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Wordless Wednesday~Where Light Enters


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Monday Photo Minimalism~Windows

Let the light in to the dark places  

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Monday Photo Minimalism~Light

From within. From without. Let it shine.

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Monday Photo Minimalism ~ Light and Shadow


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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Morning Shadows

Morning reflection, looking up to see the sun streaming through the door creating the shadow of the stool at the kitchen counter. I see it most mornings if I’m up early enough, but I’ve ignored it until now; it called … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge~Nature at The End of Day

  Following along with Sally at Lens and Pens by Sally today, who spearheads the weekly Phoneography and Non-SLR Photo Challenge, and thinking about light refraction in nature, I began to think of light’s refraction at sunset in the twilight … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge~Refraction Through a Kaleidoscope

I don’t know what possessed me several weeks ago to hold up my smart phone to the view piece of a kaleidoscope we have had for years, face a door to the outside for light, and snap a photo.  I … Continue reading

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On The Fence

Sunset and shadows splashed across the back fence I look up and notice Its time The universe is tucking in its children I follow suit ~~~ Thank you, to all of you that have written words of encouragement and friendship. It means … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge: The Architecture of San Francisco’s MOMA

Taking the lead from Sally at Lens and Pens, I’ve chosen the architecture of San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art to also display how light infused into a building like this can only serve to inspire creativity. Lighting sets the … Continue reading

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L is for…

…Lamps lamps that light up my life Our friend Fizztext has a load more of L photo posts to enjoy. Leap on over to his blog lest you lose out.

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