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Words on Wednesday~The Missing Monday Missive

I hope this can help explain the missing missive, the missing everything because the muse has directed me to the kitchen of late.  Easter Sunday was no exception where I created a Quarantine Quiche. I’ve challenged myself to find ingredients … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler~2018. It’s a Wrap

The fireworks in Las Vegas several years ago over Caesar’s Palace. That certainly won’t be a factor for this traveler this year’s end; it’ll be a cozy little thing on the home front with thoughts of gratitude for all the … Continue reading

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The Gratitude Attitude~A New Home

A tree outside our kitchen balcony greets me each morning as I push open the shutters. How grateful I am to have this leafy bower right in front of our new home. We had seen a model of our apartment, … Continue reading

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The Gratitude Attitude ~ The Summer’s Bounty

Brought to our kitchen coming from the vine labor of the sun ~~~ Visit Colline’s blog for more to be grateful for.

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The Gratitude Attitude; Gratitude in The Present

Isn’t it typical to be so grateful for what will soon be gone leaving today’s thanks for another time ~~~ Visit Colline‘s blog for more on gratitude  

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The Gratitude Attitude: Sol y Luna

The sun and the moon Grateful for the day’s warm embrace Grateful for the night’s illumination ~~~ Colline has spearheaded Wednesdays of gratitude, and I am grateful for the opportunity.  

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The Gratitude Attitude; Being a Survivor

Colline, of Colline’s Blog, has begun a weekly challenge to create a post about something that we are grateful for during the current week. I will begin this first challenge by expressing my gratitude to the Universe for my health. I … Continue reading

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Travel Theme: Still; A Prayer in Playa del Carmen

A church in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on Avenida Cinco. We took a moment to be still here, to pray for our daughter and son, for our family’s strength. We had just spoken with family who had called to give … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful; Day 362

There is so very much I am thankful for every day.  Family, health, abundance, the love that surrounds me. Having just returned from a trip, I am extra thankful to look in through the window to the warmth shining from inside my … Continue reading

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Foreclosure, Days 76&77; Give Gratitude

Saturday and Sunday, April 17th and 18th. Once I had a package of those words and phrases that are little plastic magnet strips to put up messages  or sayings on the fridge.  Over the years and through moving I lost them … Continue reading

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