The Sunday Traveler ~ Getting Ready To Go

It begins in earnest.

First: Showing everyone where it is you’re so excited about going to because they’ve never heard of it, maybe heard about it somewhere a long time ago, or heard of it but don’t know where it is.

Merida. In Yucatán, Mexico. I’m headed there this Wednesday for two weeks, staying with family.

I’ve traveled around Mexico all my life, but have never been to Merida, and I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity. I will be back with a lot of photos and stories to tell.

Until then.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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6 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ Getting Ready To Go

  1. Tippy Gnu says:

    Have fun! Just don’t end up in Mierda.

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  2. Sue says:

    Have a lovely trip, and looking forward to the photos


  3. etikser says:

    I have a friend who lives in Merida, and it looks like a beautiful, friendly, colorful place, from his pictures and descriptions.

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