Foreclosure, Day 141; Renting Is Where It’s At

I’ve posted about renting earlier on, but now that we are actually in a rental home I feel like a lot of weight is off our shoulders. It will be completely off once the home we owned is auctioned off/sold and we’re rid of it.  What a drag!

A couple of articles I read recently talk about the freedom of renting and it is oh so true. You get laid off at work or you get a fantastic offer in Hawaii for a better opportunity in a better place?  If you rent, you can pretty much work out a deal with the landlord to move on. You own the home and you are stuck, and leaving is a heck of a lot harder.  Renting allows for a freedom not found when you own a home.

Even if we were younger we would probably never buy another home again.  Ever.  We’ve learned our lesson.

Home-Buyer Psychology Changes, Fuels Rental Market*

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