Monday Photo Minimalism~Art in the Water

A foggy Northern California morning, on the pier waiting for the ferry.

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The Sunday Traveler~Mt. Diablo Post Script

The Sunday Traveler wrote of Mt. Diablo last week, and thought to take a sunrise photo of said mountain this last week as a follow up and finale to the story of this beautiful “point of creation at the dawn of time” (name given by native Americans, Tuyshtak, translated).

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Wordless Wednesday ~The Look


Monday Photo Minimalism~At Water’s Edge

Getting lost in the expanse, all that is, and honing in on the edge. Negative space brings focus.

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The Sunday Traveler~Mt. Diablo Views

The Sunday Traveler spent yesterday morning at the top of Mt. Diablo, a prominent peak here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The photo above is at the summit, 3,849 feet up. A sunny day with a layer of clouds quickly burning off. And yes, the person on the left of the window is expressing what I’m feeling. Glorious vistas revealing the entire Bay Area. The mountain was considered sacred by the native Miwok and Ohlone native Americans.

The name given by the native Americans, Tuyshtak, is translated to “point of creation at the dawn of time”.

Amazing thought of the Miwok and Ohlone walking on these lands of the Mount Diablo Mountain range. The name, Mt. Diablo, was given by the Spanish in 1805 who were searching for escaped Miwok or Ohlone who were hiding in the willow thickets on the mountain; Devil Mountain they called it.

From the vantage point of the general area I live in, I’ll show you a couple of photos I took so you can see the entirety of the mountain.

A stately presence that lets me know as I travel around the Bay Area, which direction to head in to get home.


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Wordless Wednesday~St. Francis and Guest


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Minimalism on Tuesday~In the de Young Museum

Minimalism in the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco. I can’t even remember what else was in the room I was in, only that as I walked through and glanced over towards this hallway my eyes locked in on this piece of art that was exquisite in its minimalism.

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The Sunday Traveler~Point Reyes Lighthouse Station

First views, like looking good to make a  good first impression on someone, are important, though they don’t always tell a whole story. Don’t prepare you for what might wait for you if you continue on. The first view, high atop the cliff approaching the Point Reyes Light Station, is one of those views that quickens the heart and soul.

There, that saves me some writing…note to self: always take a photo of signs about the place being visited. The “Station” is in Point Reyes, here in Northern California’s Marin County. It is a lighthouse in the Gulf of the Farallones.

Oh, yes. The walk up, and the first impression is only getting better

There is a half mile hike to get to the upper most view point to see the lighthouse below on the Point, part of the hike is at a slight incline, but nothing very rigorous at all.

The short walk has wonderful views of the hillside vegetation, trees and ocean below, and a  couple of surprises, too


The weather yesterday was extremely sunny and bright; and in this area, cold and windy. When visiting Northern California always dress in layers and have a sweater or jacket in your car. I had come up from about an hour away where it was in the 80’s and upon arrival here had to don two sweaters and a knit hat and scarf to keep warm. The Sunday Traveler might have been compared to Nanook of the North if you were to have seen her (no, there will be no photos shared of my fashion statement yesterday).

Onward. Let’s continue our walk

Almost there

Just a little further, around the curve, and BAM! Oh my! The Pacific Ocean spread out before me. I felt like I was on the edge of the world. Clouds blur the line of the horizon, the sky and ocean fuse as one.

And then, there is the lighthouse

An amazing look down steps that will get you there (when the renovation is completed)

It was hard to leave this view, but it was time for the ride back home.

As I left the light house area and had a return of internet service, I realized that more areas of Marin County were preparing for having electric power shut offs due to high winds expected over the next couple of days, and there were more evacuations in neighboring Sonoma County due to the wildfires that are still not contained here in Northern California. I have just read now that wind gusts in Point Reyes are extreme today, and I am so thankful to have taken this little day trip yesterday.

I apologize for any typos, I am closing this out now before I lose power, winds here are gusting, and a new fire has just broken out down the freeway from my apartment.







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Friday Photo Frame

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Wordless Wednesday~By the Water

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