A CANARY FLIES THE CANYON – now available on Amazon.com

Writing a book is not for the faint of heart, and Jo does not fit in that category by any stretch of the imagination. Jo’s new book has just published within the last several days, and can now be ordered on Amazon. I’ve only read two chapters so far, and this is going to be one of those books that is a good read and you don’t want to put down.

the creative epiphany


Have you ever questioned randomness?

Do you wonder in your life, or any life, whether or not the choices we are offered

are really choices or if fate determines our destiny?

With her third book Jo Ann Brown-Scott offers a fresh and energetic novel about the life-long evolution of a contemporary woman artist. In her characteristically vivid, painterly voice, at times both irreverent and profound, Brown-Scott composes the story of a maverick, free-spirited woman, awarded with creative DNA and privilege at birth yet scarred with a childhood of loss and family dysfunction. Fueled with these ideal circumstances for artistic creative development, the heroine Annie breaks loose to become the Bohemian abstract artist she was born to be.

During her artistic maturation, relationships with three prominent men in her life, a salesman, a contrarian and a Swede bring seemingly random disorder, chaos and instability as her art continues to acquire complexity and growth…

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8 Responses to A CANARY FLIES THE CANYON – now available on Amazon.com

  1. restlessjo says:

    Sounds like a cracking good read 🙂


  2. badfish says:

    Oh, this question has bothered me a long time. Why is that person so rich and aweful, and that person who has such a kind heart has nothing but suffering her whole life. And just who am I…a nobody with a charmed life without riches? One chance meeting leading to another and another.


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