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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Morning Shadows

Morning reflection, looking up to see the sun streaming through the door creating the shadow of the stool at the kitchen counter. I see it most mornings if I’m up early enough, but I’ve ignored it until now; it called … Continue reading

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White Morning Walk

Morning walks sometimes in color sometimes black and white as I sort out thoughts to ponder the shadows ~~~ Challenge brought to us by Lens and Pens by Sally

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B&W Challenge~Day 1

Shadows of Paperwhites on window blinds. Thanks to Meg at Move the Chair for asking me to participate in this 5 days of posting a black and white photo, and in turn asking one person each day to join. Today I … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge, Nature in Blackbird Minor

Nature on a major scale, grand and sweeping like the ocean, or the palms on the beach at its shore. Nature in B Minor, small but grand strolling along in the grass as the ocean’s waves thunder and crash, and … Continue reading

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On The Fence

Sunset and shadows splashed across the back fence I look up and notice Its time The universe is tucking in its children I follow suit ~~~ Thank you, to all of you that have written words of encouragement and friendship. It means … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

The weekly photo challenge asks for an unusual point of view.  I took this photo from a hotel room looking out onto a parking garage roof. Two geese landed on the roof minutes after I pulled the curtains back, and … Continue reading

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Phoneography Monday; Palms Against the Wall

We sat down to lunch at a local taqueria yesterday, a new one we had never been to before here in town. Open air tables with palms all around, making us feel like we were in Mexico somewhere; how could … Continue reading

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Project 365, Day 213; Double Vision

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

I rarely like photos of myself. I think this is one I can live with. I went out for a walk today, and the opportunity presented itself….with a flower in my hair to boot.

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When There Are No Shadows; A Follow Up

  What a difference a day makes. No sun today. No shadows today.  Something that seemed to have a little more pizaaz yesterday is looking rather plain today. Same time frame, same angle, shot from same place where I was seated at … Continue reading

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