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Monday Missive~Exhale

A day at the beach yesterday was the place to be. Windy and cold as any good beach day is in Northern California. A few people strolling about. I stepped out of the car and felt that wonderful wind, taking … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~All Tied Up

An apt depiction of how I’m sure we all must feel from time to time. Or a lot of the time lately. Tied up in a knot and there’s cobwebs growing in there too, just for good measure. But maybe … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~Moving Forward

Life these days seems to be full of surprises. Nothing seems to stay the same. It’s all about change. Every single day. My life has changed, evolved, over the last almost five years now since my husband died. I continue … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~Frozen

Frozen in my days, not cold frozen. A renewed inability to concentrate on much, sporadic episodes that retreat for short whiles, then return with a vengeance. I had planned to post a Sunday Traveler Postcard yesterday, and kept circling my … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~When It’s Done

Whenever I begin with that first brush stroke, that first bit of paint on canvas I always wonder as I progress how I will know when it’s done.  My good friend and partner, an artist of incredible proportions, told me … Continue reading

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Sunday Afternoon Musings

A complete amateur, but I persist in putting paint on canvas; it soothes my soul almost as much as going out to take photos. Today, as I stare at this piece I’m working on, I am unable to take my … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~A Move, A Pandemic, and Fires

This isn’t quite how I expected to come back to my blog, “it’s always something”, as the wise woman, Gilda Radner once said. I moved about five miles down the road from the apartment where I had been living, to … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~Italy, Part 5, Florence

Firenze. The Sunday Traveler was on the road towards Florence this day in April back in 2002. Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, the medieval European trade and finance center. We started out early in the morning to travel from … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~Webs Unseen

Eyes ahead on a sun setting in all its glory, floating down through the clouds; slowly my eyes drift away to a spider web on a fence in front of me. A web catching the rays of the sun,  bokeh … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~Hang Loose

A first, the photo above is not one I took.  As I scrolled through my picture files I ran across this one that I saved years ago for whatever reason. Some days I feel like the little girl on the … Continue reading

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