Monday Missive~Frozen

Frozen in my days, not cold frozen. A renewed inability to concentrate on much, sporadic episodes that retreat for short whiles, then return with a vengeance. I had planned to post a Sunday Traveler Postcard yesterday, and kept circling my computer looking at it somewhat as an enemy. I did put some paint on a little canvas, and straightened up my little patio and washed ash off the furniture (the fires farther north have dissipated, and now it’s a matter of easy clean up here, not so easy for those who have to clean up and rebuild at ground zero).

Today appears promising…I told myself I’d just sit at my desk and look at photos in my online file; and here I am now with fingers that seem to have gravitated to the keyboard.

I’m on what I’ve seen called the CoronaCoaster, Covid related emotions that are up and down from not seeing family or friends and being able to hug them. I’ve always been a hugger, much to the chagrin of new friends that don’t know what to do upon our first meeting and I shake hands and then pull them in for a hug.

The photo above is a vista from down the road a piece. It might be time to get back out there with my camera; it’s always been a source of comfort.

Stay safe my friends.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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9 Responses to Monday Missive~Frozen

  1. With your ability as a writer, may I suggest you perhaps focus on doing some short story non fiction. Or fiction, but i believe you have enough actual adventures stored up that once applied to paper would be interesting for many of us to peruse enjoyably. Give it a think. I think we might all be delighted with your results.

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  2. Nothing to do but surrender eh? Beautiful photo.

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  3. Live & Learn says:

    Beautiful Photo Angeline. And many of us are on the same Corona Coaster you are on.

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  4. Tish Farrell says:

    Am commiserating with your up-and-down-ness, Angeline. And recognise that sense of circling a prospective project and not having the spirit to tackle it. I think a trip out with your camera sounds a very good idea.

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