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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Releasing Stones

In a wonderful Hawaiian book written by Pali Jae Lee and Koko Willis, Tales from the Night Rainbow, a story is included that I’d like to share here, hoping you won’t mind a bit wordier post than usual for the … Continue reading

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Dia de Los Muertos ~ Celebrating Death

I first started seriously talking to my ancestors, long departed from this planet, as my mother lay dying in her hospital bed six years ago. In the hospital for several days, and her breathing becoming more and more difficult in … Continue reading

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Foreclosure, Day 170; HAMP Net Has a Big Hole

In 30 days our foreclosure is finalized. No more “redemption” period, no more chance to pay back what we haven’t paid since February or otherwise make amends, it’s the end of the line,¬†that’s it.¬† August 19th. Reading about the ongoing … Continue reading

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