The Sunday Traveler ~ The Faces in San Miguel de Allende, Part 1

sanmiguel faces15

The Sunday Traveler’s first Sunday exploration from the outskirts of San Miguel proper where I was staying, and the people began finding me. It happened repeatedly throughout my stay in San Miguel de Allende. I would sit down on a park bench, many times in a church courtyard to rest from exploring and photographing the church, and a local resident would come and sit down beside me to strike up a conversation. This beautiful woman, the first who I think was meant to find me, is Lola. A service had just ended inside the church and she had a holy card with a prayer on the back; she asked if I would mind reading it to her as she had never learned to read. I began reading the prayer, and broke into tears at the power of the words, and their meaning to me with the recent death of my husband. I apologized to Lola and explained why I was crying; she took my hand and talked to me as my mother would have. I realize now writing these words that this had been a large missing piece for me, my mother to get comfort from. And so began my unintentional journey for healing in Mexico. As far as I was concerned, I had gone to San Miguel to relax, not have therapy sessions. The Universe thought otherwise. The meetings continued.

sanmiguel faces7

sanmiguel faces6

sanmiguel faces8

sanmiguel faces12

That’s Don Jose above; another very special new friend.

And this last “character”, found me to make me laugh. I asked him if I could take his photo, and he said he’d agree if I gave him US10.00. I told him I’d give him a candy bar I had in my purse

sanmiguel faces1

The Sunday Traveler seems to have turned in to a procrastinator and will return next Sunday with the remainder of the faces I’d like to introduce you to; mostly photos caught on the fly. I didn’t realize just how many I had until I started working on them…this morning.

Hasta entonces.

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23 Responses to The Sunday Traveler ~ The Faces in San Miguel de Allende, Part 1

  1. Dalo 2013 says:

    Love these photos ~ brilliant, but nothing beats the last story with the kid, very beautiful. Wonderful portraits and views of the people of San Miguel de Allende.


  2. Your photos are marvelous. San Miguel de Allende was one of my favorite towns and as I can see in your photos it still has that same charm as it did so many years ago. Your rich and flavored stories and wonderful photos of this city have brought back many a memory. Thanks so much!


    • Angeline M says:

      Thank you so much, Eddie. San Miguel seems to hold its charm well, and hasn’t allowed for much change to the modern. It makes me glad to know I can conjure up memories of this beautiful town for you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a beautiful post .. And that woman holding your hand and offering motherly comfort, oh my how I miss that my friend. Yes meant to happen ..


  4. What a beautiful human being Lola is – that face! Beautiful photograph, and what a special moment you and with her.


  5. lexklein says:

    What a beautiful twist in your trip and its story.


  6. A gathering of Angels. Beautiful! And I like finding this story in my reader on this Monday morning. A nice way to start the week.


  7. thirdeyemom says:

    Angeline, this is such a beautiful post in so many ways. I love how you went to Mexico to relax but it ended up helping you to heal. These people are lovely and I believe in fate and that they were there to help you get through the darkness.


  8. They each have their own appeal…well done.


  9. Amy says:

    A great series, Angeline!


  10. Ruth says:

    Wonderful faces!


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