The Sunday Traveler ~ Vintage Mexico

The Sunday Traveler has pulled some vintage photos from the family album; well, envelope really. Who has time for albums! The photos are those of my father, taken in my early years on some of our numerous trips to Mexico to visit relatives on our summer vacations. This exercise, of getting a few photos onto my computer, and applying light edits, was quite a feeling to realize I was working on my father’s photos. The photos shared here today were taken in or around 1959. In the photo above, the woman on the left is my mother. On the right, between the young girl and man in the white jacket is a man on his knees going up the stairs; this has never ceased to impress me, this faith in prayers and sacrifice for a miracle sought or granted.

In this traveler’s lifetime many churches have been visited throughout Mexico; that’s me on the left (back in those days one’s head had to be covered to enter a Catholic church. I don’t know how I managed to get in with a sleeveless blouse on as upper arms at least were to be covered also). The architecture is fascinating and still draws me in.

Another interesting aspect of working on these photos was doing a bit of sleuthing where I could. Museo Monica was googled to find it is in Puebla, Mexico and is a museum of an ex-convent that began as an orphanage. I remember the delicious food in Puebla. Another addition to my ever growing bucket list to return to.

The architecture of Mexico is fascinating and speaks to so much to its history

I knew my father as a writer, not photographer. Mexico brought into my soul from my early years, and emphasized again through his photography in my later years.

Photography is that of Edward S. Castillo

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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7 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ Vintage Mexico

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  2. lexklein says:

    Very touching to see the world through your dad’s eyes.

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  3. Sue says:

    Oh, marvellous, Angeline….a bit of time-travel. The photos I want to revisit currently were never taken, they just exist in my head…..

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  4. These are wonderful photos Angeline – a look back in time, and a reconnection with your father, and with old Mexico. It made me think I must look out the old photos from my parents next time I’m back in Australia.

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