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The Sunday Traveler~Chinatown Markets In Living Color

To see the real action, just migrate up a couple of blocks from the tourist area of San Francisco’s Chinatown. Weekends seem especially busy with people buying produce for the week, or maybe just that evening’s meal. I spent an … Continue reading

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The Sunday Traveler’s Rainbow Treasures

The eagerly awaited fortunes, hidden inside the cookies made it without being broken open on the train ride home. Anticipation is everything after a trek into San Francisco’s Chinatown, a hunt and successful search for the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie … Continue reading

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In The Alley

The alleys in San Francisco’s Chinatown are a treasure trove for photography. I went down Ross Alley in search of a fortune cookie factory I had read about a while back, but couldn’t remember its exact location; with several stops … Continue reading

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Phoneography Challenge~Everyday Americans

  For the Phoneography and Non-SLR¬†Digital Devices Photo challenge, spear-headed by Lens and Pens by Sally, it’s photographer’s choice this week. It’s interesting that Sally’s tip of the week is about Robert Frank’s The Americans, and his photography of the … Continue reading

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Sunday Traveler: Wrapping Up Chinatown

Some streets in San Francisco’s Chinatown are uphill   and some are downhill and some are on an even keel. I’ll wrap up my Sunday travels in San Francisco’s Chinatown with just a few more random photos I took one … Continue reading

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Sunday Traveler: Chinatown All Around Me

It is so totally incredible to wander down one main street in central Chinatown in San Francisco, deviate off this path by just a block at one point, and bump into some great sights. I’ll move this into a gallery … Continue reading

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Sunday Traveler: The Story on the Corner in Chinatown

I had about an hour in San Francisco’s Chinatown a few weeks ago, and set up shop (leaning against a parking meter) to see what I might see of interest from this one corner. This was a suggestion I picked … Continue reading

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Letters to Segue Into Sunday

How convenient. The weekly photo challenge for letters gives me a segue into tomorrow’s Sunday Traveler.

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Sunday Traveler: San Francisco’s Chinatown

Here we go again; this time I’ll be taking you along on a quick trip I took into San Francisco last week, and a little time I spent, mostly hanging out leaning against a parking meter at one corner taking … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

The Transamerica Pyramid, a monument that has become one of the symbols of San Francisco; photo taken from Chinatown, another monument to San Francisco.

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