The Sunday Traveler~Lunch at Hacienda Ucazanaztacua

The Sunday Traveler traveled down the road from Tzintzuntzan with her intrepid travel guides, the cousins who know where all the little hidden away jewels are. I was told we would go to this little place for our late lunch that wasn’t too far away. I didn’t see this coming, nor expect it.

The hacienda sits on the shores of Lake Patzcuaro, and is a small botique-type hotel and restaurant.

Driving in to the area in front of the restaurant told me this was a special place

We sat on the upper level outdoor terrace at the restaurant overlooking the lake. Someone was having a party and there were two mariachis that sang throughout the meal; this was beyond fantastic, a lunch of delicious regional foods and wonderful Mexican music. We were the only people there besides the big table of party people.

Now, let’s move along to the menu and the food. I’ve been to and lived in Mexico, but not to this region/area, and the foods that my cousin had me try were new to me, and a wonderful and delicious new experience in Mexican food. I’ll go through one appetizer we started with, a Queso Purepecha en salsa de Chile Pasilla (a regional melted cheese in a pasilla chile sauce), this was served in a bowl with a side of homemade corn tortillas to make tacos with

Besides the food, the plates were noteworthy as well. From tacos we moved on to a soup of Crema de Chile Poblano ( a cream soup of poblano chile) with tortilla strips on top.

I moved on to a main course of a mole (pronounced molay) a rich Mexican chocolate/peanut sauce (not sweet chocolate) that had chicken in it

Incredible meal that went on for a couple of hours. We then wandered around the grounds before leaving for home

And said goodbye

Travel on, keep music in your heart.  Until next week.




About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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11 Responses to The Sunday Traveler~Lunch at Hacienda Ucazanaztacua

  1. I adore Mexican food .. Divine! A great expression ‘happiness to the max’ 🙂


  2. What a lovely place for a memorable party or a special visit. Thanks for taking us along!

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  3. Wow, what a special day. I can feel how much you enjoyed it all!

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  4. What a wonderful meal, Angeline. I like your photos and the first one is outstanding. It could be the cover of a menu or a Real Estate brochure.

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  5. Holly says:

    Beautiful! The food looks great, but I seriously NEED a set of those plates haha. 🙂

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