The Sunday Traveler’s Monday Milagro

The Monday morning milagro (miracle). I’ve sat myself down at my desk to post something here at last. Several weeks of travel, of being foot loose and fancy free, of having not a care or worry except booking flights and navigating airports; but now it’s time to settle in and take time to edit and post photos and words. As the days have grown colder and shorter, it’s the perfect time to be inside, to be home and get all of this down. I spent some time thinking about where I should start here on the blog; the beginning seemed like the obvious choice. So, Merida, Mexico it is. The beginning of this latest travel orgy.

The lead photo is in the little town of Kimbila, close to Merida. The main mode of transportation in most little towns around Merida are bicycles, but even more so the motorcycle. And a fantastic invention called a MotoTaxi that are used by everyone to get anywhere and everywhere.

And there you have it; a MotoTaxi ready to take this shopper to her next shopping place, or home, or to visit someone in the next town. I was absolutely fascinated by this. And, yes, I did get to eventually ride in one (coming up in another post), and it was more fun than being on a ride at Disneyland. It’s simply a motorcycle with a little house built on top of it; very practical to protect from rain and the blistering sun.

I’m slowly pulling photos together, and much more will be forthcoming.

Hasta luego.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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11 Responses to The Sunday Traveler’s Monday Milagro

  1. Oh I love the MotoTaxis. They remind me very much of the tuk tuks in India. I don’t know why but we didn’t get to any of the villages around Merida. I think I may have liked them more than the city.

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  2. good2begone says:

    I grew up on the Texas Mexico border. I miss crossing over and interacting with the locals and enjoying the culture. It is a fantastic country. Your pictures brought back great memories. Thank you!

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  3. Tippy Gnu says:

    I’d be worried about getting CO poisoning inside that tent on top of the motorcycle. But you survived, so I guess it’s safe. I love the brightly colored buildings in Mexico.

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  4. Kelly MacKay says:

    Your travel orgy made me burst out laughing. Thanks

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