The Sunday Traveler Evening Edition~More Merida

I believe this is where we left off. The wonderful meal I enjoyed at the restaurant called The Museum of Gastronomy in downtown Merida. Another thing I had not known about Merida prior to getting there is that it is quite the foodie town. It is a city of Gastronomy as part of UNESCO’s Creative Cities. This lovely restaurant has mostly outdoor seating with interior rooms that exhibit local food sources, and then leads outdoor to multiple palapa covered edifices with more history inside them.

A very diferentes restaurant to be sure that was all part of this wonderful travel adventure.

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Monochrome Monday ~ On the Strait

Tug heading out on the Carquinez Strait, in Northern California.

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The Sunday Traveler~Merida’s City Scene

Downtown Merida is a happening place, and the usual Mexican main plaza in the middle of a town holds true to form here too.

The cathedral in a Mexican town is almost always at the main plaza or in very close proximity.

Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatán, is so very tropical, and the beauty is enhanced at night. I flew into Merida to stay with family for two weeks, and for the first time ever did very little research on this destination I had never visited before. I had the comfortable knowledge that the cousin I would be staying with would fill in all the need to know details once I arrived. Such a confession this is after so many years of travel and always scouring everything I can get my eyes on about where I’ll be going. Maybe it was just the feeling of needing to break and run and get out of Dodge after pandemic cabin claustrophobia. But I digress, I thought Merida was right on the coast; it is actually 22 miles inland. You learn something every day. But, a little more of downtown.

We spent one evening walking around downtown, I in search of some of the local Maya clothing. The street vendors had quite a selection of locally made beautiful things they were selling for an excellent price. My heart goes out to the women trying to make a living to feed their families that I gladly bought what I wanted from them. When I first started talking to this woman, her little boy was trying to keep his eyes open, but he finally just fell asleep as his mom continued showing me blouses.

We went in to town a few more times during the day to walk around a bit, and to have a couple of meals.

One restaurant in particular, The Museum of Gastronomy, was a hit in my book for a fabulous meal of local Yucateca food, Cochinita Pibil; a pulled pork with an orange citrus marinade that is incredible.

Yes, oh my! I’ll be back next week with more of the museum part of this restaurant.

Hasta entonces, until then.

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Mexico City Serenity

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Monochrome Monday

The Carquinez Strait at low tide. View from Benicia in Northern California, the place I’m lucky enough to call home.

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The Sunday Traveler~Since It’s Sunday

Since it’s Sunday, and since it’s serendipitously the start of a new year, and holiday of sorts, I felt it right to set off on the right foot here on my blog. On my recent trip to Merida, I was lucky enough to travel around on day trips, not too far from Merida proper. I very much fell in love with the little beach town of San Crisanto, it couldn’t have a population over 500. Wait, I just googled the population and in 2020 the population was 605.

The small and cozy feel of this town, with streets of sand , harkens back to simpler times.

What is worrisome is construction down the highway of condos and vacation homes. Progress can’t be stopped, but sometimes in cases such as this, I wish the old could remain as is.

It was absolutely lovely to wander around and see a simpler life.

“Deaf dog. Look and go slow. “

These little beach towns in Mexico always keep a little piece of my heart.

Hasta luego. And Happy New Year.

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Thoughts on Thursday

Another year ending. I ripped December off the book this morning and wadded up the last page of 2022 even though there’s a couple of days left, but then I pulled it back out of the wastebasket under my desk, smoothing out that last page just a bit, and putting it down on top of 2023. I sit and set intentions for the coming year, noticing that there are a lot of pages to look ahead to filling.

Looking forward to all the tomorrows given to me to fill with travel, photography, art, and joy.

May we all find peace and love. Happy New Year.

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The Sunday Traveler~Holidays at Home

Benicia, in Northern California, on the Carquinez Strait. Home. As I age, there is nothing more important to me than home and family at the holidays. Hoping everyone has had some semblance of peace, and a lot of love.

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Words on Wednesday~Simple Joy

Making my holidays simple, but filled with the joy of family and friends. Not too much needed other than love.

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The Sunday Traveler~Merida

The Sunday Traveler visited Merida in late September this year, a first for me in this part of Mexico, Yucatán. Merida is so much more than I had anticipated; the capital of the state of Yucatán, with a population of a little over one million people.

No sleepy little fishing village here, but a vibrant, bustling community of food, art, museums and shopping.

It was delightful to walk around the downtown’s main boulevard and stop in at a street cafe for nourishment. And to watch the street scene.

Merida has some beautifully old buildings, especially here on the Main Street

You’ll notice the palm trees. Merida is very tropical, was very hot and humid while I was here, and is said to improve slightly in the winter months when the temperature might plummet into the 70s during the day. Merida is twenty two miles inland from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Next up I’ll focus a bit more on downtown, the cathedral, and a bit on the food. In the meantime, I hope you all have a good holiday.

Hasta luego.

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