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The Sunday Traveler~All Aboard

The Sunday Traveler made this trip all the way into Denver a couple of years ago, and it was fabulous.  I’ll be hopping on board again in a couple of days, but this time only over the Sierra into Reno, … Continue reading

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A New Year, a New Start~Monday Musings

I sit at my desk and see the trains coming and going. I’ve developed a habit of looking at the time, and think “ah, the 8:05, right on time”, or whatever time it happens to be when I look up … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Are We There Yet?

When the canyon and cliffs begin to show signs of more and more greenery I can sense that we’re nearing a new place. I’ve never taken this train trip before, so have no indication of what is coming next, or … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~Views And Thoughts Along The Way

The Sunday Traveler was awake early on the morning of the second day (It’s a 31 hour trip from California to Denver) in spite of having slept fitfully after the 3:00 A.M. stroll along the train platform at the Salt … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler ~ The View Out The Train Window

I’ve jumped ahead of the story just a little bit in that where this photo was taken is already into the Colorado area; but today’s story starts in California. Traveling from Northern California to Denver, Colorado, the scene out of … Continue reading

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