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Phoneography Challenge ~ Black and White Delicacy

A delicate pitcher seemingly out of place in this industrial looking scene. It was simply the angle from which I took the photo, in a restaurant that is anything but industrial. More entries for this challenge can be found on … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge ~ Editing and Processing At The Car Wash

An old-time car wash that we used to frequent many years ago was recently re-visited now that we’ve moved back to the same area. It hasn’t changed one iota. Amazing after 30 some years. I was attracted to the light … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge ~ Macro in Purple

An Iris flips its petals to show a pretty striped petticoat. There is something about the Iris that is so graceful; and in purple, I was mesmerized. I chose another flower in the same flowerbed for a different angle, and … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge in Black and White~A Tray of Miracles

A Mexican custom in seeking help from the Divine, asking for a miracle to overcome some health issue, requires buying a little silver totem that represents the location of your health problem, and taking it to a church to put … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge~Nature’s Confusion

A dried leaf found on a walk just last week; a leaf amidst a pile of brothers fallen and swirling around the street. Northern California weather has truly confused the trees. Many still with leaves fallen, and branches bared as … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge~Nature In A Flower Shop

The New Year begins with the weekly phoneography challenge brought together by Sally Donatello at Lens and Pens by Sally. The first Monday of the month is all about nature. I began using my Samsung Galaxy more than ever at … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge, A Macro Piece of the Pine

  A pine cone, up close and personal, taken this morning with my Samsung Galaxy and edits with Snapseed. Macro is the topic of the day over on Lens and Pens by Sally, where you can find other entries and … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge; Macro Under Water

Macro phoneography, getting up close and personal, getting an eyeful in your view finder. I sometimes feel like Sherlock Holmes when out in search of a photo in macro, phone held up close to my eye, and narrowing in on … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge: Macro in Red

Slicing a tomato for dinner preparations the other night made me stop to look at the piece just cut. It reminded me of a cross-section of a neuron with dendrites branching out (the nurse in me will always make me … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge: Macro (Mindfulness)

The practice of mindfulness in the most mundane tasks of the everyday opens my eyes, even to the washing of vegetables for a salad. Stalks of kale rinsed and placed in a colander to drain, beads of water amongst the … Continue reading

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