Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Skylights and Hospitals


It amazes me  that serenity can be found in a bustling hospital lobby. One would think from this photograph that it was taken in a church. As we sat in the lobby waiting for the appointed hour, we listened to a pianist playing on a baby grand that was tucked into a corner of the room. I looked up and stopped squirming in my chair; this did what even the music was unable to do. Fill me with peace.

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About Angeline M

Love travel and photography. Living in Northern California. Photos of locations visited are personal file photos.
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14 Responses to Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge ~ Skylights and Hospitals

  1. annascuisine says:

    Nature can do that to us. It calms and awe us. Beautiful image. I wish you well, Angeline. Have a great weekend ahead. 🙂


  2. Hey Angeline … that sure is an amazing picture. Love the tones. And it does have a settling effect doesn’t it? Beautiful. Hope your hospital visit was ok …


  3. Suzanne says:

    The peace you found really comes across in your photo.


  4. This is turning into one of the challenge’s best weeks yet, Angeline, and your photo is part of that. Lovely, unusual, and peaceful…and you even caught a little bird up there, it appears.



    • Angeline M says:

      Thanks, Janet. We have a wonderful group going here in these challenges. I’m not sure if that is a bird or a leaf. I don’t remember seeing it as I took the photo, and was surprised and trying to figure out what it was when I put it up on my computer.


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  6. Angeline, really like the image and the way the color and lines are reflected on the wall. Hope that all is well. Happy Photo Challenge.


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