The Sunday Traveler ~ On The San Antonio River Walk


The San Antonio River begins its flow southward in the Midtown San Antonio area, and ends  up feeding into the Guadalupe River. Winding along for 240 miles. The main event is at the actual River Walk in San Antonio; the river is bordered on two sides by shops and restaurants.


Nights on the River Walk, especially at the Christmas season, are colorful and filled with lights, music, and people. And some good food.


Barges cruise down the river, providing an easy way to see the sights and to get some history from these Texas gondoliers.



The River Walk area wasn’t always a tourist attraction; back in 1921, after a flood, the river walk, as it existed then (nothing of interest), was slated to be paved over for a storm sewer. Enter the Conservation Society, and the dream of architect Robert Hugman, and vamanos (lets’ go) a flood gate on the north of the river, and a small dam on the south end, and some kind of flow gate along the middle, and the transformation began.


The River Walk is one level down from the street level.



sanantonioriver7In the last several years the River Walk was extended leading out to the Pearl, a wonderful old restored brewery area, also a tourist attraction unto itself, with restaurants, shops and a fantastic hotel housed in part of the old brewery.


See y’all next time.



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Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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  1. Su Leslie says:

    Lovely shots. You make it look so enticing 🙂


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