The Sunday Traveler ~ A Photography Tour

A very good thing to do when in Hawaii is go on a photography tour with a guide who is a photographer. Along with the food tour the Sunday Traveler took on this most recent trip to Oahu, this photography tour with Blue Hawaii Photo Tours was incredibly rich in opportunities. The guide, and owner, Marie Turner, drove us to scenic spots and, the best part of this tour for me, was that Marie took me and my camera in hand and gave lessons and pointers for settings; after four years with this camera it became my bff. It was also very fortunate for me that there was only one other person on this all day tour with me, so we both got a lot of individualized attention. A day made in heaven!

I’ll just take you on a little tour of my own that took place over the ten days I was on the island; I also have been posting many photos over on Instagram, and I hope you’ll join me there as well.

In another life I hope to come back as a surfer

Or maybe just come back as a kid living in Hawaii playing in the water all day.

I’ll be revisiting my Oahu trip again with you, probably as Sunday Snapshots, after I return from another two-week adventure (happy face). In the meantime, you know where you can find me (Instagram). I come up for air there a lot, just like the Hawaiian Sea Turtle, or honu as they are called in Hawaii.

Aloha, and as always, thanks for traveling with me.



About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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6 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ A Photography Tour

  1. Allan G. Smorra says:

    Beautiful photos, Angeline. Your happiness is reflected in your images.


  2. What a lovely post! Wish i could do that sometime…what kind of camera did you use for your lessons?


  3. All in all the tour gave you many gifts. Your images are part of that treasure trove. How fortunate you are to be able to return to such a luscious example of nature’s wonders.


    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks so much, Sally. I have not felt this in tune with nature in a long time. And yes, I came back with a treasure trove of over 600 photos on my camera alone; then also those on my phone.


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