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Friday Finishes~It Was More

Sometimes a photo is worth more than the scene captured. Worth more than a thousand words. There’s everything going on around the photographer, behind the photographer. This sunset photo was taken in a beach parking lot. People in their cars, … Continue reading

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One For the Road ~ Opening to Evening

A quick walk around the time of sunset. Clouds shape shifting as they do around these parts. I almost feel that sunsets aren’t complete unless I’m by the bay, but have lately realized that the sky stretches to all parts, … Continue reading

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One For the Road~Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday ~ End of Day

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The Sunday Traveler~ A Postcard from the Past

  Oahu, 2017. A time of freedom and easy travel. Those were the days my friends. Sweet memories. Grateful for those days.

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Monday Missive~Webs Unseen

Eyes ahead on a sun setting in all its glory, floating down through the clouds; slowly my eyes drift away to a spider web on a fence in front of me. A web catching the rays of the sun,  bokeh … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday~A Sunset To Remember

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Monday Morning Musings~ Taking Inventory

I began to travel and to enjoy things that I had always wanted to do after my husband passed away four years ago. Two years went by, the fog lifted and I moved from the place I had lived to … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~Blogger’s Block

This may well have been saved for my Monday Musings post, but this is where I am. Again. It is what it is. I have not been traveling as extensively as I had been. Why, you might wonder; or not. … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musings~Life

Life. It can be like flipping a switch off, and the light is gone. Just. Like. That. Why is it that almost everyone lives in denial? Putting off a lot of things, and waiting for a better time. Thinking we … Continue reading

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