The Sunday Traveler ~ The Requisite Hawaiian Party

The Sunday Traveler accompanied friends to Hawaii who had never been there before. The luau is almost a must for the first timer to Hawaii, and although the Sunday Traveler has been to her share of luau over the years, one more surely wouldn’t hurt. On Oahu, the luau at Paradise Cove is held in a most beautiful setting along the west shore at sunset.

It was hard to concentrate on all the games and activities going on prior to the main show when this was happening off to the side.

There were old Hawaiian games to be played, spear throwing, and taking an outrigger ride

the evening activities begin to wind down in preparation for dinner and the show; dancers begin to head towards the stage.

Here’s a little dessert before dinner

The dance and music of the show is lovely, and one gets the sense of the richness of the Hawaiian culture

The luau is a good way to get a little bit of the flavor of Hawaii’s aloha.

One more segment is planned for you before saying aloha to Oahu; until then.



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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Seeing in Macro

Macro. Really seeing by coming in close. These are a couple of dry leaves from a succulent that fell into a plate next to it that hold some coral and rocks I brought back from recent explorations. These are the kinds of findings that I walk past, my eyes drawn immediately to the need to look a little more closely.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus, Camera+, and edited in the app, Mextures.

Please visit today’s post by the challenge coordinator, Lens and Pens by Sally for a lovely macro and words to reflect upon.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Taking In the Waters of Oahu’s West Shore

On the west side of the island of Oahu lie rocky shores in places, in addition to open stretches of sandy beaches

The amazing thing The Sunday Traveler found here was the emptiness of the beaches; a stark contrast to the beaches of Waikiki on the other side of the island that are crowded and noisy.

On the day spent on the beach pictured above, there was a total of about five people there.


A day of finding little spots of serenity and beauty on one beach.

Sun glittering on the water, wind making knots in my hair, and waves splashing and dancing

“It’s easy to believe we are each waves and forget we are also the ocean” ~ Jon Muth

This beach, at Yokohama Bay, offered wildness and also little coves of serenity where colors of the water were stunning

The Sunday Traveler has most probably saturated you in all the water, but my hope is that it may add a calming element to your day.

“Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace” ~ Paul Theroux

Until next time, aloha.



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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Looking Nature in The Eye

Nature tumbles and swirls in making its spring arrival in Northern California; more rain in the flat lands, and more snow up the road a piece in the Sierra, and on the peaks around the Bay Area. I know that soon we’ll be tramping through fields of mustard and poppies. For now, when a quick spring fix is needed, I wander the floral department in the local grocer’s. I got lost inside this rose.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus, in Camera+, and a Camera+ filter used in edits.

Pay a visit to Lens and Pens by Sally for more on today’s challenge.


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The Sunday Traveler ~ Yokohama Bay, Oahu


koolinabeachLet’s get our toes into the water. In the many times the Sunday Traveler has been to Oahu, never has the west shore been on my radar. In driving around the island , the west side is usually not considered, since the usual route is to head up and around the North Shore.


The visit to Oahu this trip was made two weeks before Christmas, the waves and view here were my gifts.

koolina24The Sunday Traveler will be back next week with more photos of this gorgeous place. Due to some internet issues here this morning, not all of my photo files are available to me.

Until then. Remember aloha.




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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Carnival Color


The season of Lent approaches; but first, lets have a carnival, living life in color.

Photo taken with iPhone 6Plus, edited with Enlight in their artistic filters.

The last Monday of each month in Sally D’s mobile photography challenge is a free pass to the photographer’s photo of choice (the other Mondays are for nature, macro, black and white). Visit Sally’s blog here.


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The Sunday Traveler ~ Snapshot from Oahu’s West Shore


The Sunday Traveler had been on the island of Molokai in late September when, incredibly, an invitation came to join friends on Oahu in mid December. Who am I to refuse an invitation like that?

While having been on Oahu many times, I had never been over to the west shore.  The Sunday Traveler will be back next Sunday with photos and stories from Ko’Olina, Yokohama Bay, and Oahu’s west shore.


Until then, aloha.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White Thoughts


Our flag. Seen on a walk out on the back roads. Hung up in tree branches. Ripped and torn by the storms. My mind whirls at the meanings, at the sadness that our country has endured. But I note that part of the fabric remains intact, though with a few twists and folds. I smooth out the parts I can reach.

I walk on. Thinking. Noting that there is still beauty out here on the back roads. With creeks that rise from drought to full again.


Please visit Lens and Pens by Sally for more on Black and White mobile photography.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ San Antonio Goodbye Gift


Three weeks seemed to have spun by in a flash. Friendship, fun, memories in this city I grew up in.


No trip to San Antonio is complete without a visit to the iconic Mexican Restaurant downtown, Mi Tierra. If you visit San Antonio, this is a high priority place to have a meal at…and maybe a Margarita


sanantoniomercado2The famous San Antonio Mercado (Market Place) is right across the way, within the same little complex where Mi Tierra is found; and here, one can get a good taste of Mexico’s art and souvenirs.



A little aside…The main objective for this trip was quite a sentimental one, I’ve begun work on a little book of family recipes for my kids, and one of those recipes started with my grandmother who lived in San Antonio. Oddly enough, this Mexican grandmother handed down the most incredible turkey stuffing recipe that is a family favorite, a fried oyster stuffing. The stories vary a bit on how my grandmother came by this recipe, but it wasn’t from Mexico. And the story only adds intrigue. My grandmother owned and ran a little hamburger joint across the street from one of San Antonio’s oldest city parks, San Pedro Park. But I digress; I ran across an old photo of the hamburger place, and I decided to go and see what was now in the spot it used to be in.


And San Antonio’s goodbye to me was also finding that my grandmother’s home a few blocks away is still intact, a bit updated on the outside from when I had last seen it. Stopping to take a photo of the outside of the home, the owner happened to be going outside, and I  told her who I was and how this house had been my grandmother’s.  I was invited inside! To walk through the rooms in this house, where I spent so much time with my grandmother when I was a child, was more than I could have imagined. It was the kitchen, where I sat and shared so many meals and stories with my grandmother, that grabbed my heart. So, the Sunday Traveler recommends travel, always; but travel home if you can. One never knows what gifts you will find; and not necessarily in a market place.



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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Macro On The Wall



Art made abstract in macro portions.

iPhone 6Plus used in Camera+, with edits in camera.

Challenge lead can be found at Lens and Pens by Sally.

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