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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Relax

Go out, take photos of the things that call to your eye. Simple, minimalistic scenes; it doesn’t have to be complicated. Relax. Put the camera down and  take a nap if you must.  

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ The Arrangement

My arrangement with flowers is that I’ll give them water in exchange for their beauty. It’s as simple as that.  

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Blue

Don’t tie yourself down.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ In the Museum

In the D’Orsay Museum, Paris. The art is beautiful, but look around, even in that setting of art filled walls, and see the minimalistic beauty that might be there.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ The Season

Much happiness to all of you in this season, and the New Year.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Nature’s Design

Simple perfection in its mystery.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Focus

Walking the path seeing the decay and crushed. Focus on the whole, the one thing that appears to call out to your eyes. Let all else recede.

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Monday Minimalism ~ Subtracting

In photography, as I am finding in life in general, things don’t necessarily become better by adding more, but by subtracting. I’ve been going back through my home as I pack up to move to determine what it is that … Continue reading

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Monday Mobile Minimalism

The start of a new Monday series for me, and a desire to express beauty in all areas with a minimalistic view. As I make changes in my personal life, downsizing to a very small apartment, I am attracted more … Continue reading

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George Carlin, The Swami of “Stuff”

Minimalism and change seem to be recurring themes that I keep running in to lately. Of course, this just may have something to do with the blogs I read, the twitter tweeps I follow, and the links that radiate out from both sources. … Continue reading

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