The Sunday Traveler~The Faces in San Miguel de Allende, Part 2

sanmiguel faces19

The Sunday Traveler was in San Miguel de Allende for a month in March with the primary goal of providing volunteer assistance at a day care center for low-income moms, Casa de Los Angeles. The weekdays were filled with helping the teachers care for kids, with the wonderful bonus of meeting the moms and grandmothers who came to leave off the children and pick them up at day’s end. This grandmother caught my eye. I’ll be posting more in future about the kids there. But for today, here are those promised photos mostly caught on the fly as I wandered through different areas of San Miguel in my free hours and days. Photos of the people who I spoke to and who agreed to being photographed, or those caught in passing.

Keeping an eye on things in town


town patrol

In the mercado (market), carving and slicing a papaya

in the mercado

The street food vendors made delicious gorditas (fat little tortillas stuffed with different things)

street food

It seemed that everyone did something to help not only themselves, but the community and the tourists

shoe shine in jardin

sweepers in jardin

The following two photos were a coup; two indigenous women who agreed to photos when they usually do not want a photo taken of themselves. The first woman was from a group selling dolls in the jardin (main plaza/garden) who were almost all extremely firm about no photos of themselves. In my first day in town, one ย of the doll sellers saw me pointing my camera at her from afar, and came over and told me in no uncertain terms NO picture; I assured her I had not taken it, and would not. I always asked after that and was usually refused. I think you can tell from this first woman’s pose that she seemed resigned, anything to make a sale. I did buy a doll from her.


doll vendor

The next woman, younger (I think) seemed shy, but relaxed

jewelery vendor

The downtown area on Saturdays were wedding central at the Parroquia, San Miguel Arcangel, and surrounding churches. Walking into the Parroquia one Saturday to witness one wedding was astounding with what sounded like a full symphony in the church choir loft. Most of my photos were limited to outdoors

wedding at Parroquia

bride on the street

bride in front of Parroquia

San Miguel is definitely a town for some wonderful people watching

man on the street

the baker

sanmiguel faces17

chihuahua lady

This little girl was seen at a parade in town put on by all the preschools in San Miguel

parade girl

All in all, some of the faces of the wonderful people in San Miguel de Allende

sanmiguel faces in the jardin

The Traveler will be back next Sunday to introduce you to some of the kids of Casa de Los Angeles

Hasta entonces.

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Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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24 Responses to The Sunday Traveler~The Faces in San Miguel de Allende, Part 2

  1. badfish says:

    Some reall lovely photos. Love SMdA, but haven’t been there in years. You’re right…the two lady’s are a real coup!


  2. I really enjoyed your photos, Angeline. Love the cute pink fairies. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Wonderful images .. Loads of colour. I love people watching! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  4. Some really good photos (I like the way you frame things) that brought back some lovely memories. (I have a couple of sneaky pics of the doll sellers.)


  5. Chickey Frey says:

    Beautiful pictures! You have made me hungry to go back to see my Mรฉxico!


  6. What an amazing experience!!!!- I’m planning my trip and checking out good places to stay and not to expensive plus I would love a Bed-and -Breakfast! How far is the trip for the airport to San Miguel?- How wonderful for sharing this journey!!!


    • Angeline M says:

      It was fabulous! So glad to hear you’re planning to go. You can either fly in to Leon, and that’s just an hour and a half into SMA, or another possibility is flying in to Mexico City, but that’s about 3-4 hours away. There are good shuttles from Leon that I used for $30 US dollars. You can IM me on Facebook or email me with any questions.


  7. Such contrasting colors in many of your shots. Wonderful, Angeline.


  8. Beautiful! What a vibrant town, in color and spirit.


  9. Angeline, another strong set, especially like the man shown in monochrome. Well done.


  10. thirdeyemom says:

    Lovely Angeline! I look forward to seeing more photos from your stay. They are wonderful. ๐Ÿ˜Š


  11. Nice shots. As for reluctant subjects, that’s where a good zoom comes in real handy.


  12. love that Sunday Traveler! Travel to Conifer with me!


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