Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Nature in Northern California


I drove out onto the back roads in the hills around me yesterday for a little peace and contemplation. The hills never fail to provide me with a sense of serenity. As per my usual routine, I get in the car and just drive, letting my muse lead me to find the location I need to be in to find that peace and beauty.


There are pockets of green in the little valleys, and bits of water that remain from the last rain we had. Those bits of green are quickly disappearing.



Additional entries to this challenge can be found at Lens and Pens by Sally

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ On The Way


Watching a plane come in at a small regional airport on a rainy tarmac, as I wait to get on my way to my destination.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ The Birds and the Beach


It is with an exultant heart that I begin anew with mobile photography using a new iPhone.  I am re-familiarizing myself with settings, etc., and spent the day yesterday at Bodega Bay on the Sonoma Coast here in Northern California. It was a dream day with the iPhone that I just purchased last Wednesday. The photo above was taken in Camera+ with the only edit being the addition of a tonal filter. It was a foggy day for the most part, and the next two photos I will show have no edits at all; also taken with Camera+


There was much joy with these little girls playing on the beach


I am beside myself with excitement with this new camera, and all that it can do. I already told my husband I would be useless for the next several weeks as I run amok taking photos and putting new apps and edits to the test.

For more on mobile photography, please visit Lens and Pens by Sally.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Broken


To the side of a house I walked by, the broken fence didn’t serve in keeping anyone out; maybe it was to keep the boat in, but no matter, there’s not much water in Northern California anyway.

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White in Child’s Play


Mobile Photography, having that camera at the ready for moments to freeze in time. Moments to look back on in years to come to keep the moment alive.


Celebrating my passion for photography through use of the camera that is always at hand, that I hesitate to say is play, but it’s a way to have fun too.

Join us in the weekly mobile photography challenge sponsored by Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge, via Lens and Pens by Sally.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Enveloped in the Heart


stamen enveloped in the heart of the Peony

resting comfortably within the seat of their being

enveloping my eyes in their beauty

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Phoneography Challenge ~ Macro in Pink


As promised last week, here is another look at a different flower, a bud, from the same tree as last week’s tulip-magnolia mystery flower. I’ve chosen to show you this edited photo that I cropped substantially, and of course increased color a bit to brighten it up.

I started out with the photo below


Challenge brought to us each week by Lens and Pens by Sally

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Time By The Pool

pvearlymorningpoolview An early morning looking out at The Bay of Banderas, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A little time to reflect on where the road takes me. I struggle with seeming to juggle a little some days and a lot on others, and not quite getting anything accomplished on any of those days. The Sunday Traveler will be pulling up stakes for a little while, and cutting back a  little bit on my other postings to once or twice a week to concentrate on working on photography projects, and do more reading.  I might even find time to have a little umbrella drink down by the pool.

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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Forces of Nature in San Francisco


Brie Anne Demkiw, in the Weekly Photo Challenge, has asked us to show the forces of nature from our corner of the world; she does make mention of the fast-moving fog in San Francisco,  so I thought I’d show an example of that. I’ll warn potential visitors that the day can start with fog, bloom into a warm sunny day, but when the evening fog starts to roll in you’d better have a jacket or sweater at the ready.

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Not So Wordless Wednesday, Post Script ~ Not Really

I  was wondering when someone would question this large creature, or read my tags that included (trompe l’oeil). Amy had an inkling I think. But I won’t be able to sleep until I say the large bird in my previous post is a statue, the tree is covering the base; you can see it better in this photo


I did no cropping on the previous blog’s photo, but used a photo that I took from a different vantage point. A lesson I’ve learned since taking up photography…move around your subject for possible different perspectives. Maybe I should have done this one on April Fool’s Day.

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