving around the island listening to a local Hawaiian radio station’s music on the car radio. How idyllic to drive around with the ocean on one side and lush greenery on the other side of the road; most days of sunshine, and some nights of windy, rainy storms that broke into a sunrise with promises of the day.


It seemed that time went slowly, allowing for thought and meditation on the path forward. I found it interesting that the condos I stayed in had a bench out at the water’s edge; I could see it from my lanai, and noticed that people came to sit here awhile, usually alone, and not once did anyone come to intrude. There seemed to be an unwritten rule that the person sitting here was not to be disturbed. This seemed to be the meditation bench.


The Sunday Traveler received a wonderful gift while on Molokai; an offer to stay at a friend’s timeshare on Oahu right before Christmas. I must say this was the first time I’ve set up a trip while I was on a trip. The Sunday Traveler posts will take a break here now until after the first of the new year. It’s time to go pack the suitcase.

~We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls ~ Anais Nin

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ The Tea House Goddess


A most unusual tea house.

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Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus, Camera+, with edits and conversion to monochrome done back in the native camera.


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The Sunday Traveler ~ Snapshot Sunday on Molokai


Travel over the last year has been just enough to whet my appetite each time, to keep me going again and again. I bring it to my plate in little snacks to be savored then, and again later in memories through my photographs. Nothing excites so  much as to be on a trip and start thinking through the possibilities for the next one that has presented itself. I’m learning to say yes, and the Universe begins to help me pack my suitcase yet again.

The photo above was taken on Molokai; a ship off the coast heading to or around Maui.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White Hawaiian Flower


Hawaiian flowers so gorgeous in color, with a transition to black and white seeming to make them timeless.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus, Camera+, with edit in camera filter.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Around Molokai


Landing on the island of Molokai seems to instantly hit the relax button. Molokai is small, quiet, and pretty much goes on slow. Surrounded by the bluest of blue Pacific Ocean, populated by mountains and cliffs stretching up to the sky, and dense greenery interspersed with arid areas of land on the west side of the island. The main town of Kaunakakai is tiny, a few blocks only, and not many people seen at any one time there. The Sunday Traveler was surprised at seeing what was probably the entire population of the island at a street fair to celebrate the Molokai Canoe Festival one evening, there was a big crowd. A lot of fun went on at this event with food booths, music, and hula.

The Sunday Traveler spent time most days wandering around the island as the mood struck, never a plan in mind, other than that mule ride into Kalaupapa I posted about last Sunday. It’s wonderful to wake up each morning and think about the day’s possibilities over coffee looking out at the ocean.

I’ll go for photos for the rest of this post, and hope you enjoy them with your beverage of choice depending on the time of day it is where you live.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels where ever the road takes you this holiday season, and always.


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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Macro Palm Frond


A palm frond found fallen; drying, dying. Alive with beauty.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus, Camera+.  Edits in Camera+ filter, Cyanotype.

Challenge sponsored by Lens and Pens by Sally, click here for her blog and other entries in the challenge.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Father Damien’s Churches on Molokai


Father Damien, now Saint Damien, built two churches on the island of Molokai before going to the peninsula of Kalaupapa to minister to the settlement of  leprosy patients; he was a carpenter.


The Sunday Traveler set out from her rented Airbnb condo on her first full day on Molokai, venturing farther east on the island. There is one main two lane road on Molokai going east and west. You will note in the photo above that the ocean is right there off the road; no guard rail, no fence. My heart was pounding as I backed out of the grassy field parking area of this church to go left when I exited. That’s Maui out across the water. I was hoping not to drive over there.


Our Lady of Sorrows is a very small church, with about seven or eight rows of pews on each side. Remodeling has been done, keeping all the original wood; the church was all made by hand by St. Damien and his helpers in 1874.

The Sunday Traveler was the only visitor on this cloudy day, wandering around outside in an old cemetery behind the church. Clouds began looking serious, and a sprint was made for the church.


