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Monochrome Monday~On the Street

A neighborhood corner in Coyoacán,Mexico.

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The Sunday Traveler~Sticking Close to Home

The Sunday Traveler lives across the bay from San Francisco, and it had been a little while since my partner and I had been over for a day trip. Bay Area traffic can be frightful, even on a Saturday, so … Continue reading

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Friday Floral Fantasy

Passing time in the backyard of a home that is being emptied in preparation for a sale, the owner having recently passed away, I wait for my friend who works on packing up her friend’s things inside. I find little … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Winter’s Garden

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Monochrome Monday ~ In Coyoacán

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The Sunday Traveler~The Streets of Coyoacán

It was a pleasure to arrive in Mexico City at the end of this last November. A pleasure to return to a place I spent many of my summers growing up. Family living there wrapped me into their lives as … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday ~International Women’s Day

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Monochrome Monday Melody

Sunday afternoon music to soothe the soul.

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The Sunday Traveler~Travels On

So it seems arlene1956.wordpress.com, Dreams and Escapes, has led me to the Jetpack pack. Thanks so very much, Arlene. When I arrived in Mexico City this last November with my daughter, and having hooked up with cousins in the Houston … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday~The Carquinez Strait

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