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Monday Musings~Starting Somewhere

  For a long time I felt an urge, a need, to put paint down on something, anything. I painted walls in the new houses we moved in to over the years. But then, this wasn’t enough, and I stopped … Continue reading

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Monday Musings~Hugs

Hugs. There is nothing like getting a hug from a friend, and I’ve found that giving them too feels wonderful. I am a hugger by culture, and by nature. The Mexican custom is to walk in and greet people present … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musings~Life

Life. It can be like flipping a switch off, and the light is gone. Just. Like. That. Why is it that almost everyone lives in denial? Putting off a lot of things, and waiting for a better time. Thinking we … Continue reading

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Monday Musings~Soar

Standing on the edge of its world. If there is reincarnation I’ve always wanted to come back as a seagull; to soar and draft on the wind over that undulating water so full of life. To dip down and float … Continue reading

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A New Year, a New Start~Monday Musings

I sit at my desk and see the trains coming and going. I’ve developed a habit of looking at the time, and think “ah, the 8:05, right on time”, or whatever time it happens to be when I look up … Continue reading

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