The simplicity of this tiny church was beautifully perfect, with the rain making it feel extremely cozy and warm inside. The church is left unlocked with a sign asking any visitor to close the door when leaving.



St. Joseph’s is the second church built by St. Damien on Molokai. The Sunday Traveler headed west a couple of days later to stop in here



Again, this church is tiny, but sturdy and beautifully built.


St. Joseph’s is even more simple than Our Lady of Sorrow, with fewer statues and adornment; the walls are a simple stucco.molokaistjoseph3

The cemeteries behind and beside the churches are as interesting as the churches themselves, giving a great sense of history and time for reflection.

The Sunday Traveler will see you next Sunday with a few random photos from Molokai.

Until then, Aloha.




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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Seeing Nature in New Ways


Nature, bursting with color that captures the eye. As part of stretching and growing in my photography that is in its infancy, I struggle with the conversion of color to black and white. I’ve decided to try something a little new, that those of you who might follow me on Instagram, can see. I’ve posted the color version there. The monochrome version jumped out at me as I took away color; the lines sharp, the detail broken down to its essence. I’m learning to see with new eyes.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus in Camera+, edits in the native camera.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Kalaupapa, on the Island of Molokai


A tour of the settlement of Kalaupapa where people afflicted with leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) were isolated in the Hawaiian Islands. Sent to be quarantined, to live and die there.


The Pacific Ocean on three sides and 1,600 foot cliffs make this one of the most remote places in Hawaii.

The tour (one cannot roam freely on the peninsula, and must be part of a tour group) was incredibly moving on so many levels. The beauty is breathtaking, and knowledge of the history brings such feelings of spirituality that is almost palpable. Feelings of sadness arose as we drove past hundreds of graves, some 5,000+ graves are on this peninsula of those who perished from leprosy and its complications.


I will quote here a passage on a pamphlet I picked up on Molokai prior to this visit. A Kalauapapa resident, Richard M. Marks, writes: “They took my family away one step at a time, leaving my mother at home. One by one, she lost almost everybody close to her. As a little girl, her mother, brother and sister were sent to Kalaupapa. Then her husband got sent away. Then she lost every one of her kids in just a few years. Thank God, one of them got to come home. She just experienced all this loss, and still, the love was there.”


The photos of these graves are right next to Father/Saint Damien’s church, St. Philomena. The tour stopped at no others.


Father Damien came to Hawaii from his native Belgium, and arrived at Kalaupapa in 1873 and began ministering and caring for the patients there. It was in January of 1866 that the first 12 men and women became the first of thousands forced into exile on this peninsula. Until Father Damien arrived, those who had been sent here had no one to help them, nor anyone in the government that sent help of any kind.

Father Damien contracted leprosy after 12 years and died on Kalaupapa; his remains were exhumed in 1936 and sent to his native Belgium; a relic, a piece of his hand, was returned to his grave on Kalaupapa in 1995.



Looking out from the windows of the church truly made me feel like getting on my knees to give thanks for the beauty here


There were others who came to help Father Damien, most important was Sister/Saint Maryanne Cope of the Sisters of St. Francis. Our tour was honored by meeting a Sister who carries on the work here on Kalaupapa, and also in Honolulu, Sister Alicia.

Sulfone drugs were discovered in the 1940s that cured leprosy. Patients were finally allowed to leave in 1949 , but some opted to stay; this was their home. Our tour was also honored to meet one of the patients, “Boogie” who was manning the cash register in the little bookstore/gift shop.

Our tour was indeed lucky to have a guide who is Hawaiian, and a shaman. Keahi made this tour of the settlement more than inspirational, chanting in Hawaiian in one of the grassy groves that brought me close to tears, and he sang for us inside St. Philomena. Incredible!


Next week The Sunday Traveler will show you around a couple of the little churches built by Father Damien on Molokai prior to his going to Kalaupapa.

Until then, aloha.



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