One For the Road~Time

Twelve years! It began on a desire to photograph, to write but I had no confidence then. I surreptitiously followed such blogs, and finally commented on someone’s ongoing 365. I told him I wished I could do that. His reply? Well, why can’t you? It was the slap upside the head I needed to realize I was getting in my own way. I laugh now in retrospect at who I was then, and the metamorphosis that has taken place in 12 years. Not that I’ve become a Diane Arbus, or Virginia Woolf. But I’ve lost temerity and the worry of what others think. I photograph and write for me; if someone else likes it too all the better, if not, its none of my business. Maybe that’s a sure sign of getting old.

A lot has happened over the last twelve years, too, changing the me that I was to who I’ve become. Hard, painful changes that have brought growth. There has been a lot of happiness too with family and friends. And that is what matters most.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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7 Responses to One For the Road~Time

  1. Congrats Suzy. I’m coming up on 11 yrs, tho not all with WP. I get it about the hard painful changes those yrs have brought! And the good times too. I no longer fret so much about what others think either. Isn’t getting a bit older grand!
    Alison xo

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  2. Congrats for twelve years blogging. Much work, well done! Keep doing it!

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  3. Tippy Gnu says:

    Congrats on sticking it out these past dozen years. I think WP can help improve writing, if just for all the experience you get at writing, along with the occasional feedback. The feedback can kind of ground one’s perceptions in reality.

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