The Sunday Traveler ~ The Beach Scene

The Beach Scene. Home, familiar, you’ve been here before. You can relax and kick back. Do some people watching while having a light picnic lunch and an adult beverage; being with family has its advantages with designated drivers on hand. The Sunday Traveler spent last Sunday at a nearby beach on a glorious day of spring, and most unusual Northern California beach weather where no jackets and coats were needed. In fact, not even sweaters were necessary! We have since been rocketed back into winter weather, which only emphasizes the need to seize every warm day that comes along here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each precious, and did I mention warm? At least we were warm on the beach. The surfers reported freezing waters, which is pretty standard here, and I had to laugh comparing the surfer’s board shorts and bikinis in Hawaii, and the head to toe wet suits here.



After a long time, it was good to reaquaint myself with my DSLR that hasn’t been used in a very long time. On the beach, its zoom features can be invaluable to see things a little more up close and personal without getting out of the beach chair, taking photos and creating stories in my head of what might be happening


I’ve got my story.

See you next Sunday for a Sunday Snapshot on a little backwards travel down memory lane, short and sweet. Time is drawing close for blasting off once more to Mexico where family waits.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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9 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ The Beach Scene

  1. I’ve got your story too! Fab images Angeline, glad you grabbed that camera 😃


  2. Su Leslie says:

    Sunshine, the beach and some warmth — sounds idyllic. Lovely photo series.


  3. Espinoza says:

    beautiful place! Greetings from the south


  4. Beautiful scenery – love it!

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