The Sunday Traveler~Men at Work on the Golden Gate

The wonderful Golden Gate, spanning a one mile wide strait connecting San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. The Sunday Traveler finally ticked one more thing off her bucket list; walking up to and across the bridge this last June. I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for some forty years, and finally walked the talk.


Approaching the bridge on a path from the southeast side parking lot (coming from the Marin side), is a little bit of a hike, but not too strenuous, and the views from the path are well worth it.

And as we wound around and up the path to the bridge I began to see the underbelly of the structure.

Breath taking to see the maze of steel that holds up the bridge. We walked on and I was extremely lucky to see some of the men working, who keep this bridge safe.

Construction started on the bridge in January 1933, and was completed in April 1937; and there must be constant upgrades and inspections you can be certain.

The total length of the bridge is 8,981 feet. the upkeep is mind boggling.

Kudos to the men who work at these heights above the water on a daily basis.

And then there are the men who keep the bridge looking beautiful

The walk across the bridge is 1.7 miles, but timing it is impossible because one has to stop constantly to look out at the view.

We walked at a leisurely pace for views, and needless to say, constant photographs.

The Golden Gate Bridge, walk it if you visit San Francisco. I highly recommend seeing it this way.




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Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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8 Responses to The Sunday Traveler~Men at Work on the Golden Gate

  1. Jason Frels says:

    I have read that they are always painting the bridge as the other end needs repainting again by the time they are done.


  2. I’d love to do this one day. Great Photos!


  3. joyroses13 says:

    Very cool! I could never work on a bridge so I am grateful that there De people that don’t mind dangling above the water!


  4. Tippy Gnu says:

    Great shots of those men at work. The bridge looks as beautiful below road level, as above. What a scenic hike that must have been.


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