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One For the Road ~ Opening to Evening

A quick walk around the time of sunset. Clouds shape shifting as they do around these parts. I almost feel that sunsets aren’t complete unless I’m by the bay, but have lately realized that the sky stretches to all parts, … Continue reading

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One For the Road~Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday ~ End of Day

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The Sunday Traveler~ A Postcard from the Past

  Oahu, 2017. A time of freedom and easy travel. Those were the days my friends. Sweet memories. Grateful for those days.

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Monday Missive~Webs Unseen

Eyes ahead on a sun setting in all its glory, floating down through the clouds; slowly my eyes drift away to a spider web on a fence in front of me. A web catching the rays of the sun,  bokeh … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday~A Sunset To Remember

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Monday Morning Musings~ Taking Inventory

I began to travel and to enjoy things that I had always wanted to do after my husband passed away four years ago. Two years went by, the fog lifted and I moved from the place I had lived to … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~Blogger’s Block

This may well have been saved for my Monday Musings post, but this is where I am. Again. It is what it is. I have not been traveling as extensively as I had been. Why, you might wonder; or not. … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musings~Life

Life. It can be like flipping a switch off, and the light is gone. Just. Like. That. Why is it that almost everyone lives in denial? Putting off a lot of things, and waiting for a better time. Thinking we … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~The Jewel in The Crown

The Sunday Traveler picks up where I left off last week, an afternoon at San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum, and promising to pick up with the last jewel in the crown of that afternoon. Leaving the museum through the … Continue reading

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