The Sunday Traveler~Callejon del Romance, Morelia

A pedestrian passageway, the Callejon del Romance, was on the menu for a day it was decided to just stay right in Morelia instead of the little day trips we had been taking out of the city. Morelia has enough variety for days of exploration. So for today, we’ll just take a little stroll through this wonderful little alleyway that once was the site of a soap factory. And stories, of what else…romance.

I thought this couple should be holding hands, I mean look at where they were.

The passageway wasn’t crowded, it was a weekday morning, but I got enough of an idea that this was a wonderful little place to meet  friends to sit and chat.


Strolling along it was interesting to just marvel at the architecture and stonework


Surprisingly there weren’t more inscriptions indicating forever love on this fountain


But given the indications from the photo below, in the building, top left, Dos Equis beer was keeping everyone too busy to go out and graffiti the structures outside. The passageway buildings hosted little restaurants and bars

The Sunday Traveler always finds it serendipitous to happen upon another photographer and take a photo of what he is taking a photo of; and it’s a wonderful way to meet others out on the street. I unfortunately misplaced the photo I took of the couple, but they were cute together. And possibly there was a little romance going on there.

Next week we’ll continue on in the cathedral of Morelia. Hasta entonces, until then.







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10 Responses to The Sunday Traveler~Callejon del Romance, Morelia

  1. Reblogged this on MICHELE SIMS and commented:
    Wonderful romantic places to visit.


  2. ShimonZ says:

    Wonderful shots. They remind me of streets we have here.

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  3. Wonderful images that Bougainvillea? Lovely colours ..


  4. It’s nice to have a quiet day to slow down and appreciate where you are and who you are with. Backstreets and alleys can be fun.

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  5. lovely photo essay ..soap and romance who would have guessed.

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