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Monday Photo Minimalism~Hawaiian Ikebana

In the mass explosion of flowers and vegetation on the islands of Hawaii, step into some hotel lobbies to find the simple floral, but artsy, arrangements casually placed here and there around the rooms. Ikebana, simplicity and minimalism at its … Continue reading

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Minimalism on Tuesday~In the de Young Museum

Minimalism in the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco. I can’t even remember what else was in the room I was in, only that as I walked through and glanced over towards this hallway my eyes locked in … Continue reading

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Monday Minimalism~The Easy Button

Sitting back for a few weeks to read and view your posts more; to maybe take a little bit of time to sit on a beach nearby, to delve through some good books. Summertime, and the living is easy. Remember … Continue reading

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Monday Photo Minimalism~The Window

Simply a window in the museum that speaks to me, draws me over to step into the pool of sunshine, to look out; I get lost in the sun.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Quiet Corners

Walking from gallery to gallery filled with art in a museum; finding a quiet corner with bare walls and a lone window can be a good rest for the eyes.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~The Art of Mexico

A trompe l’oeil? No, an actual arch in an old church in Morelia, Mexico; though it should be a painting. Was it an old confessional? Unknown mysteries. Beautiful Mexican art. Templo de Las Rosas.

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Mexican Minimalism, 2

In the convent museum Franciscano in Tzintzuntzan, Mexico. The museum is watched over by the people of the town. I don’t know if they arranged the pieces, but if so, there is a wonderful artist amongst them.

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Late Edition Monday Photo Minimalism ~ At the Beach

Little treasures spotted on the beach reminding of the beauty of simplicity.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Flight

Leaving what you knew behind.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ In Rodin’s Paris Garden

Inspiration for the beauty of minimalism found amidst the Rodin garden sculptures; a simple bench against a wall of rocks and bricks, under a tree. It was just there, all by itself, unassuming, amidst all the art. I wondered if … Continue reading

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