Wordless Wednesday~In the Garden


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Monday Minimalism~Walking Through

Sometimes walking through it is what’s needed.

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The Sunday Traveler~Mother and Child

A photo of a sculpture in a Cancun hotel taken several years ago. It conveys that love, that bond like no other. Happy Mother’s Day.

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Wordless Wednesday~Sunset and Fog


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Monday Photo Minimalism~Take a Seat

Old historic buildings are reminders of minimalism back in the day when not too much was all that was needed.

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The Sunday Traveler~A Mexican Postcard

The Sunday Traveler’s thoughts return to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Three and a half years ago I spent a month there to regroup and enjoy the life and people there. This photo was taken one Sunday morning outside a church. Sundays are a special day for most Mexican families who go to church, and then go out to see what enjoyment they can find for themselves and their children. What kid doesn’t love a colorful balloon?

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Wordless Wednesday~On the Beach

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Monday Photo Minimalism~The Window

Simply a window in the museum that speaks to me, draws me over to step into the pool of sunshine, to look out; I get lost in the sun.

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The Sunday Traveler~The Hess Winery Art

The Sunday Traveler, looking down onto the vineyards of the Hess Winery after a short 45 minute drive, convinces me that local travel is relaxing and fulfilling when it comes to the need to expand on the everyday. We took off to the Napa Valley one weekday morning, missing those weekend crowds, and enjoying the solitude and peace after a night of rain.

The vistas on high leave me in awe. The vineyards are those on Mount Veeder.

We walk in to the winery and art museum of the Hess Collection, and decide to take the stairs to the third floor and work our way down to the different galleries. Peeking into the window on the staircase allows for a little look at what goes on in the production and bottling arena. And then we enter the galleries.

Simple, minimalistic (you can plan on seeing a bit more on my Monday posts), beautiful art.

I am immediately taken by this museum. There is more to Napa than wine I find out.

Three’s a crowd. Only no crowds here this day; I think I recall only two other couples there.

The artists featured are Franz Gertsch, Robert Motherwell, Anselm Kiefer, Magdalena Abrakanowicz. The architects of this building are the unsung heroes.


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Wordless Wednesday~ Kalaupapa, Hawaii



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