Wordless Wednesday~Be Still

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Windows

Let the light in to the dark places


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The Sunday Traveler~San Antonio Food

You were expecting tacos, right? The Sunday Traveler, and San Antonians also, like a cake or two now and again. San Antonio is a culturally diverse city that enjoys to eat, and there are so many restaurants and varying foods to enjoy while there.  I have been known to take many a photo of food when it arrives at my table when on travel, but suprisingly, this last trip to San Antonio in January seems to lack said photos in my camera file. I like to think I restrained myself from taking so many photos in a restaurant, but truth be told, when the food arrived all I can remember is grabbing my fork instead of my camera. There are photos of the restaurants themselves that I took while waiting for the food to arrive, but I promised food last week, so here are just a few photos from Beto’s Restaurant that were taken on this last trip

A taco of pork carnitas that I opened up to show you the contents of, and to the right a novelty of sorts in a restaurant, an empanada, a pie/turnover like filled pastry with meat inside, a taco in a turnover/pie. And of course, the required bowl of pinto beans as a side.

And then there was the dessert empanada! Definitely delicious.

The only two other photos of foods were taken in a bakery/restaurant called La Panaderia (The Bakery), that serves meals as well as the famous Mexican sweet breads

If you want only the bread, you grab a tray and tongs and go along the line selecting what you want to purchase

Hard choices to make here.

Going back through photos and not finding many of the San Antonio food was a revelation to me. I was lacking in my work. I must return and do a better job of it.

Until next time. Keep on traveling and enjoying it all.


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Wordless Wednesday~Mexican Celebration

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Floating to The Light



to the light

it’s there

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The Sunday Traveler~The Pearl in San Antonio

The Sunday Traveler has enjoyed Pearl in San Antonio, Texas on the last couple of visits made to that city. An old brewery that has been converted into a destination of mixed -use space of shops, dining, and loft living.

Art and literature abounds here as it does in shops all over San Antonio

The Pearl by day or at night is a wonderful place to walk around enjoying the lights and food offered here.


A wonderful hotel, The Emma, has been incorporated into one of the buildings that was the brewery that provides yet more wonderful dining and entertainment.

The Sunday Traveler will be back with more on the wonderful foods of San Antonio.




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Monday Photo Minimalism~One

Look behind the curtain of a tangled web.

there is only one there

that waits for you

that is what should be seen

only one


The Sunday Traveler~Postcard from Home

The Sunday Traveler is away from home and computer, and trying to post via cell phone. The photo above is of a minuscule beach, if you can even call it that, in Benicia in Northern California. Not many people know of it, or ever go there. It’s set below eye level of the street. Access is down a rickety set of old wooden steps, old planks hewn from what the tide brought in I like to think; and the “handrails” on either side are a big fat chain looped from split posts to post downward. If the tide is up, one is stopped at the last step; if the tide is out, the little slice of beach is filled with offerings from the ocean. Low tide is my time to go there on many a day to sit on a piece of driftwood to meditate on the vast body of water in front of me, to think, to send my offerings of gratitude back out to sea; to just be. Home is a pretty good place to be.


Wordless Wednesday ~ The Columbia River


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Monday Photo Minimalism~New Life

new life

just begins

first explorations


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