Wordless Wednesday ~ Drying Vines

Well, I lied about the wordless part. It seems WordPress has sprung a surprise on the change of format in creating new posts. It had been awhile, and I guess since the last uproar died down, it was time to make another change. Ah, dear WordPress, you push us to the limits some days; or at least me, who is on a last nerve kind of place and trying to use my blog as a place of creative relaxation.

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Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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37 Responses to Wordless Wednesday ~ Drying Vines

  1. Patti Kuche says:

    I thought it was just me! Tried to put out a post very late last night after a long time away and all I could think was wow, I’m more tired and out of it than I thought. Eventually found my way back to the old page. My guess is WP is trying to become more mobile friendly, not a bad thing considering how much more mobile friendly are tumblr and instagram.


  2. vera ersilia says:

    In my blog if I go to Meta Admin and then click on Site Admin I arrive at the old editor, this may help somebody else. Why of why do they have to fool around so much ?? They forgot the old saying: if it is not broken, don’t fix it. It was working fine. Website features are not needed for a simple blog.


    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks, Vera. I plan a post for tomorrow so I’ll be in there today to try to get back to old editor. Maybe the new one works for some people, but I’m hearing, and reading that it’s just not a good fit for many of us. We should be given a choice.

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  3. vera ersilia says:

    I am also stressed by the gratuitous changes… but like others I have found the old editor and I do not yet have to quit posting, even though I post very little these days.


  4. Oh dear me … I’m too nervous to look


  5. Leya says:

    I feel the same frustration, Angeline – and other commentors. I simply do not like the new editor, and I wrote on the thread to WP. Many of us are angry and frustrated – I also use the old editor and will do so until the bitter end. Many comments were on the writing space – and IT IS TOO NARROW. I told them there are old people here…who still want to blog – me that is, for example. There must be the option of using either editor. I think they have modelled the new one to fit iPads and phones.
    thank you for the link , Madhu – I’ll try that.


  6. Madhu says:

    I agree, it is beyond frustrating, and I cannot understand why they will not give us the option of reverting back to the old editor.

    Here is the link to a set of instructions on how to force a redirect to the old editor when you click on the edit button.

    Once you get there, it helps to also bookmark the classic WP Admin page.

    Totally worth the bit of effort.


  7. annascuisine says:

    This happened to me when i was away from blogging for about six months. I was totally lost when I came back. I couldn’t find my followers etc…I had to get familiarized with the new one all over again. I’m sorry, but I dislike the new editor. I’m still using the old one. It’s much easier compared to the new one.


  8. ChgoJohn says:

    We are of one mind, Angeline, and I let WP know my feelings. How did they respond? WIth the latest version of their editor. I guess they showed me. 😦


  9. Me too! We should declare war on them.


  10. Robin says:

    I still use the old editor (just go to Posts -> Add New). I imagine WP will eventually force me over to the new, not-improved, version, but I’ll wait until they make me do it. 😀


  11. First I knew of this. You sent me to WP. Yep, more changes. You have to fool around with it to see how it works. This change doesn’t seem too bad. I have the old editor bookmarked. It’s still functioning fine.


  12. I still use the old editor. I hope they don’t ever take that away!


  13. yes WordPress needs to settle down and stay in some kind of easy place…..keeping in mind that we out here in the trenches sometimes find it hard to MAKE TIME to blog and when we manage to do that it is difficult to see that things have changed once again.


  14. I so agree with you, Angeline. These constant changes are very frustrating. I’m no longer getting my email notifications on time which is very annoying.


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