Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Macro On The Wall



Art made abstract in macro portions.

iPhone 6Plus used in Camera+, with edits in camera.

Challenge lead can be found at Lens and Pens by Sally.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ The Texas Hill Country


The Sunday Traveler spent an afternoon with friends renewing memories of home, driving into the Hill Country with the intention of seeing a few wineries that have become so popular in what has become The Texas Hill Country Wine Trail. As it turned out quite a few wineries are closed on Tuesdays, but we hit one, and had a lovely tasting of the wines of William Chris Winery.

But first things first. We started our afternoon by fortifying ourselves with lunch at what couldn’t have been a better place, the Hill Country Cupboard in Johnson City. A fabulous old Texas kind of place. A friend and I shared a chicken fried steak…oh, yeah! I was fortified; and the ambiance couldn’t have been better


Fortification obtained. Wine tasted, and it was actually more about the surrounding beauty that filled me up that day.



The Hill Country encompasses a 25 county region; I’m not sure what that is in square miles, but it’s wonderful to envision this stretching all over such a big area.



The day was warm, sunny, and the afternoon light was made for being out taking photos


The last winery we briefly visited, because it was closing time, was where we learned, after a lifetime of growing up in San Antonio, that the name of a most famous river in central Texas, the Pedernales (it flows across the Texas Hill Country west of Austin), is indeed spelled Pedernales, not Perdenales. Wow! Really? We questioned the person at the bar in the tasting room, then checked Google just for good measure. We always had that r in there and pronounced it that way. Wine tasting can be educational about things other than wine.

sanantoniohill8sanantoniohill3It was time to wrap up the day; the icing on the cake for the day was presented to us on the drive home


Until next time my friends. Keep your eyes on the cork.






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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Nature in Flux


Storm clouds gathering late yesterday afternoon. Another group of storms are lined up out in the Pacific that are going to bring us yet more rain, and snow up in the higher elevations. It is official that our drought is now over.

Visit Lens and Pens by Sally for her gorgeous photo for today’s challenge, nature.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Remember The Alamo


Before the actual Battle of the Alamo (2/23-3/6/1836), the Texians had driven out all Mexican troops from Mexican Texas. Those were getting to be confusing days of who owned what, or maybe I should say it was confusing days of who thought who owned what. It was Mexico, but it was becoming Texas. By skirmishes and battles.

The Mexican president, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna launched a once and for all battle to get things settled. He won the Alamo, but then ultimately lost at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. And there you have a cut and dried synopsis of a testy time in Tex-Mex history. And now, every April, San Antonio has one big party called Fiesta Week that commemorates more the Battle of San Jacinto, of course, and everyone just has a good time together. Together!

Possible aha moment:

The Sunday Traveler, being a born and raised San Antonian, grew up with the history, but in going to Wikipedia to get dates correct, found a fact not remembered, that one of the women who took refuge in the Alamo during that battle, Susanna Dickinson, was there with her infant daughter, Angelina. No one in my family had any knowledge of why my grandmother named one of her daughters, Angeline(a), and who I was in turn named after. I now have to wonder if my grandmother had the history of the Alamo women in mind. My grandmother, Mercedes, was a strong woman who I truly believe would be out there in marches today if she were here now.

The Sunday Traveler was on a quick trip in to downtown San Antonio when getting these couple of outdoor photos, with good intentions to go back to get some inside photos, but that never happened. Next trip, which should be in the not too distant future.

The following photo is of a garden on one side of an Alamo wall.


See y’all next week.


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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Editing and Processing


The week’s photo challenge is in editing and processing our mobile photographs. I’ve used my iPhone 6Plus, in Camera+, and processed using the Enlight app.

Out walking on a late winter afternoon here in Northern California gave much time for reflection and absorbing beauty to soothe a frayed soul in the midst of our country’s chaos.

“All religions, arts, and sciences, are branches of the same tree” ~Albert Einstein

Visit Lens and Pens by Sally for more on mobile photography

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The Sunday Traveler ~ On The San Antonio River Walk


The San Antonio River begins its flow southward in the Midtown San Antonio area, and ends  up feeding into the Guadalupe River. Winding along for 240 miles. The main event is at the actual River Walk in San Antonio; the river is bordered on two sides by shops and restaurants.


Nights on the River Walk, especially at the Christmas season, are colorful and filled with lights, music, and people. And some good food.


Barges cruise down the river, providing an easy way to see the sights and to get some history from these Texas gondoliers.



The River Walk area wasn’t always a tourist attraction; back in 1921, after a flood, the river walk, as it existed then (nothing of interest), was slated to be paved over for a storm sewer. Enter the Conservation Society, and the dream of architect Robert Hugman, and vamanos (lets’ go) a flood gate on the north of the river, and a small dam on the south end, and some kind of flow gate along the middle, and the transformation began.


The River Walk is one level down from the street level.



sanantonioriver7In the last several years the River Walk was extended leading out to the Pearl, a wonderful old restored brewery area, also a tourist attraction unto itself, with restaurants, shops and a fantastic hotel housed in part of the old brewery.


See y’all next time.



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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Warmth


On these chilly Northern California evenings, recently wet and damp, a fire offers warmth and a sense of peace.

Photo taken with an iPhone 6Plus in Camera+.

More entries in Sally’s challenge can be found here.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Snapshot from San Antonio, Texas


The Sunday Traveler went home. It had been a long time, and it seems I recovered a little piece of my heart. There have been changes while I wasn’t looking; it’s bigger, and more beautiful. New places were discovered, as well as going back to old places that were seen with new perspectives.

This photo is of a lovely light show called the Saga of San Antonio, projected onto the front of the old San Fernando Cathedral in the downtown area.

More from San Antonio coming in the next weeks. See y’all then.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Falling Leaves at Sunrise


Waking to a gorgeous sunrise one morning last week, I rushed to pull up the window blinds to take a photo of the incredible pink clouds. My attention was soon directed to these trees off to one side of the window.

Photo taken with my iPhone 6Plus in Camera+. Edit done in iPhone app, Impresso.

Take a look at other entries for today’s challenge on Sally’s blog, Lens and Pens by Sally

I’ll take this time to wish all the usual suspects here on Sally’s weekly mobile photography challenge a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. See you all again in late January.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Meditation on Molokai


Travel can be filled with energy and fast movement; it can also be peaceful and slow. The Sunday Traveler needed the peaceful and slow this last September, and chose the Hawaiian island of Molokai for that very reason. There was no disappointment. Days were filled with sitting on the lanai and contemplating beauty and life in general, and some days of driving around the island listening to a local Hawaiian radio station’s music on the car radio. How idyllic to drive around with the ocean on one side and lush greenery on the other side of the road; most days of sunshine, and some nights of windy, rainy storms that broke into a sunrise with promises of the day.


It seemed that time went slowly, allowing for thought and meditation on the path forward. I found it interesting that the condos I stayed in had a bench out at the water’s edge; I could see it from my lanai, and noticed that people came to sit here awhile, usually alone, and not once did anyone come to intrude. There seemed to be an unwritten rule that the person sitting here was not to be disturbed. This seemed to be the meditation bench.


The Sunday Traveler received a wonderful gift while on Molokai; an offer to stay at a friend’s timeshare on Oahu right before Christmas. I must say this was the first time I’ve set up a trip while I was on a trip. The Sunday Traveler posts will take a break here now until after the first of the new year. It’s time to go pack the suitcase.

~We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls ~ Anais Nin

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