The Sunday Traveler~Riding On Up

The Sunday Traveler was headed up into the Sierra Nevada on Amtrak with a destination of Reno a couple of weeks ago. As luck would have it there was more snow than we had thought there would be (and as I write this today, the Sierra has been blessed with about three more feet of snow in the last couple of days; and that’s important because that becomes our water here in the flatlands).

The passing scenery couldn’t have been more breathtaking. We were in a relatively empty train car and had the ability to move about to different seats for better photo ops. And please do excuse some of the photos that have reflections caused by the windows (I still resist learning Light Room or Photo Shop).

More and more snow as we got to higher elevations

A winter wonderland in spring. We passed these remote stretches and saw cabins tucked away here and there, and wonder at the serenity and peace of being in one of these cabins during a snow storm.

Donner Lake, cradled in a bowl encircled by pines and snow, and we began the descent to the other side of the mountains

Leaving the Sierra proper, and getting closer to Reno we went.

Hope to see you all here next week for a bit of Reno.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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