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One For the Road~Time

Twelve years! It began on a desire to photograph, to write but I had no confidence then. I surreptitiously followed such blogs, and finally commented on someone’s ongoing 365. I told him I wished I could do that. His reply? … Continue reading

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A New Year, a New Start~Monday Musings

I sit at my desk and see the trains coming and going. I’ve developed a habit of looking at the time, and think “ah, the 8:05, right on time”, or whatever time it happens to be when I look up … Continue reading

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Dabbling in The Daily Post

Bob sat on the old wooden porch in the shade of the veranda. A bluejay, perched on the red flag of the mailbox, looked at Bob and flew off when he saw Bob make a move to get up. The … Continue reading

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Sylvia Plath, October 27, 1932 – February 11, 1963

American poet, novelist, short story writer. She would have been 79 today had she not taken her life. I don’t want to get all maudlin, I just wanted to wish her world soul happy birthday. It’s rather strange to wish … Continue reading

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My Bucket Runneth Over

I credit my post today to Sylvia Morice, over at http://sylviamorice.wordpress.com; she wrote a wonderful post on the items she could check off her bucket list if she had one. It also got me to thinking, this is so true. … Continue reading

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Six Word Story

Ernest Hemingway’s six word story. Famous, infamous. A challenge to emulate. I’ll try. Train whistles, tracks hum. Traffic stops. Image: Wikipedia

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