The Sunday Traveler ~ A Return to Paris

Where do I begin? The beginning you say? It had been 50 years. The Sunday Traveler was returning to Paris with a different set of eyes, maybe even wiser eyes. Eyes that have seen so much in the ensuing years. Yes, older and wiser eyes. I am grateful to have said yes to this opportunity (the beginning of wise). A week in Paris at the beginning of the holiday season with a friend who was given this gift as a birthday present from her daughter. In life, I’m beginning to realize that just showing up, and going along for the ride is pretty much all you have to do to find a little happiness.

Coming in to Paris in the morning, we dropped our stuff at the hotel and took off to explore, with a goal of the Eiffel Tower as major attraction number one for the day. We walked in order to stave off jet lag, and to see the city up close and personal. No need to worry about jet lag, the biting cold and dampness, in addition to the excitement of being in Paris, was enough to straighten us right up and keep us going all day.

Streets, cafes, statues, it was wonderful to walk on these historic streets

Shop windows filled with seasonal flowers and plants with reflections in the windows that made me spin around to see behind me.

Looking into some of the shop windows gave me the feeling of being a little girl at Christmas looking through the shop window and dreaming of having these sweets on the family table, of going in with a hand full of pennies that had been saved, plunking them down on the counter, and asking what that would get me.

The day’s target was reached at last. I’ve seen so many photos of the Eiffel Tower over the years, and to finally be standing here taking my own photos seemed like a sweet dream.

We wandered back to the hotel, but first stopped in to a little cafe to warm up and celebrate a birthday. The birthday girl was very hungry.

The Sunday Traveler is staying put for a little while now, and will be back with many more photos of Paris in the coming weeks.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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37 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ A Return to Paris

  1. Benjamin Porter says:

    Paris is mesmerizing! I wish to go back there soon!


  2. Mark Hodgson says:

    Wow that’s a long time to wait… such a great city :))


  3. Mazhar Khan says:

    This is amazing blog nice place to visit Paris.

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  4. These photos are gorgeous 😍 much love – Ali

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  5. How very exciting for you it must be to visit this what must be extremely charming city.
    Love all your wonderful photos. wow what a place


  6. Fantastic post, Angel! Wonderful to see more from your first day. LOVE your photos of the Eiffel tower. That first one, framed with fall’s leaves just barely hanging on, is a work of art. Can’t wait for the next post. Merci!

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  7. Angeline, thanks for the smile. It’s grand that you grabbed the opportunity to visit the grand city that warms the heart and spirit.

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  8. arlene says:

    I love your photos of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is lovely.

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  9. Gerri says:

    How very exciting for you! I have never been to Paris, but hope to visit soon. I look forward to your future posts! ❤️


  10. I can feel your excitement and know I would be feeling the same way, even now, even though I’ve been to Paris fairly recently. It’s an amazing city. I had the saw reaction as you seeing the Eiffel Tower fifty years after the first time. In my 60’s it felt like the first time I really SAW it. The opening photo and the next photo of the tower are both stunning!

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  11. Su Leslie says:

    What a wonderful way to share a friend’s birthday. I haven’t been to Paris in over a decade, but visited with a lover, with my mother, as an expectant mum myself and finally with the child that I’d carried there. Each time I’ve fallen in love with the city and each time seen it with new eyes. I’m looking forward to your next post about it.

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    • Angeline M says:

      How lovely your remembrances, Su. It seems Paris has special memories for many of us. How could it not? I took so many photos and I’m slowly working on them, which is another added pleasure. I’ll be having fun this week working on next Sunday’s post.


  12. Love reading this almost as if it happened to someone else who i do not know! Me, that birthday girl, was thrilled and moved to tears at times as you know to be seeing Paris with a friend who could feel my gratefullness and excitement at being there. Paris should not be done alone – I cant imagine seeing and absorbing all that we were able to do alone! One just has to squeal and laugh and be enlightened and moved to tears WITH a person who truly gets it. Wandering back to an empty hotel room would have been unthnkable for me. We were so fortunate to have this experience. We did not think about Taco Tuesday one single time! We were non judgmental while stuffing croissants and pastry into our faces at a frantic pace.
    Paris is monumental experience if you do it right and i believe we did. But I am not finished yet, are you? 😉

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  13. prior.. says:

    thanks for letting us join you on this revisit to paris…..
    and look forward to your upcoming posts


  14. Sue says:

    ah, lovely that you enjoyed Paris again…one day I might go again! quarter of a century since I was last there…


  15. You fortunate dog. I was in Paris 40 years ago. Never been back. If you were there 50 years ago, you were nearly a child.

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    • Angeline M says:

      Super fortunate!!! Yes, had just started college, and spent a month there, sent by my father to learn independence, to love travel, to learn French. I spent the month with a group of Spaniards I met and ended up speaking more Spanish than French.

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