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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Narrative in Black and White

Joining in the thoughts posed by this challenge guide, at Lens and Pens by Sally, with today’s photos in black and white. Sally shares her thoughts “The forces of nature are under systematic attack. This assault exhausts me, because it … Continue reading

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Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Black and White Thoughts

Our flag. Seen on a walk out on the back roads. Hung up in tree branches. Ripped and torn by the storms. My mind whirls at the meanings, at the sadness that our country has endured. But I note that … Continue reading

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Monday Mobile Photography ~ Where The Road Goes

This photo, taken with an iPhone 6Plus, and edited with the app, Ansel, reminded me of a song by Enya Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, only time… ~Roma Ryan, lyricist

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Keeping Watch

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Evening Edition Quick Shot

The Sunday Traveler returned recently from a whirlwind trip to America’s mid-west, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Returning home always seems to be filled with family obligations, and time to sort through photos seems to take a back seat to all else. So, … Continue reading

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The Mississippi

The Mississippi at La Crosse, Wisconsin; photographed with a Samsung Galaxy at the evening’s golden hour. I never saw myself being there, but I was last week; and found a beautiful part of this country that I’m glad I discovered. … Continue reading

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And The Rains Came

  Our storm doors have been opened. Northern California began having incredible rain last week, that is continuing this week. The drought status in this corner of California is said to still be in good standing, but our streams, lakes, … Continue reading

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Project 365, Day 142; The House In The Field

Photo by Angeline M using iPhone 4s Camera+, with a clarity filter.

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Project 365, Day 141; If I Were a Painter

Art. Painting. Photography. Creativity.  I stretch for more. I walked through an art/craft store over the weekend, my mind whirling with desire. Ever since working with the iPhone app, ArtistaOil, my lust for painting intensifies. I lovingly gazed upon the paints with the … Continue reading

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Project 365, Day 120; Just A Little Blue

Photo by Angeline M with iPhone 4s

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