The Sunday Traveler ~ Gone Fishin’

The Sunday Traveler can’t seem to extricate herself from oceans; from the Pacific of the Hawaiian Islands to the Pacific of Northern California where home is. A day spent at one of the incredible state parks here in Northern California yesterday, Montara State Beach, continued to fill the creative well. One of the first truly warm fogless days of spring that are like rare jewels here along the northern coast. A few more photos will be forthcoming as the Sunday Traveler begins prep for the next adventure in May; not near an ocean!

Until next Sunday.

About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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9 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ Gone Fishin’

  1. Lovely shot Angeline .. 😃


  2. lexklein says:

    Looking forward to hearing where the next trip will take you!


  3. Su Leslie says:

    I love this image!


  4. Allan G. Smorra says:

    A timely photo, Angelinere heading. We have planned a trip to Point Reyes for some fun in the sand.


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