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Monday Missive~Moving Forward

Life these days seems to be full of surprises. Nothing seems to stay the same. It’s all about change. Every single day. My life has changed, evolved, over the last almost five years now since my husband died. I continue … Continue reading

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Monday Missive~When It’s Done

Whenever I begin with that first brush stroke, that first bit of paint on canvas I always wonder as I progress how I will know when it’s done.  My good friend and partner, an artist of incredible proportions, told me … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musings~In A Fog

Some days it seems I’m in a fog, unclear as to where my life is leading me…well, I know ultimately where it’s leading me. And at my age (I’m no spring chicken), I know that I’d better not stay in … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Musings~Life

Life. It can be like flipping a switch off, and the light is gone. Just. Like. That. Why is it that almost everyone lives in denial? Putting off a lot of things, and waiting for a better time. Thinking we … Continue reading

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Monday Mobile Minimalism

The start of a new Monday series for me, and a desire to express beauty in all areas with a minimalistic view. As I make changes in my personal life, downsizing to a very small apartment, I am attracted more … Continue reading

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Dia de Los Muertos ~ Celebrating Death

I first started seriously talking to my ancestors, long departed from this planet, as my mother lay dying in her hospital bed six years ago. In the hospital for several days, and her breathing becoming more and more difficult in … Continue reading

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Moving Along

Just follow the path and you’ll be there. But first, you have to realize your path, believe in it, and create it. And that’s what I’m doing. The husband and I are moving. Again. We just moved into the current … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge; Goodbye to Picket Fences

I took one last walk in the old neighborhood last Thursday before we moved on Friday. It was the bucolic little suburban neighborhood out on the edge of Northern California’s Central Valley country; a pretty good combination for me. But … Continue reading

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Rainbow Umbrellas

A rainbow of umbrellas at lunch today. I didn’t know how much I would need this light of color until later today. Difficult news to take in on the family front, little emergencies to take care of, and then news … Continue reading

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In Memory of Christine

Life is but for a short while, and then we must go out on our own again, to the next phase of our being. May Christine be at peace, and her family comforted by the love that she was and … Continue reading

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