Monday Missive~Making the Cut

Making the cut.  The conclusions that can be drawn from the words, and the photo alone is one path the mind can take, but what I’m dwelling on here this morning is cutting out everything that isn’t important and letting it go. Specifically, stuff. Things. Sentimental perhaps, but in the long run, of what importance is that?  And I don’t mean the Marie Kondo way of getting rid of stuff. Don’t hold it too long to see if it sparks joy, just let it go. At times, one must. I’ve been helping the new significant other clean out his father’s house; about sixty years worth of accumulations stored in drawers, shelves, closets, sheds in the back yard, in the garage. And I dwell on it because I’ve done this so many times in  my life; my mother’s and father’s house when I moved them from Texas to California to be near me. My dad’s things when he passed away, my mother’s things from her small apartment when she passed away, my own things in down sizings over the years culminating in my most recent move by myself to the small apartment I currently reside in. Over time, cutting things out, letting go, became easier and easier. A sense of liberation! I know it can’t be that easy for everyone, I guess I’ve been blessed, enlightened in seeing the happiness that letting go brings, as if a weight has been lifted in knowing that I have fewer things to worry about, to take care of. And I guess I do go along with Marie Kondo in stressing the joy of having only those things around me that bring me joy, but not everything.

Keep your knives sharp.


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7 Responses to Monday Missive~Making the Cut

  1. joycee says:

    I get what you’re saying. I’ve had to give up many things with each move I made. But the biggest “cutting” I had to do was when I moved to another country! That’s when some things I was loath to part with… the family albums and hundreds of loose photographs stored carefully. These were the memories of my entire life. I loved them. But, I couldn’t take them. It hurt like mad. Then, came another shift to another country, and more of the little I had, needed to be cut down. It didn’t hurt so bad this time. Though, I admit, I was sad. Today, I think about it with a tinge of sadness, when my grand kids ask me about things I could have shown them, I sense a sadness, but nothing that weighs too heavy on me. I’m still to get to that place where I don’t even feel that little twinge of sadness or pain. I’ll get there! 🙂

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  2. Tippy Gnu says:

    It’s amazing how much some people accumulate. After my father-in-law died, it took my wife and I six months to get rid of all the stuff he’d been storing. I agree that it does feel liberating to let it all go. It’s the lifting of a burden.

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  3. You such positive thoughts. Bravo!

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