Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Doors With a View


Doors can close you off, or lead you out.

The WPC has opened a wonderful challenge.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ School’s Out

basketball one on one

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Nature Tucked In Glass


A terrarium filled with wonder. An almost magical looking glass to see the miniature of the family that surrounds it on the outside.

Photo taken with iPhone 6Plus, and edited in Mextures and Snapseed.

Thanks to Sally Donatello for sponsoring this mobile photography challenge every Monday.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Country Muse

Airway View

My muse frequently directs me out onto the backroads that surround the suburban setting I live in. There, I find peace and the flow of creativity. I listen and can hear her voice.


The seasons come and go, with green gracing the hills in spring, followed by the golden hills of summer and fall.


I return again and again to fill the cup the muse gives to me to refresh my spirit


Are you coming? She wants to know; there is more just around the bend


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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Reflections of Art


Looking out through the clear glass wall of an art gallery, to see the reflection of the art behind me, and out to the office in front of me (the triangle on the mid-right of the frame), and the architecture of the stairs and ceilings on the other side of the glass wall also in front of me. An interesting photo that represents looking forward, but yet looking back at what I had seen moments before behind me.

Additional entries to the challenge can be found here.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Soaring


Soaring high

over the beach

 little boy dreams

Please join the Monday mobile photography challenge, or take a look at other entries here.

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Sometimes life just needs pretty flowers to fill the spaces

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Dabbling in The Daily Post


Bob sat on the old wooden porch in the shade of the veranda. A bluejay, perched on the red flag of the mailbox, looked at Bob and flew off when he saw Bob make a move to get up. The bluejay flew in circles, teasing, and came to rest on a plate of syrup left on the table, under the tree where a pile of papaya pancakes had been served that morning.  The bluejay had no qualms in splattering dribbles of syrup all over the neatly handwritten love letters that were scattered over the table; letters that flowed in pink ink. Bob barked and made a lunge for the table.

A Daily Post prompt, using the words: bluejay, mailbox, syrup, ink, plate, and include Bob, the dog.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Keeping Watch


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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Vivid Macro


A kiwi fruit, sliced to reveal the beautiful striations and seeds peeking out. The outer skin bristly, and maybe even menacing when seen in macro, the inside so beautifully vivid and inviting.

More macro photo entries can be seen on the blog, Lens and Pens by Sally.

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