Friday Fantasy~ Another World

Getting away to another world was good for the soul. Reality vs. not. More later.

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Words on Wednesday ~ Heading Out

Here I go again. Heading out Friday for the desert. Taking a roadtrip with an end destination of Las Vegas. I’m all in! And the best part is that I don’t have to face airport crowds. The last trip and the Denver airport made me wonder about my sanity. A roadtrip is a civil way to travel, stopping when and where you want; and need I mention the photo ops? The pyramid shaped mountain in the photo above was taken a couple of years ago in the Nevada desert; it resembles a precursor of a certain casino hotel where we’ll be staying. Huh! Funny how things work.

For now, I’ll take a little break from the blog while I travel, and take a lot of photos for your future enjoyment. See you back here soon.

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Monochrome Monday~Departures

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The Sunday Traveler~Colorado Evening Edition

The Sunday traveler made a quickie three day trip to Colorado this last week to visit a son who lives there. I hadn’t seen him or his wife since pre-Covid. Fantastic time away, and we talked, ate, and hung out around Parker, the beautiful little town they live in. What captivated me were the blue skies and cloudscapes (which are now covered by the smoke that has drifted down from wildfires in Canada). I was lucky enough to see the beauty before the smoke came.

I didn’t take many photos during the day, but went out for sunsets.

When I did take a day photo it was because I was simply unable not to.

Going to a nearby lake, Lake Bingham, the last evening I was there was a lovely farewell.

The sunsets are something I’ll be going back for. Oh, and to see my son again too.

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Blended Friday Floral Fantasy

In Colorado it was all about sky, clouds, mountains and flowers. Two photos were blended here to bring it all together for today’s floral fantasy.

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Wordless Wednesday~Colorado Storm Clouds

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A Sunday Kinda Mom

The Sunday Traveler celebrates a wild and crazy life today. These kiddos are all mine, grown now into wonderful adults, so I guess I did something right along the way, through the ups and downs of our journey together.

Celebrate your mom, whether she is here or not. If you’re lucky enough to have her still on this earth with you, tell her you love her.

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Friday Floral Fantasy

A Bird of Paradise that has captured my attention in the back garden. Morning sun plays in its petals. It takes me to paradise.

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Wordless Wednesday~Open Wide

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Monochrome Monday

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