The Sunday Traveler Looks Back~Italy, Part 1

April, 2002. Hotel Manzoni in Montecatini Terme was the destination of the Sunday Traveler (before she had even thought of being a Sunday Traveler), well, not destination but the lodging for a little over a week while on a tour of a part of Northern Italy in the Tuscany area. It had been years since I had been in Europe, and I was all agog at everything in this little town, best known for its thermal waters and spas.

The tour guide got registrations started in this quaint hotel, and I was assigned to room 222; I had learned a little Italian before going, but didn’t know how to say two twenty two when I asked for my key, so I simply said two, two, two in Italian. Go figure why I didn’t learn this while I was there either. We all got our keys, went to put our luggage away, and returned to the lobby for a little wine and cheese reception. The hotel had checked my group of twelve Americans in as well as a group of Germans that had come in shortly before we arrived. It seemed a bit funny that as we came down stairs for wine we heard German polka music.

We were off to a fun start, why not? Our group of twelve made this home for the days we were in Italy and loved it there

The hotel did not have a spa then, but a nice little garden

The group would rise early every morning and have a light breakfast in the hotel, but after a couple of days I was feeling very brave and would walk in to the little town about five minutes away and go to a cafe and have an espresso and pastry on my own. The group would then get in our little private tour van and take off to surrounding areas for the day.

I hadn’t met any of the other people in the group before the trip, so it was interesting to learn about all the others amidst our days together; fun exploring with one or two others, or branching out on my own once I knew at what time I had to be back at the van for continuing on, or for our return to the hotel at the end of the day.

Ciao, and I will show you all a few photos of the little town of Montecatini Terme as it was in 2002 next week.  I must say I googled this hotel in putting this post together and saw pictures of Hotel Manzoni as it is today, and it has changed considerably; I’m glad I got to see it as an old hotel with character.

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7 Responses to The Sunday Traveler Looks Back~Italy, Part 1

  1. Can’t wait to see more!!

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    Oh take me back to Italy! 🙂
    I was only there for a short time in Venice, but fell in love with it and Tuscany is on my Bucket List to go to! Thanks for giving me a little peek, look forward to more pictures to come.

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  3. Drew Willis says:

    Italy is definitely at the top of my short list of countries I’d love to visit. Something special about the stone paved streets, the narrow lanes winding up the house covered hills covered with ancient stone buildings and homes. Plus, my grandfather and family immigrated from there to here in California, in the early part of the last century. Your stories that accompany your photos are always interesting. Thank you for allowing me to armchair travel with you.

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