The Sunday Traveler~Xochimilco

Xochimilco, the X is spoken to sound as an S sound. An outlying part of Mexico City, and known for its canals along with artificial islands. It is what is left from what was an extensive lake and canal system that connected most of the settlements of the valley of Mexico.

The gondola-like boats are called trajineras, and take visitors for rides along the canals, they have long tables inside the middle of the boats, and food can be purchased that is on board, or can be picked up from passing boats with cooks making tacos or some light meal.

There are also mariachis available to play music and sing on another boat gliding by, or seem to be happy to jump onto your boat, and serenade you up close and personal.

There are various vendors on passing boats as well

The boats are propelled by men with poles.

The islands have little shops or a few were garden nurseries

A morning spent on a trajinera was a different way to tour in this part of Mexico City that has been ongoing for years now. It is a World Heritage Site.

Hasta luego for this Sunday, until next time.

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Monochrome Monday~Tracks

The track less traveled. Sometimes you have to get off the train and follow it if you’re looking for an adventure.

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Wordless Wednesday~The Columbia River

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Monochrome Monday~Spurs

In the Briscoe Western Art Museum, San Antonio, Texas.

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The Sunday Traveler ~ Mexico City Surprises

The Sunday Traveler went to Mexico City this last November for a family reunion. I had spent many summers there with cousins who lived there; we hadn’t seen each other in over fifty years. We settled into an Airbnb in one of the many suburbs of the City, and spent a few days wandering around that area before heading into the city proper for lunch at a favorite restaurant that we remembered our parents taking us to many times over the years. Mexico City has grown incredibly larger over the years, with the current population of Greater Mexico City being 22,281,000. We arrived at our restaurant destination, had a pleasant and leisurely lunch, and left into the midst of a forming protest going on outside.

The protesters in the first photo are facing the oncoming group in the second photo.

The protest was something about the government providing food for the schools and students. I never did find out if the groups walking towards each other were all of like mind or not. We knew we had to get across the street to get to our van that was several blocks away. Across the street we quickly went to avoid getting caught in between the two groups. Well most of us, got quickly across the street, I may have dallied a bit thinking this was a photo op not to be missed.

My daughter was a bit upset when she crossed the street, looked back for me and didn’t spot me with family. When catching up with her a bit later, she asked me where I had been; when I told her I was in the street taking photos she shook her head and said “of course you were”. Mexico City is vibrant, alive, and exciting.

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Wordless Wednesday

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Monochrome Monday~Going in Circles

One of the great perks of travel is walking through an airport and discovering art tucked away in little nooks and crannies. As I walked by this installation at San Francisco International I thought “yup, going in circles, and that’s why I’m getting outta Dodge”.

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The Sunday Traveler~Mexico City

Feeling groovy in Mexico City. A return after so many years. To roots, family, memories. More coming up on this vibrant, wild and crazy city.

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Wordless Wednesday~No Words

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Monochrome Monday~Monday Morning

Starting the day. Another week ahead. Let’s do it.

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