The Sunday Traveler ~ Kalaupapa Overlook and Overview


Looking down the side of the cliffs that isolate the peninsula of Kalaupapa on the island of Molokai. The size of the cliffs seem dwarfed in photos. The Sunday Traveler stood on the top at the lookout, some 1600 feet up, to contemplate and get an understanding of the complete separation of the peninsula from the rest of the island. One can see how effectively it served as the place chosen to quarantine those afflicted with leprosy when it began to spread throughout the Hawaiian Islands in the 1860s through the 1940s.


Driving up to the lookout, on one of the highest sea cliffs on earth, the heat of the day began to dissipate, and the Sunday Traveler entered the small parking lot within Pala’au State Park. There is a short paved walk through woods to arrive at the overlook vantage point.



The winds were incredible as I got to the winding rock wall that protects this spot of wonder filled views, and served to enhance the feeling of this incredible place.

The following photo was taken with my DSLR on probably full zoom as I remember, to get this interesting photo of the more habitated spot of the peninsula.


There are only three ways to get onto the peninsula of Kalaupapa; hiking, by a guided mule tour, or by a small plane onto the little airstrip. The hike, which requires registration, and mule tour covers 3.2 miles down the cliffs (and back up) and involves 26 switchbacks. I’ll let you guess which way the Sunday Traveler chose to get onto the peninsula, and be back next Sunday to tell you more about the day spent on Kalaupapa.


Until then, Aloha.


About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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13 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ Kalaupapa Overlook and Overview

  1. ChgoJohn says:

    Such a beautiful spot on this earth! That opening shot is spectacular, Angeline, and must have been really something to see in-person. I’ve never been to Hawaii and your posts make me want to pack my bags — and go get some lottery tickets because that’s about the only way I could afford it right now. 🙂


    • Angeline M says:

      Oh, John, this place and this island have stolen my heart. I’ll wish you lots of luck on the lottery. I’m finding ways to travel to places like this on the relatively cheap. No luxury anything, but I get there, and that’s what counts.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Tammi Kale says:

    I am so glad to have stumbled onto your beautiful Hawaii posts. My soul longs to be there between every visit.


  3. badfish says:

    Love that first shot, who wouldn’t want to live right there. I’ve been wanting to move back to Hawaii for a long time. This makes me even more want to return. But Molokai? Not sure. Do people live there? I never visited that island.


  4. Wow, can’t wait for the next post! That village looks enticing. What a lush landscape!


  5. Thanks for the tour…I hope that this gorgeous scenery stays in your “emotional” thoughts for a very long time.


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