Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dancing Blur

blurredfoot Twirling in my nightgown in the morning light, camera in hand; I snapped the photo unintentionally.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ ‘Til The Cows Come Home


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Phoneography Challenge ~ Editing and Processing At The Car Wash


An old-time car wash that we used to frequent many years ago was recently re-visited now that we’ve moved back to the same area. It hasn’t changed one iota. Amazing after 30 some years.


I was attracted to the light coming in from the decaying ceiling, highlighting the spray of water, and the pipes. The light was just fantastic!


It’s the cheapest car wash in town, and I’ll be going back because of that, and to get more photos; I know there are more waiting for me there.

Photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy, with edits in Snapseed.

For other entries in today’s challenge, visit Lens and Pens by Sally.

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The Sunday Traveler Meets the Weekly Photo Challenge ~Ephemeral Moments


Travel is nothing more than fleeting moments that carry you from one day to the next. Days of sights, sounds, and tastes that are all too quickly gone. In the blink of an eye some things appear, and then are gone. Travel with intention to experience these moments that are ephemeral.

A rainbow arching across an island


 A sunset’s colors changing from moment to moment until it is gone.


Reflections on the windows of a hotel at night


The colors of autumn that shimmer in a country pond


It’s all there, but only for a moment.

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The Almond Orchard ~ Photo Clinic Rehab #4


Do you see why I’m in need of rehab? I’ve taken a photo with my Panasonic DMC FZ200, maxed out the zoom lens to 108mm, and got this (what I consider) beautiful “fluffy” photo.  I’m sure you photography purists out there are screaming NOOOOOOOO, but I kind of liked the painterly outcome. My rehab will continue for some time; I’m very ill with creativity fever and do crazy things on a whim.  If you wish to learn about Photo Rehab, click here. It’s good therapy.

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Phoneography Challenge ~ Trompe-l’oeil California Style

swimmingpoolreflectionsfinal An upside down world in reflection. The water’s great, come on in.

Today is Challenger’s Choice at Lens and Pens by Sally’s blog for Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices. Sally photographs in the abstract today, and says in part “So why create an image that is unrecognizable? Out of context? Maybe it’s to seize intrigue and mystery that shows a new way of seeing the old. Maybe it shows a more interesting portion. Maybe it says so much more than the intact object. Maybe it’s a challenge to view a human innovation with fresh perspective. Just maybe the new visual language is more enticing, more complex or more simple than the original. Or it does not have to be. It just may be a fleeting scenario that pleases the eye as a frozen moment of insight. Maybe the reason is irrelevant. Maybe the final image is all that matters. Maybe it does matter. Maybe the impetus counts. In truth it’s all in the eye of the beholders.”

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The Sunday Traveler ~ The Case for Home


Sometimes, maybe even a lot of the time, the roads that lead home are the best. Beach towns, big cities, ancient Mayan ruins are great to explore. But the Sunday Traveler also loves the adventures of home.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Fresh Ceviche


My favorite meal while in Cancun. Shrimp fresh out of the sea, and avocado from nearby trees.  A little chopped tomato, and cilantro, a squeeze of lime. The freshest of fresh! Buen provecho.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ The Cobra




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Phoneography Challenge ~ Black and White End of Night


The eyes snap the image first

the camera follows suit

at the end of the night


Photo taken with a Samsung Galaxy, and entered for the weekly challenge hosted by Lens and Pens by Sally. Take a look at her post and other entries here


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