The Sunday Traveler ~ Guadalajara’s Plaza de Liberacion

The Sunday Traveler left you off here last week, and thought that a little rounding out of other side’s of the plaza would be good. I was here one late morning during the week, so very few people were about, and it was a terribly hot day. The entire two weeks there temperatures were in the mid-90 degree farenheit range; rainy season is on the near horizon (if things go as usual).

The Teatro Degollado sits exactly opposite the cathedral. Construction began on this theater in 1856 and opened in 1866. The marble triangle above the columns depicts Apollo and the nine muses. The theater is home to the Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra and the University of Guadalajara’s Folkloric Ballet. The Sunday Traveler first saw the Folkloric Ballet here at about the age of eight and the love affair with Mexico was sealed.

On another side of the plaza, little shops and government buildings live side by side. Manhattan Ice Cream is not a product of the USA, not sure why the sign says that, other than that they also have Blue Bell Ice Cream. Whatever! The mango paletta (popsicle) was out of this world with pieces of real mango in its fresh ingredients; and when it’s 95 degrees out on the plaza, what could be better?

Next Sunday we’ll ride on over to enter the cathedral for a little visit.

Hasta entonces.



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5 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ Guadalajara’s Plaza de Liberacion

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  2. Sounds and looks as though you are enjoying the city’s offerings.


  3. Another wonderful Mexican plaza. In each town they bring character, and a centre, a focus so everyone knows where to gather. Every town should have one!


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