The Sunday Traveler ~ 2B

At the end of day, the umbrellas close, and stand ready to brave tomorrow. The Sunday Traveler has heard stories of this being the very same scene in early morning as well, but has never witnessed it personally. Maybe on the trip coming in a few weeks. The Sunday Traveler almost always promises herself she will rise before the sun to take inspiring early morning photos when traveling to Hawaii. Promises are meant to be broken. Preferred are daytime photos, shooting photos at what is said to be the worst time of day (photographically)…noon, and afternoon in glaring sun. And then there is the wonderful evening time. Yes, that’s the ticket.

And now for just a bit of humor, if I may

A few years ago, the Sunday Traveler sent to fetch a cold drink for the husband, went to the snack bar on the beach, passing this life guard post that I didn’t notice. A rather disheveled homeless-looking man sitting in the shade with his bags of belongings was repeating, rather loudly, what I heard “to be”, in various intonations, as if trying to decide the best way to say it for his part in a play. I returned with drink in hand to the husband saying how impressed I was with this gentleman quoting Shakespeare. My husband wandered over later, returned and told me to go take a photo of the life guard station. Oh.

And so it goes in the world of travel.


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Monday Minimalism ~ Monochrome

A few weeks ago when I began this Monday series on minimalism, I meant it photographically; but, it seems it blends into other areas of my life as well. As I moved to a new home, the layers began to drop away. Great heaps of detritus released, and life got simpler, a true sense of lightness. In the first Monday Minimalism post here I spoke of subtracting in my photography too; landscapes reduced down to what my eye saw as the important piece of the scene, the essence. Color becomes another part of the subtraction process.


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The Sunday Traveler Snapshot ~ Home Sweet Home

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area allows one to travel short distances and feel like having been on the trip of a lifetime. No need for packing suitcases and struggling through airport madness.  Hop in your car, or on to public transportation, and you are in another world for interesting adventures.

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Monday Minimalism ~ Turbulent Waters

A sea of turbulence to get through to land.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Discovering Home

There’s a world out there to discover, but sometimes the best place to start is home.

A little town in San Francisco’s North Bay, population of about 32,000, was founded in 1847, and served as California’s capital from 1853-1854, and also as a part of the Pony Express journey from 1860-1861. The Pony Express would ride in to Benicia from Sacramento when they missed a steamer, and jump on the ferry in Benicia over the Carquinez Strait to then continue on in to San Francisco. Central Pacific Railroad established the Transcontinental Railroad carrying entire trains on a ferry over the Strait in 1879, until the Carquinez-Benicia bridge was built. The history of Benicia has had its ups and downs over the years, until it has firmly established itself as a suburb of San Francisco, keeping the small town charm. A bridge separating the town from the “mainland” is said to be a factor keeping the population on the small side given tolls to pay on the way in. Works for me. I’ve had a couple of weeks to start exploration of my new home town, and even though it’s small, there is quite a lot to see including the quaint First Street lined with little restaurants and side-walk cafes, and quite a few art galleries and antique stores; there’s a wonderful artsy feel to the town.

At the end of First Street is the water, a large area of walkway and pier along the Strait

The Carquinez Strait is quiet, but does have its share of barges that come through on their way to an oil refinery coming in and then going out to destinations west. Day, and night

Barge and bird watching have become a favorite pastime.




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Monday Minimalism and Photography ~ Fences

Fences, real or shadows, blocking us from…what?

I saw this image as I walked by and thought of how fences, even if just shadows, can sometimes stop us. I then glanced over to my right, and a little girl of about ten was on the other side of the fence, holding on to the fence with one hand, and trying to grab one of the large koi swimming around in this pond with the other. May we all have more of that ten year old in us.

That’s my story. Dive in.


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The Sunday Traveler Snapshot ~ Waiting to Set the Bowlines Free

Looking out through the gate to destinations waiting to be found is a lesson in patience. For now, exploring a new hometown will serve to imprint this new image of home in my mind to make a return from travel all the more pleasant.

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Monday Photographic Minimalism ~ Like Poetry

“Photography, like poetry, doesn’t provide the pool of narrative, just the diving board” ~Alec Soth

One photo, segregated, broken up in to minimized parts provides the place to dive. Dive deep into a story, your own when you make the photo, or into your own story from looking at the work of others.

This story has evolved over the years. The torso, the wing…

The angel

The Monday Minimalism posts are evolving as well; emphasis on photography, with few words most Monday’s to allow for our spring off the diving board together.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Inspiration



There can often be a case made for just staying home. I can’t believe that I’ve just written that. The Sunday Traveler has been in transition over the last several weeks (it’s really been two months total), and on the roll of the dice, I’ve landed in a place that will only whet my appetite to travel more. Once I can absorb all there is here in my new location now called home. I am in a little town northeast of San Francisco on the Carquinez Straits that found me; Benicia.

Early morning, mid-day or evening I’m transfixed by the beauty, and it brings nothing but inspiration

The Sunday Traveler is giving herself a couple of months here at home before getting on a plane to head out again. Right over that bridge that ships and barges sail under to head out to sea; due west.


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The Sunday Traveler ~ Drive Abouts in Guadalajara, Mexico

The traffic in metropolitan Guadalajara is unbelievable, as it is in all the surrounding areas that have really grown to be a part of Guadalajara itself. The numbers in population vary when I look on different websites, but the “official” site states in 2015 the population is 1.45 million; some sites are in the 4 millions and that must incorporate all the areas around Guadalajara. At any rate, I was lucky enough to have relatives driving me around; and as we drove I snapped photos. The murals in particular captivated me, as well as all the color. As I left in an Uber ride to the airport when I was leaving Guadalajara, it felt like a slow-mo video as I looked out the window of the car at the old, the new, the color and life of this vibrant city.

I have shamelessly brought photos over from my Instagram page for today’s post here; for those who follow me there, muchos sorrys. The Sunday Traveler is getting on the crazy train to move to a new home next week

So here are just a few more photos

“Love and defend your country, don’t destroy it”

The Sunday Traveler will take a little hiatus here, and will be back in a few weeks.

Hasta luego, and as always, thanks for traveling with me.


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