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Not content with one trip to Merida, Mexico for two weeks, I returned, and four days later got in a car with my partner and headed from home in Northern California towards Vancouver, Washington. In spite of being just a wee bit tired, I’m elated at the incredible amount of new and beautiful things I have seen over the last three weeks.

I’ve been all over Mexico before, but Merida, in Yucatán, was a first. I have a wonderful cousin there who is an excellent tour guide, and took me out to explore every single day of the two weeks I was there. I have to say, that while I saw so many fabulous things and places, the cenotes were something that took my breath away.

We went out on an all day trip to spend the day in a location that had three cenotes on site. The photo above is just one, but the most impressive in my opinion. It’s hot inside, but the water is cool. To access the cenotes you descend via stairs into the cave and wind down until you get to the water.

I have stories and so many photos that will follow here in the weeks to come. But now, it’s on to the Pacific Northwest.

The photo above is the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington. A car trip of six days that I just returned from yesterday afternoon. And now I prepare to leave for a family reunion in Mexico City next Monday. This all seems like a wild dream, but I’m loving it. Stay tuned for more very soon.


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Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    Cenotes look like a lot of fun.

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